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This is, uh, every day, Glit, so like And subscribe. Let's begin, and welcome to my new sponsor, {695}. They offer the quickest and safest Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 boosting services and pre-made accounts for all platforms, and you can unlock the interstellar and B camos and get the nuke skin.

There's way more services you should check out right now at {695}, use code Jo for 5% off, check out all the reviews, or join their Discord all right back to the article, but the glitches, yeah, that'll last forever, soon to pass, and we have to remember. Today guys i'm going to be showing you how to bypass the 10 out of 10 stashes for your equipment in Modern Warfare 3 zombies, and I'm going to be showing you how to get schematics and everything else for free, so my solution for you guys is actually to join my Discord because I have helpers in my Discord who're giving away free schematics.

Every single second, literally, you go into my Discord, you go to my helper, and you say. Hey. I need this, and this; they're going to join a game right away, and they're going to give you everything that you want. This is much easier than doing the Tombstone glitch, getting schematics, waiting for the cooldown, etc.; it's so much better and beneficial, and it's free.

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The only requirement is to subscribe, so make sure you subscribe. That's it, guys. Join my Discord and do this every single day if you want, or every single week whenever you need it. Now it's time to show you how to do the solo Tombstone glitch to duplicate items, but the glitches, yeah, that'll last forever, soon to be ped, and we have to remember.

Okay guys, first of all, you're going to need the bad signal mission equipped, so go ahead and equip that bad boy, and then go ahead to your inventory and put the items that you want to duplicate in your inventory. Then, go ahead and start a game of Modern Warfare 3 zombies. Once you're in the game, the first thing you're going to do is get some money, because you need at least $3, 000.

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2, 000 of that is going to go to a tombstone, so go ahead and buy a tombstone, and then also 1, 000 to activate the portal. Once you have all that stuff, you're going to go straight to this location on the map right here. Go ahead and come here, and yes, I know what you're thinking. This is the same method as last time; no, it's not, and I'll show you why right now.

So what you're going to do is come to this location in the building, come up the stairs, and put in the code I'm showing you on screen right now. 1 2 3 Go ahead and put that code in. Now activate the portal with $1, 000, and follow me. Go ahead all the way down to this bad signal portal right over here, and you're going to activate that portal.

Now you're going to run back all the way, as fast as you can. If you get stamina up, it's going to make it very easy for you, so make sure you get stamina up. Run all the way through this location where I'm showing you here. Just follow me wherever I go. Go back to the portal, enter the portal, and come straight over here to the edge of the beach.

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Make sure you're looking at the time on the left-hand side. Once that hits 3 seconds, you're going to go to the map and hold the triangle if you're on PlayStation or Y on Xbox. And accept yes, now there's going to be a timer appear on the screen. Hover over at the end section, and once it goes from 7 seconds to 6 seconds, you're going to walk out of bounds, and that is exactly what you need to do.

That's all you need to do, but there's one more step. If it's done correctly, the portal is going to put you through and take you to the eliminated screen. Now, once it's on the eliminated screen, you're going to go ahead and wait for the black screen to appear once it goes black on any console. Go back into the game and get all your items again from the tombstone, and then repeat.

If you keep on doing this, you're going to duplicate your items, but this is very useful because you don't have to wait for the two-day cooldown on all your schematics. My XP is flowing, my weapon is glowing, and I'm hiding under the map without knowing it, just so that I can level up fast. If I don't like how I play, then kiss my ass.

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guys, what I'm about to show you is a top-tier secret only the elites know in Modern Warfare 3, and it's a massive exploit to get weapon XP and rank XP for your Warfare 3 multiplayer account. All you've got to do to activate this exploit is put on the class that I've put on, so get the weapon that you want to level up and go to your vest and put on the demolition vest.

This is very important. Then you're going to go to the tactical, make sure you have decoy grenades on, have anything you want for the lethal, and then also make sure your field upgrade is Dos. The rest of your perks don't matter, but guys, it is double XP right now, so make sure you go ahead and do it.

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You're going to get a rank weapon and battle pass XP. Double-go ahead and go to shipment 24/7, and start a game. Yeah, and I forgot to say that this actually does do weapon XP. This is actually mainly for weapon XP. In some games, I get more weapon XP than I do rank XP. And what's even more insane is that it actually doubles up, so you can throw one decoy and get about 400 XP from that one decoy because about 10 people hear it, and every time your dos in the bottom right corner are ready, go ahead and activate that.

mw3 glitch spots

You're going to get about 100 to 300 XP every time you do that, as well. Subscribe, My XP is flowing, my weapon is glowing, and I'm hiding under the map without you knowing, just so that I can level up fast. If I don't like how I play, then kiss my ass. Resupply, perk and a fry grenade and then for you just get the Survivor perk and a weapon you want to level up and that's it all of you jump into the same game and go to an ammo cache or somewhere with there's no ammo cach but is a hidden location with some ammo boxes now your friends are going to kill themselves over and over again and you're going to revive them over and over again and because it's double XP right now you're going to get double the XP which means 200 XP, every single time you revive them which is absolutely insane so while you're doing this you're also going to refill your decoys every single time you can and throw the decoys at enemy play if there are some nearby which I'm guaranteeing, there are going to be because lockdown quads are very compacted and you're going to get 400 XP every time you throw a decoy but the decoys aren't for your weapon XP just rank XP.

My XP is flowing, my weapon is glowing, and I'm hiding under the map without you knowing. It is time to show you how to get AFK battle pass tokens for Modern Warfare 3, and you don't even need to go AFK because, as you can see on the screen right now, you can go ahead and shoot zombies if you want.

This is the NO STASH LIMIT TOMBSTONE GLITCH AND every working glitch for MW3, so all MW3 Glitches including the mw3, TOMBSTONE GLITCH and Season 2 reloaded schematics, mw3 xp glitch and More.
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