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on your demand Here's the list of the top 10 metag guns for War Zone Mobile.

Xrx stalker gunsmiths/attachments

Global launch number: 10 being the new one-hot sniper, XRK stalker hits incredibly hard, allowing you to dominate from a distance regardless of how you snipe. The XRX stalker is a great choice for core multiplayer.

Although it's unable to one-tap enemies in BR, it has a maxed-out damage bar when looking at the weapon statistics in the gunsmith, which allows good flexibility to experiment with other attachments. Here's the loadout just to overcome your stress. Pause the screen and copy it. You can also join my Discord in order to get more such loadouts.

Katt amr gunsmiths/attachments

Number nine, with its high damage and range, the AMR is a formidable weapon to use if you're a sniping expert, though it does lack in some aspects such as handling and reload speed. So here's the load out to overcome its weaknesses and turn it into a real beast for Sniper lovers: Number eight , with absurdly fast fire rate controllable recoil and many unique barrel and stock attachments to choose from.

Striker 9 gunsmiths/attachments

Striker 9 gunsmiths/attachments

Striker 9 is the new meta that's taking over War Zone Mobile, yet even with all of this weapon's options, Striker 9 struggles to compete due to its low-range stat and decent damage output.

Amr 9 gunsmiths/attachments

Gunsmiths ; number seven being a hybrid Bullpup assault rifle with dozens of potential; the ram 7 is a primary weapon worth considering in any loadout; however, assault rifle users sometimes go back to their bread and butter weapons with dozens of weapon levels on it, which brings the case for dusting off the ram 7 and making it a second choice; talking about its attachments, we ; number six being a fully automatic SMG chambered in 9 mm; the amr9 is a good to go for operators who prefer to shred the competition from close to mid-range; despite its relatively weak damage; it's a good choice for those who miss a lot of shots; talking about the gunsmiths, Number five chambered in 5.56, this assault rifle offers exceptional range and reliability for most engagements, as many players will no doubt call out the Hogar 556.

Holger 556 gunsmiths/attachments

Holger 556 gunsmiths/attachments

It is essentially the G36C from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It has the lowest fire rate and the highest damage, making it easier to control and the best assault rifle in the game.

Hrm 9 gunsmiths/attachments

We have number four, a light yet stable 9mm submachine gun for close quarters combat and putting down enemies quickly despite being a relatively low caliber gun.

The HRM 9 holds its spot at medium range and can even compete with some assault rifles.

Pulemyot 762 gunsmiths/attachments

Talking about the gunsmith, Number three, the newly released light machine gun in War Zone Mobile, is what you're looking for. The Pulat 762 is a powerful and intimidating gun, although war zone mobile matches might look hectic with players sliding all over the place.

Different styles of players have space in the game as well.

Ram 9 gunsmiths/attachments

Ram 9 gunsmiths/attachments

Talking about the gunsmiths we have, number is two more mobile and agile than its assault rifle counterpart. This Bullpup SMG chambered in 9 mm is lethal at close range. The Ram 9 is a fast-firing mobile and is shaping up to be one of the best guns in the war zone. upon landing the spot of the best SMG in war zone mobile, talking about the attachments upon being the bulkiest yet most stable gun with the highest damage.

Bruen mk9 gunsmiths/attachments

Bruan MK9 is the number-one meta currently in the game. It is a powerful LMG that can be built for different scenarios without compromising on its overall damage output. It can be used to rain down on distant enemies to flush them out and provide cover fire for teammates talking about the gunsmiths we have.


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