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duplication glitch mw3 zombies

Okay, so the Tombstone glitch—let's just say I've got a better way on how to do this solo that's going to be 10 times faster than the one that uploaded yesterday. This is going to help you out and make your life 10 times easier, and it's going to help you out in the long run. Once you have set this up, it's going to be insanely quicker than before.

Let's show you what I mean. So for example, when you're duplicating solo, you're going to need to drink a tombstone, can, or go straight to the machine itself every single time to duplicate items, or while duplicating, if you were keeping a tombstone, can in your Tombstone you now no longer need to do that, meaning you have one extra slot to duplicate more items.

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mw3 tombstone glitch

Here's your one-stop shop for all your Call of Duty needs. Anyway, the main objective before you start dipping what you want is to get a whole bag worth of Tombstone cans. How do you do that? I got the one and only average Dan to help me with this, so he sent me an invite to his game. I joined up, and we got right into it.

So if you have no tombstones or cans and you're getting someone to drop them off in the Discord, you simply go in and pick up a tombstone from the perk machine itself after doing a contract, and then you want to go over and get all the tombstone cans dropped off to you from your friend or the person that's going to be helping you in the Discord.

Just bring a bunch of Tombstone cans into the game and duplicate them yourself to duplicate these items. I'm going to make sure I've got the tombstone logo at the bottom of my screen to show that I have Tombstone activated and a bunch of Tombstone per can in my backpack to make solo duplication. Way quicker, then all you have to do is duplicate these Tombstone cans one or two times by going over to the dark Ether Portal, activating it, and going underneath.

mw3 tombstone glitch after patch

The water does not vote. Yes, just wait for the bar to go down while you're in the water, and when it turns red, you want to open up your map and vote. Yes, this will start the countdown to go into the bad signal mission, which is the dark ether. Now, when that countdown is started, get ready to close your application when it says eliminated.

And starts putting you on the portal screen. You want to quit your game. When you come back on, you'll notice you'll still have your large backpack and all your items, and you'll have a bunch of tombstones in your bag. Just simply take all the tombstones and put them in your stash. Now, when you go into the next game, congratulations.

You have duplicated all of the tombstone cans. Pick them up from your tombstone at the graveyard and head straight back over to the portal. You do not need to drink tombstone this time because this is just a part of duplicating. These tombstone cans—we're going to lose our tombstone after this game.

mw3 zombies

The reason for that is because we're now going to start duplicating. We are still going to do the part when the oxygen turns red, though, just so we can keep our large backpack. You don't really have to do this; you could technically just enter the portal and quit on the portal screen at this point because you're losing your Tombstone anyway.

This is just so you can keep your large backpack and anything else you had on you when you get back on congratulations. You now have 18 Tombstone cans you've just duplicated. Put all those cans in your stash, and you're ready to duplicate. You might be thinking, Neon, that takes so long, but no, it doesn't.

This is actually worth it in the long run. If you duplicate a whole bunch of Tombstone cans, it's going to save you so much time. It doesn't actually take long to duplicate a whole bag of Tombstone cans, so you can DP it up to 18. It's crazy useful, and you'll see why now that you want to duplicate anything you want to duplicate in your large bag, completely fill it up, you're going to get every slot you want free.

mw3 zombies duplication glitch

Now you don't have to keep a slot for Tombstone. Now that we're finally set up, this is where it gets fast. Go into a game, buy Tombstone from the machine one last time, and once you've done that, head straight over to the portal and activate it. Jump into the water, and once you've jumped into the water, you want to do the exact same thing when your bar goes red.

Accept the vote to go into the dark, then close your application as soon as it gives you the portal screen. Come back, get rid of all your items, and put them back into your St. Dash this is where it gets very fast and very important. This is the new part, which is cool. Now Go to your inventory.

Once you're in your inventory SL stash, you want to activate one of the tombstone cans that you have duplicated. Go into the game and simply go over to the graveyard to find your tombstone. Drop the tombstone can on the ground, loot all your stuff, and once you've looted all your stuff, simply drink the tombstone can.

mw3 zombies glitches

Once you have done that, you want to head back over to the portal again and do this step over and over again. Now that you want to get on the red bar, you want to activate the vote. Click yes once you've done that and clicked yes on the vote, you want to close your application when it goes on the portal screen.

Come back and clear all your stuff, then go straight back into your stash and put on one of the tombstone cans. And then you can do this over and over again. You'll be able to go back into the game. Grab your tombstone and do it over and over again, then R, and repeat. You can even use one of your Scorchers if you want to go across the map a lot quicker and make this 10 times faster than it was before.

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