News - Gorgoknight Exposed His Cheats Live Warzone 3

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Something I want to point out as well: the only indication you can have of an enemy's name when you're running around the way he is at the moment is when you've downed somebody or killed them and their name comes up on the kill feed on the left side. There's absolutely nothing else throughout this clip that could indicate an enemy's name.

Okay, now this is somebody we've actually spoken about in the past night, and his aim is definitely very sticky, so I want. I want. I want you to really focus on his aim throughout these clips, and then when it comes to him getting killed by a cheatah, see if there's much of a difference in the aim.

So this is the moment now that we pay attention. To me, that's okay, so we'll pause it there. He died to somebody here called What is this Swamp Fox? So it says at the bottom here Swamp Fox Ghost. Okay, now pay attention to this kill cam and tell me if you think this is Aimbot, but do you know what we won't play in that game?

I think and I know this is 100% Aimbot, ready. So that is an Aimbot snap. That's an Aimbot locking onto the sensor chest, but then listen to Night's reaction after that happened. He doesn't actually say this guy is cheating. The only clear giveaway for me would be the fact that this guy's a level 13 account.


Okay, low account rage hacking maybe, but what you've just seen compared to Goo Knight's own aim and gamepl looks extremely similar, wouldn't you say? you, Okay, so we know that he saw the name that'll be from the kill camp. That's fine, but let's now pull it back. I want to go right back to where he actually died to this guy, where he's actually shooting Swamp Fox Ghost, but also throughout that reaction, absolutely nothing was said of this guy's clearly cheating.

He kept it all to himself, right? But let's pull it back to the part where Goo Knight pushes out to the enemy. What player's operator's skin is this guy this guy here wearing? I'm just going to pull it back a little bit again to see if we can get a clear indicator, right? So this skin here is operator skin.


What that looks like is a bug-standard operator skin, but we've seen a number of people getting killed by Goo Knight already wearing similar skins. right, is there anything in the kill cam that gives this away as well as anything in the kill cam that gives this away? maybe the gun, I don't know, but like again, there's reasons we're pointing all of this out, and it look at look at how long we've got left to watch now because this is how long passes by.

Clear Aimbot snaps in the mix, he says. Why not call it out? Goo KN, why aren't you calling it out? Why didn't you report? If Ricochet Antiche works, why didn't you report it? Okay, I see you. He sees him. He sees him. Swamp Fox Ghost, so now we know he knows the name, obviously based on the kill cam.

Okay, so now we've got about another 2 minutes of watching Goo Knight shoot people in a similar manner to the way Swamp Fox Ghost has been before they meet again in the game, but that is where I believe Goo Knight is self-exposed, but you need to understand how much time has passed between him dying to Swamp Fox Ghost and him actually having an interaction with him again, so that's the main focus here.

gorgoknight warzone 3

Now, we could skip through all this or speed it up, but you will miss all of Goo Knight's perfect aim, interactions, but the main focus of today's article is actually as to whether or not Goo Night is using walls. Listen, he's asking for his chat now. What do you guys think about this guy? I don't know.

Position: Yeah. I don't know enough evidence to convict, so after him lasering enemies out of the sky, pushing people perfectly while tracking them perfectly He then says there's not enough evidence to convict, so he hasn't called this guy a cheater who was blatantly cheating. He then says that he doesn't know and that there's not enough evidence to convict.

Okay, so why would somebody be defending a blatant cheater unless they realize their aim is extremely similar in the game? But that is all. Besides the point, that's just a little sad thing to think about throughout this article because, remember, it's been about 2 minutes of game play, and now he's killed an extra.

knight aimbot

I don't know four or five people before his next interaction, with Swamp Fox. Name, somebody in his chat actually said not even swag switches to somebody that fast in obviously talking about the snap from enemy one to enemy 2 in the kill cam of that cheetah, but let's watch go night make a call out now that he shouldn't be able to make are you.

Ready, he says there he is, then he downs to the guy and on the kill cam. H, sorry for the kill feed here. Go to sleep. Downs Swamp Fox Ghost—no, let me just pull it back a little bit. Let me just pull back a little bit more. Sorry, like, how does he know? Be honest with me. How does Goo Knight know that this guy over here who he's shooting is Swamp Fox Ghost?

knight cheating

The chees tell me, How does he know where he is? There he is; he hasn't downed him yet, and nothing's come up on the kill feed at all. Now he downs the Swamp Fox ghost, so how did GoGo Knight have the information to say where he is before downing that enemy and getting the name? There's nothing in the game at all that indicates that is Swamp Fox Ghost until after he said there he is comes up on the kill feed comes up the top here saying Swamp Fox Ghost enemy down that is it, that's the only information, and that came after he said there he is.

So has Goo Knight just self-exposed for using the wall and live stream after calling that enemy out, or do you believe that amongst all of the other starter skins, starter operates that Goo Knight was able to identify that exact guy? I don't think so. I also think the reason why Goo Knight didn't call out Swamp Fox Ghost for aim throughout these clips is also because his aim is very similar to Swamp Fox Ghost, so I think in this moment there's nothing else to indicate how that could be Swamp Fox Ghost unless you are running a wall hack and you have enemy names turned on.

For those of you who aren't aware of how that actually works, there are multiple ESP settings that you can use enemy names for: enemy distance player, box player skeleton, health bar, and health bar, and so on, so if you have enemy names on, you would easily be able to say there's Swamp Fox ghost right now, although he doesn't say there is Swamp Fox ghost.

knight exposed

He says there he is, then down he is, and then we see the information that it was Swamp Fox Ghost. I think at this moment, Goo Knights has self-exposed, and if you are a fan of his, the best thing you could do is ask for an explanation. In these moments. I wouldn't suggest accusing him, but just ask him, as a fan, as a friend, whatever you are to him, for an explanation as to how he knew that was the cheater who killed him over 2 and 1/2 minutes earlier in the game when he's between that death and him now.

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