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best sniping settings for mw3 season 2

Modern Warfare 3: Just Had It season 2 update, and you know what that means: new classes, new settings, and new maps, and I'm going to be sharing it with you guys today as well as some gameplay with the classes I showcase later on in the article. Also, I recently changed my name on all social media accounts back to Gears XO.

I really want to keep my socials the same; it just looks cleaner and makes it easier for those who want to find me on other social media apps, so for now, I guess we're known as Gears. Hugs and kisses. Starting off, I'll go ahead and get into which settings I use and why I use them, starting with my sensitivity.

I played 2020. I've always played with higher sensitivity on Call of Duty; it just helps me turn quickly when I'm getting shot in the back, and to me, it's a little more challenging to hit the shots, which overall makes it more satisfying. I play on Dynamic for my aim response curve. I'm not really sure what the difference is between all these.


I've always just played Dynamic, ever since it became an available setting in Call of Duty. I've tried linear before, and it just felt weird to me, so dynamic is definitely the move, moving down to ad sensitivity and transition timing. This is a setting I don't see too many people cover, and when they do cover it, from what I've seen, it's typically set to instant.

I personally don't use instant; I use after zoom, and I'll explain why after this next setting. Moving down to custom sensitivity per Zoom What this setting does is allow you to fine-tune your sensitivity while aiming down your sights with any weapon that shoots. You have low Zoom, which is like your iron sights red dots holographic sites, and things of that nature, two to three Zoom is getting into your lower Zoom ACOG Scopes, and it slowly goes all the way up through the scope sizes until you eventually hit high Zoom sense.

The high zoom sensitivity of every scope zoom is greater than a nine-time zoom. If you have trouble figuring out what Zoom scope you're using, you can go to the gunsmith, hover over the scope that you're using, and it will tell you in the description what Zoom scope you're using, and you can mess with your settings from there, which brings me back to the sensitivity transition timing.

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I play after Zoom as opposed to instant because I play with a higher Zoom sensitivity. Playing after Zoom allows me to still center my shot on a higher Zoom sense without worrying about being off target by a whole lot. My zoom multiplier won't take place until I'm fully aimed in, hence the name after Zoom.

When you're on instant, the ad multiplier is applied instantly as soon as you aim in, and it could be tricky to hit the quick scopes or flick shots on a higher Zoom since, like I play on moving down to aim assist. I do just play on default occasionally. I'll switch to Precision, but the default just seems more consistent to me.

I don't really have too many settings on the gameplay tab that I have changed. I do, however, have my slide and dive behavior set to slide only. The diving in this game seems too slow for me to get back up, so I don't even bother attempting to dive. I turn off everything that's automatic, such as the mantling automatic taxer and things of that nature.

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I just like to manually do it. There are times I've had these settings on automatic and I'll be in the middle of a gunfight climbing over a random ledge, or I'll start running full speed at the person I'm fighting. It's easier if I'm manually controlling what I'm doing. I'm not going to get too deep into graphic settings because I'm on a PC that's a little older, so what settings work best for me might not be the best for you.

However, I do snipe on either 110 fov or 120 fov. It just depends on how the shot is feeling if you are new to sniping and you're on a controller. I highly recommend staying around the 110 fov for the assist bucks, which will slowly get smaller and smaller the higher up you go, which is exactly why the majority of Call of Duty Pro players play in the 100 to 106 fov range.

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A lot of people don't mention that in these settings articles, but I'm your friend, and I want to help you guys out the best way I can. Once you master sniping on that 110-degree field, you can raise it up more and more and more. Just keep practicing, and you'll get there. Moving on to my class setups, starting with the XRK stalker.

I'm running the Kox short barrel, the FSS, the XRK stalker light bolt, the stalker factory rear grip, and lastly, for the stalk. I swap in between the Helix LV light stock and the Euro M stock. I change these stocks depending on how the lobby of men is playing; if they're playing sweaty with metag guns, I'll use the euro stock.

It adds Flinch resistance and firing aim stability, which helps when the enemy players are shooting absolute laser beams at me. The heal stock, on the other hand, is an ad speed stock. It will help you aim in faster, but there's no Flinch resistance added to it at all. I'll typically use this stock if the enemy players really aren't all that good at hitting their shots.

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Moving on to the next gun, we have my girlfriend, Big Betty, also known as the cat AMR. Though the cat is slower than the rest, she does pack a punch and can kill multiple people if lined up in a row. As the lead for the cat, I run the 24-inch short barrel, the FSS laser, the tactical stock pad, the quick bolt, and the Phantom rear grip.

I don't really use the longb all too often; I never have one stick cost for it, and I'm always changing it up, but if you are looking for a longbo clost that's decent, here's one for you to try: Run the FSS or laser the S quick bolt the x10 Phantom grip under the barrel. High-grain ammunition and a 10-round mag if you would like.

You could take off the underbarrel and add a short barrel for more ad speed, but you will hit the marker. Don't say I didn't warn you. I do run one MW B2 sniper on this game a lot, and it's the SPX. Starting off, I run the 16-in. Z executed barrel, the FSS OE laser, the slogger match grip, the ST87.

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Bolt, and the eight-round mag One more thing to add to all of these classes: you can make all of these classes I've given you even faster by swapping out the FSS and OE lasers for the new SLO Razer Hawk lasers. I personally don't like it because your laser is always on and it's bright green and very easy to see around corners, so I stick with the old relable and rock the FSS, but feel free to experiment.

I do hope these classes and settings help you guys out before we get into the game. We just recently started posting content, and we already reached over 100 subs, and I couldn't be happier. lastly I do stream on {537} most days. I don't have a set stream schedule yet, but if you would like to come and watch me play live, feel free to drop a follow on Kick, and you'll get notifications as soon as I go live.

No more talking; let's get into the game.

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