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5 operator kills with the gun-butt of a recommended weapon

Today we're talking about how to get five operator kills with the gun butt of a recommended weapon in Modern Warfare 3, and I'm going to show you how to complete this in one simple game. We're actually going to be playing a small bit in the core playlist. I know I say hardcore a lot, but we're going to play core.

I've done this article before, so this article is going to be a mix of old content and new content, so it's still going to work, trust me. Make sure to drop a like and sub if you find this useful. Let's get into it all right. Pay attention this is important, so first of all, you must use a recommended weapon.

You should know what that is by now the fire symbol above the gun name. I think we've gone over that enough. Now, it can be any recommended weapon; it doesn't have to be a specific weapon type; it can be any as long as it's recommended. The second important thing is that if you guys want the gun butt to kill, it usually kills two hits and two knives with the gun, however, if you want to make it one.

Which I highly recommend. I recommend putting this muzzle on this breacher device; this makes it a one-hit gun, but if you are doing this challenge, it's not tracking. Take that attachment off. Okay, hopefully that makes sense, however. If you also have a throwing knife on, make sure you take the knife off.

You cannot have a throwing knife in this class. Okay, if you have a throwing knife on, this will not work, so make sure you do not have a throwing knife all right. Other than the class, it really doesn't matter. That's up to you guys. All right, let's get into it.

Get 2 operator kills in a row without taking damage with recommended smgs 5 times

Get 2 operator kills in a row without taking damage with recommended smgs 5 times

SMGs five times, and of course I'm going to show you how to do this in one simple game. It's actually going to be so fast in order to do this. I highly recommend the hard-core Swamit Mosh Pit. This will make it so easy, so make sure to cue that. For the class set-up, we're going to keep it super simple for everyone, so first of all, you must use a recommended SMG, so that's highlighted by the fire symbol right above the name, so RAM 9 amr9.

You cannot use Rival 9; HRM 9 is good; Striker 9 you can't use. You guys get the point. Okay, must be recommended also attachments. It is completely up to you. You can copy this class setup if you want. It's hardcore; it doesn't really matter what you put on it because people are going to die quickly anyway.

Okay, now the rest of this class doesn't really matter, but I do recommend tactical pads if you want to slide and aim around corners. Always my favorite. You can use stuns if you want to actually combine that with the other tactical SMG challenge for this week; that's up to you, and yeah, let's get into it. Bye-bye all right, everyone.

Get 15 kills against operators who are blinded or stunned with recommended smgs

Get 15 kills against operators who are blinded or stunned with recommended smgs

We had a tough one today. I'm going to show you how to get the 15 kills against operators who are blinded or stunned with recommended SMGs in Modern Warfare 3. Now, I'll be honest, this challenge is hard. It's hard it's time-consuming it's annoying you won't get this done in one game if you do.

All in all, props to you. However, regardless. I do recommend playing hardcore, smallmap mosh pit, or regular smallmap mosh pit, and just playing Shipman will be your best map possible because you know where people are spawning and where they are. You can throw a stun; chances are it's going to hit someone, okay?

15 kills after reloading with smgs mw3

So queue up the hardcore or core SW M pit, just queue for shipment, and let's talk about the class setup. Let's talk about the class setup first of all. As for a recommended SMG, that's the fire symbol right above the gun names; that's either the Ram 9, Mr. 9, HRM 9, or the striker. You cannot use the striker 9 or rival 9 because they're not recommended; they don't have the fire symbol for the actual attachments.

You guys can copy my class setup if you want; that's up to you. I played hardcore, just to let you guys know, but I highly recommend putting on the engineer vest. I think this is great simply because it gives you two tacticals. Any of these will give you two tacticals. I also recommend the stun grenade.

Now, when you spawn, sometimes you see all the enemies are towards the right. I throw my stun towards the middle; I'm not sure if that one counts, but I know there's so much SP on the right side. I throw my stun off the wall, and I choke. It's going to happen. You're going to choke, but really try and use the containers to throw your stuns off the wall into their spawn.

That might help a lot slide out hip fire and get those kills, whatever they may be, but just this is a little aggravating. This one is tough; I know it is, but do your best to get it done in a few games. Really, really remember where they're spawning, right? Take advantage of that and do the best you can.

It's not an easy challenge. Do the best you can with the stuns. If you get behind them, don't get nervous and panic. Shoot your stuns.

Place top of the leaderboard 3 times

Place top of the leaderboard 3 times

Bye-bye what's going on, everyone? Today I have an easy article on how to place on top of the leaderboards three times in Modern Warfare 3. Now, this challenge might be a little confusing. This challenge actually means top of the leaderboard out of the whole entire Lobby, not just your team, the whole Lobby.

Okay, so for some suggestions, you can either do a small map MH pit just focused on objectives so you can get more score; it doesn't matter about your KD; it's just score, so maybe play supports with UAV Counter. UAV trophy systems, etc. Anything that gets you a score—if you don't want to do that, you can actually play gunfight.

This is 2v2 Search and Destroy; they give you loadouts; it's first to six-round wins. It's only four people, though, so I highly recommend this strategy. Gunfight is great now if you want to do it free-for-all. Free-for-all also works if you're the top one in free-for-all out of like eight people.

I'm not sure how many people it actually is, but as long as you get first and free-for-all, that counts as well, so any of those three will work. As for the class setup, I don't really have a class up for you guys; it's really whatever you are best at with whatever class you do best with use that class if you play gunfight.

Etc, okay, good luck.

Get 5 kills using lethals on operators who are affected by a shock stick

Get 5 kills using lethals on operators who are affected by a shock stick

Bye-bye all right, YouTube. Welcome back to the Crow Show. We have a tough one today: how to get five kills using lethals on operators who are affected by a shock stick. Now, I'm going to be real with you guys. This challenge stinks. It's hard, and if you have any other content creators that make it look easy, chances are they're lying to you somehow because this challenge stinks.

MW3 SEASON 3 IS HERE! This video is a How To guide Completing ALL of the MW3 MULTIPLAYER SEASON 3 WEEK 3 CHALLENGES! Chapters.
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