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modern warfare 3 top 10 best weapons

So ladies and gentlemen, these are going to be the top 10 best Modern Warfare 3 loadout weapons to use in multiplayer. So these are going to be primarily set up to use in pubs and any kind of like public match setting but if you want to also use these in more of a competitive setting in ranked or something like that you can absolutely, do that too, maybe just tweak a couple of things here and there to your preference, but for the most part, these are going to be the absolute best weapons to use inside of the game right now, and according to the current meta, this is also after the most recent balance patches have come out for the since launch, where they tried to tune assault rifles a little bit as well as SMGs.

So a lot of these builds I think you'll find extremely viable and competitive. In the current meta. But with that out of the way, let's get started. So coming in at our number 10 spot is going to be the striker, so this was actually. Probably the best weapon in the beta, if not at least top three, and in the full game, it has been slightly reworked to where they wanted to make it, maybe not the only SMG that people were using, and they did accomplish that.

That being said, the striker is still incredibly viable and very competitive, and this is the build that I am going to recommend. There are a couple variants of this, though I have actually experimented with taking off the stock. I feel like if you're running this version, this goes really well with the like-tack sliding perk.


I feel like if you just want to play Ultra Aggressive and be a movement demon, then you can use the no stock version of this, but otherwise, I would probably keep these attachments. As is, and the thing is, the striker has a lot of range that it can cover, and I don't mean like actual distance range; I mean that it's basically pretty good up close, but it's not the best.

I feel like there's a sweet spot in that medium-range engagement from, like, I don't know anywhere from 20 to 40 m where it really shines. Obviously not a long-distance weapon, and there are better options for super up close, but I feel like that short to medium range is absolutely perfect for the striker.

There's not a lot of inherent recoil built into the weapon, so it's very controllable, very easy to use, and I think it's fantastic. Now, before we continue on this list to our number one spot, I want to thank today's sponsor. You can command squads of AI-controlled soldiers into some of the most pivotal battles of World War II.

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You have hundreds of customization options to choose from with weapons, gear vehicles from all countries, and factions. There's also a huge new meta update for people who have already played, and now is a great time to jump back in. I really like how Enlisted has some more hardcore elements to its gameplay, yet I still feel like it's very beginner-friendly and easy to get into, so go start playing.

As of today, the game is available for free on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. And listed today, coming over to our number one spot, is going to be the bass B battle rifle, which is incredibly versatile and is, surprisingly, the only battle rifle really worth talking about even in zombies, so it's good across both of these modes, which is interesting, and that means you'll probably have it leveled up one way or another because you'll need it to be the base weapon, which is not fantastic.

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You will need some attachments to unlock its full potential. I feel like your choice of optic is completely up to you, and how you like to play this is just the one that I prefer using. However, there is an attachment that's not really negotiable, and that's the magazine. Speed, you can go for that or a different optic, etc., but I feel like this is a good blueprint to apply to most snipers if you're going to choose to go that route, but I don't want to spend too much time talking about snipers.

Let's move on to number seven. This is going to be the Ram 7even assault rifle, and this is actually a newer weapon in the game, and I feel like this is a very fun one; it's similar to the Tar2. 1 from the original Modern Warfare 2; at least that's how it plays and feels to me, and the thing is, I feel this sort of build seems to be the most optimal for it right now.

However. I've noticed that compared to a lot of the other ARS, obviously it doesn't have the craziest time to kill, but it does get outclassed by a few other weapons currently in the game, and it has a little bit of horizontal recoil, which is uncomfortable. I feel like vertical recoil is a lot easier to deal with from the player's input perspective.

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You know, you know you can pull down a little bit more, but horizontal recoil is kind of tricky to manage, so you may want to experiment with different barrels or grips to reduce that horizontal recoil; otherwise, it's a very good-feeling weapon. I'm a big fan of the Ram 7, and it's slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite guns, obviously if you're playing Ultra competitively.

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I don't think it is necessarily the most viable, but it is definitely easy to play with in pubs if you're just kind of chilling and stuff like that. Coming in at number six, we have the DG LSW. Lmg, this weapon is fantastic, and I've never been a big lmg guy in Call of Duty games; it's just never really been my style, but this DG doesn't really play much like a traditional lmg, or at least it really doesn't feel like it; it plays much more like a beefed up assault rifle, and you already have a bit of a better magazine than most of those AR choices anyway, so while you do sacrifice a lot of movement and potential mobility, with this weapon you obviously are going to be much slower than everybody else who's running lighter weapons, you can still make that work, and the time to kill is super fast, and also it's unbelievable, at range it's not the best up close Snappy, you know CQC.

Kind of weapon, but at medium to long distances, there is basically no competition with it. It's a fantastic gun, and I'm sure you'll see a lot in your games because it is a very popular one at the moment, but I think this build does wonders for it; it very much complements its strengths and everything like that, so give it a try and see what you think.

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