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In this article, I will show you how to unlock the Umbrell camo as well as a secret method for unlocking this camo in the fastest way possible. The way you unlock it might shock a lot of you with how easy it is, so what you want to do is head over to the zombies and equip the lockman shoud from MW2.

Once equipped, head over to Gunsmith and head over to your camo. Under the zombie mastery, you will see the C, and to unlock the camo, you need to kill the lockman Shroud 10 times without taking any damage. Sounds easy, right? But there are certain tips and things that you need to do in game to make sure you get this camo as quickly as possible.

In the menu, this camo looks terrible, but trust me, in the game, this camo glows and looks insane. Like a mastery camo, it's now very important to load out. You want to equip decoys, as these essentially act like monkey bombs. You also want to equip the aether strap, as this pretty much makes you invisible to zombies.

So just in case you're stuck reloading and you can't shoot back, you can pop this, and they can't hit you. So because I already unlocked this camo, it's not locked for me, but for you guys who didn't unlock it, it will be locked. All right, let's load into this zombie match so we can unlock this camo.

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Man, this camo looks beautiful, so in order to complete this camo as quickly as possible, you want to head over to a contract called Outlast. The icon looks like a satellite dish. Now, once you head over to the contract, you're going to pick up a little phone; it's going to dial stuff, and then on your map, you're going to see another place that you have to travel to, so we're going to drive over there.

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Now, once you walk into the building, you have to activate the contract by holding Square; it's going to activate, and you see on the left it says analysis progress. You don't want to complete it. Do not complete it. That is the main tip. So now what's going to happen is that a bunch of zombies are now going to start flooding out of this building, and eventually you're going to get a bunch of zombies that are going to be running towards you, and so at this point I just start spraying them right, and so the challenge isn't to get 20 kills back to back to back; it's just to get 20 kills in general without getting hit, but the main thing that you want to always remember is to not complete this contract.

You can get this contract for, like, 70%. Right, you can get it higher than zero, but if you complete it, this whole method is pretty much chocked. Now, like I said earlier in the article, you can literally throw a decoy, and look what happens: all the zombies just start going towards that decoy, which makes it a free kill.

To make this challenge really easy, like I said, if you're stuck in a in a in a little pickle, just pop this boom, and now you're invisible and you can easily go wherever you need to reload or do whatever you need to. Do, so you see that Jack Rabbit icon, so pretty much what you can do, you can do two things.

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You can either trust yourself and count all the zombies and see if you can get 20 in a row right or you can use that Jack Rabbit icon to pretty much guarantee that hey I at least got 30 zombie eliminations, right and what you can do is once you get that 30 just let him hit you once, and then that resets the counter so then you start going again and start getting 20 consecutive kills now you can always count the 20 zombies kills but me personally I like to look for that Jack Rabbit little achievement so that I know that I guaranteed got 30 kills and then from there like I said you just got to let the zombie hit you once and then it resets and that's pretty much I mean you just got to do this 10 times killing 20 zombies in a row without getting hit and once to complete that challenge, you should be able to get the camo because it will pop up on your screen to tell you that you completed the.

Challenge and like I said, once you see that Jack Rabbit achievement, let him hit you once, and then it resets, and then you can start doing the 20 kills again. Obviously, if you pack and punch this, you know it'll make this whole process way easier. You have more ammo, and you'll do way more damage than this.

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Now, once you do complete that challenge and you see the challenge complete, you want to complete this contract, which will eliminate all these zombies over here, collect your reward boom boom, and then you want to head over to one of these. You want to head over to one of these xfill icons that are around the map and fill out the map, and luckily there's one right next to me.

You want to head over here and call the helicopter, and it'll come at some point, so while it's coming, you have to, you know. Kill all these zombies that are in the way, which is a lot of zombies, which is actually okay. And then once the helicopter comes in, you just hop in, and the countdown goes down to negative, and that's it.

Once you're back at the menu, you want to head over to gear, head over to your gun, head over to gunsmith, head over to customize, and you will see that you have finally unlocked the Umbrell Destiny camo. As you can see in War Zone and in multiplayer, this camo looks amazing. I literally love this

I will show you How to Unlock the UMBRAL CAMO in MW3 Warzone. This free camo that not many people know about is apparently better than the Interstellar camo! In this video I will show you a step by step tutorial on how to get this secret star camo on MW3.
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