News - Warzone 2i - A $70 Dlc, Or An Honest Revival. Early Beta Review


M eastern so kind of translate that to your respective time zone all right so let's just get down to it is this worth 70 bucks is this a glorified DLC is this another Call of Duty ripoff, and the answer to that is yeah kind of I mean Call of Duty is always kind of a ripoff this year, is essentially.

I'd hate to say it, but if you want to look at it like a $70 DLC or a $70 quality of life update to Modern Warfare 2, you're entirely Justified I have nothing to really say to you that will change your mind about it being a glorified piece of DLC, but I can say that it's a Call of Duty title; it's not some experimental, milsim piece of garbage that is intended to attract a brand new audience and ditch the old audience; it's not some weird, brainchild of a leaded Infinity Ward who kind of is completely disconnected from the actual player base of the game; it is a quality, fun, not so serious Call of Duty title with a high time to kill very comparable to Black Ops Cold War, and overall it is fun, and I cannot say that about Modern Warfare 2 and I can't even say that about Call of Duty.

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Modern Warfare 2019 is worth $70. If you're not in a position to drop 70 bucks on a brand new article game and you have other choices that you want to put before Call of Duty picks it up on sale, that is pretty much exactly what I'm going to tell you: pick it up on sale. Get it used if you want to support Activision; it is definitely something you can wait for a sale on, but if you are a classic Call of Duty player that did not like Modern Warfare 2, specifically based off the bastardization of the source material and the fact that the game was a mil-sim game, you will like this game.

I firmly believe you will like it; it is goofy and not so serious. Fun arcade game. Call of Duty It is a $70 update, sure, and it comes off of the coattails of the design of Infinity W, but Sledgehammer Games actually listened and used their ears and seemed to care about what the players think and feel, and they feel, and they care about things like skill gaps, and they care about things like rewarding you for actually engaging with the game.

is mw3 dlc

Now, as you can tell. I'm at the point where a quality of life update for Call of Duty is more than enough to satisfy me, and yes, my standards were significantly lower after the last couple of years of Call of Duty. I did enjoy Vanguard's gameplay, but Vanguard had a lot to be desired; there wasn't enough gameplay in terms of maps.

The zombie mode was a joke. The campaign was a fun one-off kind of disrespectful, or borderline disrespectful, representation of the Second World War, and it wasn't to be taken seriously. And Modern Warfare 2 was just a snoozefest. But as of right now, assuming that they don't pull a 180 on us and change the movement around and make the game very muddy, I do think it is a worthy representation.

In celebration of 20 years of Call of Duty, we have remastered, or remade, maps from Modern Warfare 2. They have gorgeous visuals and really bring out the best of the new engine, or, in quotations, the new engine that Call of Duty has been using. I myself was on the brink of completely quitting this franchise and disassociating myself and my brand from it entirely.

is mw3 dlc for mw2

Modern Warfare 2, in my opinion, and I will say this regularly, was not only a bad Call of Duty game, but as a consumer, I felt like it was an offensive game. There is a difference between releasing a product, listening to people, trying to change things around, and having a blatant disregard or almost hatred for the consumer.

Modern Warfare 2 felt like that, and it might sound dramatic to people, but I am telling you, with the communication from Sledgehammer Games just within the first week of this beta, we are significantly in better hands than we were with Infinity Ward. I don't blame any low-level developers. However.

I believe the leadership at Infinity Ward failed the customers with Modern Warfare 2 and has cemented a very poor reputation for Infinity Ward going forward, which is really unfortunate for them for a multitude of reasons, which I won't go into in just TLDR. I feel very bad for a lot of the regular employees at that studio, who are going to get flak for design decisions and poor design decisions made by their higher-ups.

is mw3 worth it

Now back to the beta: it had a pretty decent offering this weekend. It had five maps, with one of them being added in, I believe, 3 days into the beta or 2 days into the beta. Not 100% sure, but it launched with FLLA, Skid BR, and Estate, which were all maps from Modern Warfare 2. And later came rust, and there was also a ground-war map.

I'm not really sure of the name of that ground war map, but it was a lot of fun to play, and I enjoyed it. There wasn't enough progression and variety to keep me going for the whole weekend, and I regularly grinded it, which is kind of what comes with the territory. releasing a beta right, it's not the full product, there's not a ton of stuff to do, there's just enough to keep you going for a little bit to really experience what there is to offer, and for me.

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I've played all these maps hundreds and hundreds, probably even thousands, of times with the re-releases of them and the number of times I've revisited Modern Warfare 2, but there are going to be a ton of new generation players out there, and this will be their first time experiencing these maps, which is very exciting for them.

I think that the old Call of Duty, the old map design, and all the stuff that we talk about and kind of reminisce about whenever these newer games come out and don't deliver are kind of nice to just see and come back now, of course with that price tag that is up to you, but for once, it's nice to just have Call of Duty focus on proven design philosophies and use a lot of the proven stuff that we like already and give us that because, at the end of the day, we like it or hate it.

If you are a Call of Duty fan, you like Call of Duty because it is Call of Duty because it is a franchise. It should always have a similar feel and similar DNA to what the franchise has always been. Infinity Ward went back and reinvented the wheel, and unfortunately, they've created an entirely new franchise, almost a new formula, and they have attracted a lot of players that are not here to play Call of Duty; they gave them some other bastardization.

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Call of Duty is like a weird cross between Battlefield. Tarov, and Cod, and those people are probably going to be very upset that this game actually requires you to use multiple inputs, use your brain, and have a little bit of a reflex in what Call of Duty is, which is a twitch arcade shooter. Now, as of right now, believe it or not, I do have more positive than negative things to say about this game at this time.

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