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It is your boy, Stimy. Two times back at you again today with another MW3. Contracts, specifically Recon so you're going to be able to tell where the zone is going to end, and that is going to allow you to know where the best places to post up in the endgame are so you can hold down the best power position area and you can kind of catch people just coming in or whatever it may be get those easy kills, and definitely guarantee yourself a higher chance of winning that game, and in Resurgence it's kind of easier to guess where those zones are going to go so you could kind of do the same thing you can do Recon contracts but again after a while you're going to find out that you're going to figure out where these zones are going to end just by looking at the starting zone so just being aware the map is really important and it's going to lead you to being able to take those power positions more frequently, and secure those wins.

The next tip that I'm going to give you is going to be patience, and this kind of breaks down into a lot of sections. So with gunfights, it's just sort of figuring out which gunfights are actually necessary to take and which gunfights you can kind of just pass up and keep moving along. And there's also going to be rotation and patience.

Sometimes you have to make a decision on whether or not to rotate to a certain area. Kind of take in your surroundings, figure out what's going on around you, and just take time to make decisions. And I'm telling you guys that will greatly increase your chance of a win because that way you're not just pushing into things willy-nilly and just kind of getting picked off out in the open.


Still, the next tip that I'm going to give you is good teamwork. And by teamwork. I'm not talking about stacking and holding your teammate's pockets; that can actually harm you a lot more than it'll help you because, in essence, you are going to want to know how to win your 1v1s because a lot of the time they're going to be situations where not all of your team is alive, and if you have to fight outnumbered, you're going to get smoked because you're not used to fighting on your own, so there are plenty of other ways to have effective teamwork without stacking if that makes sense, so learn how to communicate with each other the right way; don't overcome things.

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Kind of learn how to synchronize as a unit when you are trying to use teamwork. Because an experienced team is always going to have the upper hand over a non-experienced team, if that makes sense. Another tip that I can give you is to have some sort of strategy. A lot of the top teams in the world that play together have been playing together for a long time, and they have developed a strategy to win games now that could include drop spots, rotations, anything of that matter, honestly, because if you have a good solid strategy, you already sort of know how certain games will play out if that makes sense, like having knowledge of the zones, and, kind of just being able to work in that unit, it kind of ties in with the teamwork section.

A little bit, but overall, having a good team strategy to take on games is very crucial to success in winning games. Another tip that I can give you is to know your role in a team. What I mean by roles is let me give you an example. So there's entry fraggers. There's also information, guys, about who is going to be running perks like Bird's Eye.

That way, you can see farther with the UAVs. You just want to have all this information flowing between all these different roles so you guys can roll as like a coh pie of units. If that makes sense, you are going to have a ton of experience doing this with your team, and then that way you're going to be able to pick out and eliminate these players who are not as experienced as you.

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If that makes sense, no one gets left. What cart gun? What cart it's the one with the B on it. I got a 20. I had 20 seconds until I came back. Gas is in. Get to the new safe zone. Good kill, marking the rest of that squad on your T map. Go get H.

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