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Welcome back to a brand new article today. What I got for you guys is that we're going to talk about the upcoming final operator bundles to expect that are going to be added in the store from now until the end of this update, which is approximately. Just a week and a half ago, we also got a free operator skin that you can unlock right now, and so much more.

If you've missed the latest articles that I posted, we've talked about the season 3 Battle Pass, the entire road map, upcoming operator rewards, free limited-time rewards that are available right now, and so much more. Just make sure you're fully caught up on the news. We received the brand new store update, and it brought in two different packs.

The first one is a free gift pack that you can claim right now. This has three different rewards: the first is a brand new weapon sticker called Golden Shimmer; the second is a large decal called Leading Man; and finally, you also get a weapon charm. I got another store update, and this brought in the phase in the Tracer pack weapon bundle, and this includes the MCW, called the augmentation, weapon blueprint that has the encrypted Tracer effect, and then you got another weapon blueprint, and that is going to be for the MCW 6.8, called the gridlock.

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This will cost you 2, 000 cod points. The rest of the bundle will contain things like a calling card, a weapon charm decal, an animated emblem, and a battle pass. Cod points are expected to release this upcoming Tuesday right before the event goes live because it's going to be like the bonus operator skin that you can get a little XP boost for the event, but it comes in with the pestilence operator skin for Coro.

It is yet animated because it's an ultra skin. You can see the animation effect and all that goes on with that, and then you have two different weapon blueprints. The first one is for the WS9, called putrification. You don't see this often, but this not only has Tracer rounds but also a death effect.

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You have the pestilent, the tracers, and the pernicious dismemberment. And this is what it looks like in the little gameplay footage thing right here, and then you have a second weapon blueprint; it's called the melees for the MTZ, Interceptor. It also has the same Tracer rounds and death effect, and you have an animated calling card called the Dust Storm, a new large decal called from the grave, a weapon charm, and an animated emblem called Rusting Out.

Another operator bundle that they teased to come around at that time was the Underground Hell operator skin. This is the artwork that we have, but at the same time they showed some in-game footage of the operator skin holding in the rotten Inferno camo, so my guess is it's about to come in during week eight, and in the marketing blog post, this photo that was shown was when they were talking about the decay's realm event, so this upcoming week you should see this operator bundle, but this is what it looks like: It's going to cost you 1,800 Cod points.

Surprisingly not as expensive as I thought it would be; it has the hell operator skin for Alpine. Not animated or anything like that doesn't have trace arounds for the weapon blueprint, but there is one, and that is for the Rival 9, called the skull. Rose, this is what it will look like, and then the rest of the bundle will contain things like a large decal and a brand new weapon sticker.

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A new weapon charm, an emblem, and an animated calling card The next operator bundle that we have is called Girl Boss, and it comes in with the new executive operator skin for Raptor. I'm not entirely sure if this bundle has been released yet. It should cost around 1800 Cod points because it doesn't have traps or effects.

So other than the operator skin, you get two different weapon blueprints. The first one is for the WSP 9 called the Cintilla, which looks like it has a glow-in-the-dark lighting effect going on with that, and the second weapon blueprint is for the Haymaker called Corporate Takeover, which once again has the same exact lighting and looks exactly the same, and then the rest of the bundle includes a brand new weapon charm and finally a large decal.

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This next operator bundle is called the zodiac Scorpio Scout; it will cost you $1,600. Cod points So as you see with the pattern here, the bundles are not that expensive this time around, but they come in with the BIOS operator skin for Alpine. This is what she will look like a part of, like that whole zodiac set that we saw in the past.

The next thing you get are two different weapon blueprints. The first one, called the needle for the DM 56, has no animations or death effects, hence the price, but the second weapon blueprint, called the spatha for the DG58 LSW, looks exactly the same. The rest of the bundle will contain things like a new large decal called The Sting, a new weapon sticker called Silent Sting, and a calling card called the Desert Apex.

The next operator bundle we have is called The Tatted Up, which brings in the business casual operator skin for Macaov. The bundle will cost a total of 1,800 Cod points. It also has two different weapon blueprints; the first one is called Envy for the SVA 545, and it looks like that. I guess it's like following the tattoos and the symbols that he has just put on the weapon.

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Blueprints, and then the second weapon blueprint for the KVD enforcer, called the Avarest. There are no death effects, dismemberments, or anything like that, which is why the bundle's 1800. You also got a large decal called The Sea Devil, a brand new weapon charm, and one battle pass token tier skip.

If you're interested in Macarrov, you can expect another brand new operator to come in for him in the season 3 update. According to leakers, there is another operator skin variant that will release sometime during the duration of season 3. As of right now, we don't know if it's going to be an operator bundle reward or if it'll be in the battle pass.

This is the heretic bundle. I know a lot of you guys have been patiently waiting for it to bring in the Nighthawk and operator skins for Alpine. This bundle is actually pretty cheap, costing you $1,400. Cod points and because it only has one weapon blueprint, and that's going to be the eldest tribute for the Longbow, if you take a look at the Longbow, it slowly starts glowing.

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I'm guessing as you get eliminated, it slowly starts lighting up, but you can barely see it lighting up. Just little by little, there's like a red light and a yellow light. I'm not entirely sure how you're able to activate that, but other than that, you also get a large decal called The Slyther Realm, a weapon sticker called The Allseen, a weapon charm called The Witches Hand, a battle pass, and a token tier skip.

FINAL Upcoming Operator Bundles, FREE Stryker Operator Skin, MORE! Modern Warfare 3.
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