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Today I'm going to be showing you guys how you can get easier lobbies in the war zone. This will result in you guys getting more wins or having a more enjoyable time while you're playing. We all know skill-based matchmaking is getting stronger each year, but when you do watch your favorite streamers, it seems like it doesn't apply to them.

They seem to be able to get into lobbies with people who don't know what they're doing, and they're able to just absolutely slay out drop 20 bomb after 20 bomb like it's absolutely nothing, so hopefully some of these methods will answer some of those questions or just help you to have a more enjoyable time.

The three methods I'm going to be discussing are: one using a VPN, two using reverse boosting, and three playing solos in quads, trios, and duos. The first method is using a VPN to connect to a location or server that is in a less populated area. This will then lessen the ability for matchmaking to prioritize just getting you into a lobby of people with a similar skill because there are less likely to be a few of them trying to join a game at the same time, so matchmaking would then prioritize just getting you into a lobby, which will then result in you being in a lobby with players that aren't as good as you.

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This is a method that 90% of streamers are doing they are using to get themselves into servers that are less populated, resulting in easier lobbies. However, I do need you guys to remember that this method isn't going to completely remove skillbase matchmaking. You need to remember that the game is trying to pair you with 99 other players, so yes, you are going to have a sweat or two in your lobbies regardless of what you do.

There is no way to completely remove skill-based matchmaking from War Zone. We can only reduce it, so by using a VPN, we're going to come across more bots and fewer sweats, which will result in you getting more kills and more wins. Now, you want to keep in mind that the time that you connect to these servers is important.

You want to make sure that you're connecting to a location where it is somewhat early in the morning. This will increase the number of bots that you come across, and you also want to remember that a lot more people are using VPNs. So you do want to mix up the locations that you are connecting to.

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Also, you can use a VPN on the console. You just need a PC or laptop; it doesn't need to be a gaming PC or laptop. You would just connect an Ethernet cable from your PC to your console and run your connection for your console through your PC while your PC is connected to the VPN. Now the second method is reverse boosting, and it's pretty self-explanatory.

Basically, what you do is load up into the war zone, land, loot up for a little bit, run around, do not kill anybody, then come across somebody, die, go to the GH lag, and then you die in the GH lag, load up into another game, and you repeat this constantly. Until you have lowered your stats, this method is a little bit tedious.

Especially if your stats are your score per minute and your KD is already well established, in war zones or previous war zones, because it is then going to take you even longer to lower your stats to get you into these easier lobbies, so if you did this for say 10 war zone games, you will definitely notice a difference, but it is a very tedious and boring method.

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Now, the third method is going into solo quads, solo trios, and solo duos. Because what the matchmaking system does is calculate just your score into your squad instead of having a four-man stack squad where it calculates each individual player's score and then will'll put you into a lobby according, so if you're just loading up into a solo quad, it's going to take just your KD and put you into a lobby with a squad that has KD similar to just your KD.

Quite often, you will see a lot of streamers upload articles of them either going into solo quads or duos and just absolutely fragging out and dropping high-kill game plays. This is why they are playing against lower-skilled players by loading up into the game with just themselves. Now, obviously, guys, it is going to be hard trying to 1v4 a squad, no matter the skill level.

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However, this will definitely lower skill-based matchmaking. If you do want to try this now, I've got a little bonus method for you guys. However, just quickly, if you guys could do me a favor and drop me a like, consider subscribing. It really means a lot to me. I'm going to start uploading just my game plays; if you do want to watch that, go check that out too.

Now the bonus method is playing with three other players that aren't very good, resulting in you getting into a lobby with a lower skill base. Because it'll be tallying in their KD, their score per minute, and your KD, and your score per minute, but if you're playing with people that aren't very good, it's obviously going to bring that down, resulting in you getting into an easier lobby.

Now, I hope some of these methods have answered your questions or helped you in any way. I'll always try to reply to them, but if I don't, you can always join the Discord. I really appreciate it, and I'll catch you in the next

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