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Welcome to Modern Warfare 3's kill streaks. Unleashed into today's episode, EMP first appeared in 2009's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, has returned as a top-tier kill streak in Modern Warfare 3. In a game with literally dozens of pieces of electronic gear and equipment, prioritizing counterintelligence is more important than ever.

EMP effects were initially identified in the early 1950s as a naturally occurring electronic disturbance commonly associated with lightning storm activity. However, the EM kill streak featured in the game is unmistakably a product of human engineering delivered via a high-altitude nuclear explosion, which renders enemy electronics unusable.

In this article, I'll delve into the specifics, revealing exactly how the EMP affects enemy equipment and helping you decide if it's worth using in your kill streak.

Killstreak description

Killstreak description

Arsenal The in-game description describes the EMP as an electromagnetic pulse that disrupts enemy kill streaks, and equipment earning this streak requires 13 kills or a score of or 1625.

Hud scrambling effect

We'll begin by analyzing how the EMP affects the heads-up display during an enemy-activated EMP event.

Virtually all elements of every friendly HUD will be affected, including the mini map, Compass killstreak information field, and upgrade status weapon. ammo and Equipment details the scoreboard and even game mode specific objective, markers, immediately after the EMP explosion all elements of the HUD will be scrambled for 2 seconds before completely disappearing, the effects of the EMP are sustained beyond the initial blast and will remain in full effect for 45 seconds, during this time period you'll be unable to call in previously earned kill streaks, fully charged field upgrades will remain Deployable however they will lose much of their functionality, you will also retain access to your weapons and equipment however without any HUD data you won't know how much ammo or equipment you have remaining after 45 seconds the HUD will reappear in a scrambled state for a further 2 seconds before returning to normal, operation, in addition to preventing kill streak activation, the EMP also impacts streaks that were previously activated.

Countering killstreaks

Countering killstreaks

The results vary depending on the nature of the kill streak. Airborne streaks will be immediately destroyed by the Em's initial blast. This includes simple recon aircraft like the UAV and Counter UAV, medium-altitude aerial streaks such as the OverWatch Hilo and the VTO, and even untargetable, high-altitude airborne streaks like the gunship Advanced UAV and the Swarm, all fully countered by the.

EMP unlike airborne streaks, ground-based streaks are only partially countered by the EMP; rather than being destroyed, they'll be temporarily disabled. The timing will mimic the HUD scrambling effect and last for 45 seconds. During this time period, ground-based streaks will be unresponsive; they won't target enemies and won't trigger due to an enemy.

Field upgrades

Field upgrades

In their presence, field upgrades respond to the EMP in a variety of ways and will either be destroyed, disabled, or unaffected. Ammo crates and Med boxes will be immediately destroyed by the EMP pulse; however, if placed after the pulse has occurred, they will function normally and will be unaffected by the Em's 45-second cooldown period.

Several deployable electronic field upgrades will be disabled by the EMP and will remain in a dormant, unusable state until the Em's 45-second duration has elapsed. Field upgrades that are non-electronic or designed for simple handheld use are generally unaffected by the EMP.

Lethal &tactical equipment

Deployable proximity-activated equipment like the Claymore proximity mine C4 and the scatter mine are all disabled by the EMP pulse and will remain dormant for the entire duration of the EMP effect.

However, equipment deployed after the initial pulse will function normally. The snapshot tactical grenade will also be affected and won't reveal enemy highlighting, and since the EMD grenade requires a mini map to reveal enemy position, it won't be usable during an EMP. If the remaining lethal and tactical equipment isn't negatively impacted by the EMP, even the shock stick, which disrupts enemy electronic circuitry, will function normally during the 45-second duration.

Weapon attachments

Weapon attachments

In addition to killing streaks and equipment, the EMP also has an effect on weapon attachments.

As you can see here, the enemy's EMP will disable only my laser sight, and although I'll gain a level of stealth by my attachment no longer being visible to the enemy. I'll also lose the speed-boosting benefits that were being provided by the laser sight attachment. It's also worth mentioning that thermal optics will lose their highlighting functionality during the Em's 45-second period.

Final thoughts

Complete HUD removal, combined with its ability to counter virtually all other kill streaks as well as in-game electronics, will result in a super-powerful kill streak. Having an EMP in your back pocket, ready to deploy when needed, will almost certainly guarantee a team victory. Fortunately, the ESP power is offset by a high cost and a very challenging score requirement of 1625, or 13 kills.

The end result is one of the most balanced and fair kill streaks in Modern Warfare 3. Of course, this is only one man's opinion.

In todays video I'll do a full breakdown of the EMP Scorestreak in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. A streak designed as the ultimate anti-streak and anti-awareness tool. Today I'll break down all of the details, explaining exactly how the EMP counters enemy killstreaks and equipment and reveal all the hidden benefits not stated in the description, helping you decide if its worth using in your Killstreak arsenal. Hope you enjoy.
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