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This is DK Dynamite, and this morning we're going to be talking about another new event, some really promising updates, plus even more. Drop a like, and as a quick FYI Late last night, I posted an emergency second article to close out the week talking about the brand new event update for MW3 in the War Zone.

The event is called Blaze Up, and they fixed the cam unlock for the high trip resurgence mode over in Rebirth. You can now unlock that camo by winning a game of the high trip resurgence mode, but they also gave us about 4 hours and 20 minutes of access to the new parkour map called Get High; that's for MW3 multiplayer.

Now I'm sure they'll bring that map back periodically until April 20th. They'll probably bring it back every other day, or maybe even every day, for a good 4 hours and 20 minutes. I'm sure it wasn't just a one-time thing. I'll keep you guys posted with that here on the channel, and of course, over on Detonated, speaking of the site, we have plenty of brand new article coverage going up about multiplayer.

War Zone and Zombies. Rank CDL, best loadout bundles, and even War Zone Mobile, plus we got you covered with plenty of tweets every single hour on Detonated.

Game size reduction coming!

Game size reduction coming!

Twitter, now speaking of War Zone mobile, here's some good news for those out there that may be turned off by the game right now or may still be actively playing it. The team over at the studio did go ahead and say they're looking at minimizing the overall size of the game and ultimately making it much smaller in the long run as more and more content is added in.

However, they've seen all the feedback around streaming and downloading assets, so the team is exploring some options for future updates, which probably means they're looking for other ways to stream extra components of the game without having players forced to download a majority of it. There are some major updates for Wars on mobile that I haven't seen too much discussion about, but honestly, it's a giant overhaul that the game desperately needs right now, so.

Huge overhaul announced

modern warfare 3

With the launch of season 3, the following was confirmed by the Wars of Mobile Team first off gameplay: There was an issue with too many real players leading to more difficult games, and the fix for that is that they're going to adjust matchmaking and other levers to improve the level of difficulty for new players.

What does that mean? You're going to be seeing maybe a modified version of Spmm and probably just more bots all the way around, and I know they announced a good year and a half ago that there weren't going to be that many bots in war mobile lobbies; they likely responded to feedback about that and said.

You know what? For the sake of mobile, they have to add more bots. Do I agree with that? Not necessarily, but I get why this is going to be a new update now. With that, there's also an issue with too many controller players in mobile games. I'm personally one of them, and I get it without an actual input-based matchmaking system.

mw3 challenge event

You're going to have a lot of controller players in your lobby, but in all honesty, some of the biggest sweats in Mobile are on touchscreen, but I get that input matchmaking is needed, and they did confirm that they're going to continue evaluating and balancing player matchmaking by native touch and controller, so that probably just means they'll pull a Cod Mobile eventually where there is input base matchmaking.

Now they also confirm fixes for the following: We have graphics, so they said more graphics will load in before matches begin, so graphics will immediately improve more rapidly upon joining a game. They've also adjusted the default FPS settings for low or medium devices, and there's been a lot of Android optimization across the board since Androids had a number of different issues.

With the limited regional testing and the global launch of the game just a couple of weeks ago. Android desperately needed a giant update to really ensure that people could play, but lastly, temperature was another massive issue that was really unfortunate to see. They mentioned that they adjusted the default fps to better keep devices cool, and in progress they're going to continue adjusting other levers that affect device temperature, so that's good news all the way around for those out there that may not have been able to use Wars of Mobile because of the issues that I just mentioned.

Now before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch Cactus, Com, where you can get assistance grinding camos nukes or schematics in MW3. These guys do not use unlock tools or any other common methods and will actually help you play the game. Mitch Cactus is also supported by Trustpilot, with over 10,000 Bari reviews.

The b.e.a.s.t glove in wz mobile

The b.e.a.s.t glove in wz mobile

You can use Dynamite for a limited time to save 5% off your order, all right, but something I promised in my recent review of the $80 Beast Glove melee weapon that I would bring it into War Zone Mobile once they fixed the progression bug that didn't allow me to bring in any of my season 3 weapons or the majority of my blueprints, and now the thing does load in War Zone Mobile, which is awesome.

Now, there's somebody right here who still doesn't work on it, but they're working on that, my pretty. Cool, ooh, but don't forget Modern Warfare 19 Rust is now available in a 24/7 playlist in the limited multiplayer this game offers.

Free rewards in ␜the assassin␝ event

Lord but now, when it comes to some free rewards you can unlock, there is a brand new challenge event called the Assassin.

mw3 new event

Now the Assassin does end in what says 4 days, but I believe it's going to end up ending on Thursday, which is when the next event is set to begin, so here are the free rewards. We have the animated calling card that you get by getting 300 event points. You get three Bruiser badges, which I'm going to talk more about in just a second.

That's like a new currency you can use to unlock some other cosmetics. You need 1, 000 points to get these. We'll then get a large decal for 4, 000 event points, followed by three more Bruiser badges for 20, 000 points. We then have an animated emblem on my site for 45, 000 event points. We then get some more Bruiser badges for 68, 000 event points.

As you can see in the bottom right of the reward icon, it'll say X4 or, in this case, X3, depending on how many, so yeah, you'll get multiple Bruiser badges per tier. Next up, we do have a blueprint called Dusk Fire for the crossbow, which is going to cost 90, 000 event points; four more Bruiser badges for 122, 000 event points—a pretty specific number; and last but not least, the bandits breath blueprint for the DG58 LS W.

This is going to cost 150, 000 event points. Now for those out there confused on how you get event points, as you guys might remember in operation , on Day Zero, you had to just go ahead and complete contracts.

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