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Why these season 3 mw3 classes work

Why these season 3 mw3 classes work

It's here by Nino RI, and welcome back to another article of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer season freaking 3. In today's article, I'm going to give you guys my top 10 most powerful class setups and weapons to use within Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer for public matches. The last time I did this was actually at the beginning of 2024.

And with season 3 there are some guns that got bug and Nerfs and everything and I decided i' give you guys the best guns to raise your KD with get the most consistent nukes with and have the most hun here within Moder Warfare 3 multiplayer for public matches, and if you're looking forward to some ranked play classes don't worry that'll either be in one of tomorrow's articles or one of Friday's articles so this isn't going to be a rank play vid but I will be doing that as well but yeah if you guys are excited to see my ultimate class setups and see what consists with them and kind of see my mindset when it comes to building my classes make you guys drop a like in the article subscribe, and turn on those post notifications.

Here on this channel. I upload high-kill nuke game plays every single day, as well as some tips and tricks and the best classes in between, if that sounds good to you or to my personality.

Mw3 best cor 45 class setup and general loadout

Mw3 best cor 45 class setup and general loadout

Definitely stick around I just want to be here to help you guys in any way that I can and of course also Entertain You which I think is more important cuz I think you guys should have a good time watching my articles follow that talk out of the way let's go ahead and move things forward here so here we got the SVA 45 starting things off but I want to give you guys my general Loadout really fast, so for my secondary I always use the core 45, and it's with these attachment specific the Sonic suppressor, the Slate reflector the 40 round drum mag xrk lightning fire Trigger action and tactical grip cover it you just able to control your ammo a lot better and has a very competitive time of kill even against some of the other SMGs in this game and I'm actually going to suggest something as you guys can see I finally have access to the compression carrier but usually I do use my comm's vest where I actually use the field upgrade of Medbox.

Comms vest vs compression carrier

best class mw3

As well as e-padding and a mag-holster. I just know if I'm going to run compression carrier these are going to be the three perks that I run and the lethal being of s because it's the most popular one for me or maybe I even might change the drill charge cuz they recently buffed that that's pretty much how my Loadout is looking, so far and I haven't used compression carrier yet I haven't you know gone too much testing with it but it does give you a quick fix and that is very beneficial to helping you become a better player so if you're wondering what I'm running here it's pretty much this or I might switch out EOD padding for mag holster but I think EOD patterns just a little bit more useful because you can sh off lethal some a lot better however if I'm running my Comm vest then I'm running the Medbox the reason why I run the Medbox, is that since I don't have that faster healing from the compression vest you know that quick fix healing this is the next best thing because when I put this down.

And, you know, get the Medbox. You know, usage out of it for the rest of that lifetime that I use the Medbox in. I am actually going to have a faster regeneration speed. A default regeneration speed by default is 5 seconds, and with the Medbox it turns down to like 2.9 seconds or 3 seconds, and that 2 second difference is a world of a difference after every gunfight in Modern Warfare 3, so it might not be instantaneous like Quick Fix, but it's pretty damn near close to it, and then obviously, tack masses in here.

I use mag holsters, so that's what I rock when I use the Comm vest. I just wanted to point that out. That's enough of me talking about my general class setup; that's pretty much what I use on every class in this game, but let's go ahead and give you guys the ultimate gun attachments for the first gun here, and that's going to be the fastest killing AR of the SVA 545.

Mw3 best sva 545 class setup

Mw3 best sva 545 class setup

Stting things off, one of my favorite suppressors in the game is the muzzle, the sh-strike suppressor, just because it keeps us off the mini map every time we shoot and we get no downsizes from it.

Another muzzle you can use in other, you know, guns if you want to use the Jack BFB for ultimate recoil control or something that's kind of in between is the Zen 35 compensated flash hider because it also shortens your radar ping so you're not on the mini map that long, and you get vertical and horizontal.

best class season 3 mw3

And firing aim stability sort of recoil control so you're going to be even more accurate this gun you won't be completely suppressed but you'll semi suppressed and there's other amazing muzzles in between but those are the three best ones but sh strike suppressor is usually what I use the underbarrel on my SVA 545 is most often going to be the dr6 hand stop gives me that's for to fire speed and ads for you to bring up the gun faster and give me a faster CH of kill which is applicable to any weapon that I use, and we get more straight speed with the aim walking speed, as well as more movement speed this is how I get more so many more kills because I get into more engagement.

And I'm also have the ability to run away from engagement, in case I need to heal up the stock here that you got to use on the SVA is the main V6 six stock for that recoil control and gun kick control because with better accuracy you're going to have a faster CH of kill cuz less bullets are going to be missing your opponents, and for our rear grip here we're going to be adding on with that gun kick control and recoil control that firing aim stability because it keeps the gun a lot more steady and makes you extremely accurate for farther ranges, and lastly for our magazine we got the 45 round mag so we have as much ammo as possible for multiple opponents that want to get in our way.

And when not rocking the 60-round mag, because if we run the 60-round mag, then we'll have more movement deficits, and I don't want to really deal with that either, just have the 45-round mag and still be relatively snappy, but there you guys go. That is how I'm rocking the SVA 545 in Moder Warfare 3 multiplayer.

It is legit a very killer, amazing weapon in the game; it looks clean. And like I said, it has the fastest kind of kill, so if you're able to get the first couple shots of this gun, like, you know, downtown, and you're able to just, you know, master that accuracy, with that hyper burst, you're going to be eliminating the opponents like crazy, so definitely rock it well if you have the accuracy moving right along.

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