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Quick i don't know who's quicker, me or the good Hello, my friends, and welcome back to another Call of Duty article here today. The amount of support for that was overwhelming. But it's back to business as usual today. Season 2 has just dropped here on Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone, and there is absolutely.

There's loads to talk about in terms of just general gameplay and change, but sniper change as well, and we've got some new maps. So there's so much to explore today, so I'm going to dive into it and show you guys now the best class setups on the game because things have changed a little bit, but hopefully all enjoyed it.

Drop a like if you haven't already. Let's just get into the game, Playay, because I really want to try out this game. We've been waiting two bloody months for this thing, maybe even longer. I want to see how peaceful it is. I've got the best laser on. I've got a grip on there as well. I'm just maxing.

1 sniper

Out of that speed, I want to see how good this stock is. I've got a feeling it's going to be absolutely rapid. Folks, absolutely rapid, you just got to be so pacey with the movement, because everything UPS, absolutely everything movement speed ads Sprint to fire. Hello, got a little SPX as well to show it off and see what it's like cuz my the duck has got me the SPX has been nerfed never thought I'd see that coming cuz the SPX was basically I think out shining the ball actions AP from the Longbow of course cuz that thing has been buffed so SPX nerfed Longbow buffed we've got the no stock on the xrk stalker finally what a day to be a sniper main on Call of Duty, a all about it all about the changes I love it keep them coming they've also just made this.

Give it one shot. I'm stuck on the ground. I'm stuck on the ground; they made it a one-shot in the war zone up to 50 m. The XRK stalker is now a one-shot. How about that? It's all happening, folks. Get your snipers back out. I'm telling you to get him out just like that man, just so you aren't absolutely bamboozled.

1 sniper class

When you load up the game where you get on for season 2, you actually have to re-unlock the no-stock attachment. Obviously, we had it before, but we just couldn't equip it. My teammate got out of me, so I guess their fix was to just add an extra level to the XRK. So, now, you have to get it to level 22 to unlock the no stock because when you get on the game, you're going to be level 21, if that makes any sense, all right?

doest me why they've done that I'm not a game developer I'm just I'm informing you I'm telling you how it is don't be startled just so you're aware if you see these zombies ring around in this map here it's cuz I'm played hard point it seems to be the best way to play some of the new maps my. God yeah, that was quick.

I'm still going to look at them. The zombies are here. They're swinging at me. Yeah, Hord Point has come back from Call of Duty: World War II. I think it seems to be the best way to get the new maps going. I think this one is Vista; they call it this onead; some like that anyway. I almost got the three piece, there they SED low there's a guy above; there's two; one's crossed already; he hit me with the drop shot.

best longbow

But yeah, if I play just regular, 6v6, the new maps are so hard to grab because I think they've just added in a lot of maps from Modern Warfare 2. Multiplayer, which is, you know, with the carry-forward stuff, so we'll see how that one goes. I'm excited to play some of those maps, but not a lot of them.

not a lot of them. Look. I'm telling you, we've got departures and another new map with season 2, so while we're dropping into this. I'll let you know two big gameplay changes that have come with season 2, and yeah, we're pretty much on Terminal here by the looks of it. That's what it feels like already, bigger TOS here, what they got franchises, so the first gameplay change is a massive one: health regeneration is now faster, which was massive before this update; it would take over 7 seconds from you getting shot for you to get back to 100% health.

best mcpr

How crazy is it that the game is so fast-paced? Watch out for the zombies I'm coming through. See you, So now they've actually reduced it to 4 seconds, which is way better, and it actually starts regenerating earlier as well. So before. I thought it would take 4 seconds for you to start actually regenerating your health, whereas now it only takes 3 seconds, and then after those 3 seconds, it takes like one in a bit of a second for you to get back to 100% health.

Beautiful, a massive dub, absolutely massive dub, woo speaking of dub loving, the no stock don't know where I am though I've been flashed lost all sense of awareness not that I've ever played this map before so I don't know where I am but, you know what I'm saying. I got another one down, sliding into bger, town.

That should have been a collaps, my Lord. Ah, I've just absolutely ped a zombie there. I took the zombie head off for the three pieces. The second big gameplay change comes in two parts. Number one, as you'll see as I'm moving it around, let me get into a bit of a dark place here, my crosshairs.

best mw3 sniper

Stay exactly center to the middle of my screen now before they would just Sway and Bob, and it would just give you a little bit of visual confusion whether that's where you should be aiming or not, so that is changed. Now default, which I think is a pretty big change. I thought that was a person, then I thought it was a zombie.

Got you, got you, missed him, got you, got you where they spotted behind zombies Get away from me. I don't want you, so look at the side changes to the hipfire, crosshair sway; they've actually made changes to your idol sway when you're aiming on your sights, which is what I heard about it. I was incredibly excited.

I've choked absolutely. Don't look at me. I washed this change is incredible for every weapon category in the game, apart from sniper rifles. They even put it in the patch notes. They say this change does not affect sniper rifles; they just say it. They just put it out there. I mean, we get it.

best sniper

You hate us. What do you want from me? What they've done is they've gotten rid of that initial Idol sway as soon as you aim down your sides, which has been, I think, a part of Call of Duty for years now. That centered point is constantly changing. I think they added this to maybe Black Ops 4 or maybe it was Modern Warfare 2019, but we've had to deal with it for years, and when I saw that change.

I thought the amazing precision sniper at range and precision quick scope at range were back, but yeah, it's only for regular guns. Right, it's only for AR Subs and all that stuff, so as soon as you aim your sights with those weapons, just snap straight to the center of your crosshair on your screen, and then the idle sway kicks in.

NOW The BEST SNIPER in Modern Warfare 3. After the huge Season 2 update, they have completely changed the gameplay in MW3, so it's time to show off all the new best class setups for sniping. Enjoy! Connect With Me.
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