News - The Sp-r 208 Sniper Got A Secret Buff Warzone 2

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I'll tell you that right now you got your head bud, but when Modern Warfare 3 came out and you know the extra health that came with it, the weaker marks rifles, the guns that were really powerful on Mod Warfare 2, were just down in the dirt; they just didn't do enough damage because they were made for a game that had 100 health, so now that we have 150 health on this game, the damage just didn't transfer over, so they've just been too weak to be used as a reliable.

Where he, go got him, it's a little quad feed, so I think it's safe to say this spr, catar forgot about, but as you can tell right now, I mean. I know I've got some head shots, but something's a little different about this; it feels a little bit different now that we know what Call of Duty is like with a kind of secret, you know.

Buffs silent nerf silent buffs, all that kind of stuff. While I'm not sure what's happened here, I've seen some chatter about it. I've seen people tweeting about it. I thought I'd give the world myself a chance to see what's really going on with this good because it's kind of nice. You know, it's kind of nice, but right now, my friends, it's feeling pretty damn good.

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The damage is actually surprisingly consistent. I don't know if the actual in-game stats have changed on this. I'll be honest with you; I didn't really look at it. I don't know the specific damage values you knew before this update. Woo, my, there's a triple there; it's still going to get some hit markers, of course.

Like the damage values. I think it's 180 to the upper torso, which is basically what the longbo does, 120 to the limbs and lower legs, or something like that lower torso. I think, so as you can tell, if you shoot too low, you're not going to get that one shot. But if you shoot high enough, my friends, it is consistent, and I don't know if it was like this before; I don't think it was.

I would not put it past Call of Duty to have accidentally done something and accidentally changed the damage values because you see what's happened with War Zone. A kibo sake shot just snuck in; they didn't even mention anything about those in the patch notes. Then that shotgun came out of nowhere, and that one shoty, which you know wasn't there at the start of the game, then just appeared to be absolutely incredible after a random update.

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You know what I mean, like these things happen, so if they've accidentally changed the damage values of the SP in the update, do we have another option here? Another viable sniper to use. I mean, it's definitely going to be for aggression, right? Look, we've got a fellow SPRU user as well. I'm telling you some's catching on here, some is catching on, so you can tell limb shot the man in the arm there shot that in the leg we're got to get the one shot hit we're got to get the hit markers right they are going to.

But as you can tell, if you get him in the chest, I don't know if this was what I was going to turn on him. I don't know if this is what it was like before, and I don't think it was, so I feel like I would have seen a lot more with it because I feel like people would have used it if it was actually this good all right.

So I really don't know if it could be a placebo effect; it could actually be this good; they could have accidentally done the damage. We just don't know, but I'm telling you right now that this feels good, and I'm not just saying that I'll tell you the class here in a second if you want to give this a shot.

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It's a 10-round mag-pair sniper rifle, and yeah, if you get the head shot, of course you're going to get the one shot kills, but I feel like it's got a bit more power to it; it's just packing it a little bit more of a punch, and I'm all for it; I've got one more bullet. I really wanted it to Peak.

I got you though get a UAV up I'm going to keep going here what if they Advanced, there you go pop TI look there we go now we got the. Advanced, a. Guy, got the EMP. Up, get you down other was SP here, get you down another was SP here don't mind if I. Do you tell me this isn't? Better, I'm telling you something's happened to it there.

SP here, come on, hello, your dogs are barking. You popped your head. You popped your. I think we found something, folks. This feels beautiful, by the way. It actually feels beautiful, especially with this scope. It feels good to have that Snappy Marksman rifle back in my hand. I'll tell you that right now I could have kept going and done that spawn there as well.

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I missed my pistol shots, I got panicky, and I got nervous. I might have been doing this since 2007, but I still get a little nervous when there's a clip opportunity in front of me. Gotcha feels like they've all quit. I'll be honest with you. I mean, I would have. I was getting tall, and you won, yeah, Suchy.

One guy left all right. Let me show you this class setup, folks, because it is naughty. This is what we have been rocking today: the SPRA 20A. It is obviously a marksman rifle, but we are using it like a sniper. To start things off, we have the 23.5-inch fluted barrel. Now, I don't know if this is the key to making it a little bit stronger.

Obviously, this increases the damage range, so if you are firing at a distance, it makes it a little bit more consistent with its damage. I've not tried it without, but my gut is saying this played a big part in making it a little bit stronger, but as you can tell, the upper torso damage says 180.

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Did it say 180 beforehand? It was a little too inconsistent, because if it were, we would have had 150 health issues. Why was nobody using this? You know what I mean now. If you compare it to the Sab, which has been put in the mud, it's a 138. To the upper torso right, so unless you get a head shot, that upper torso shot is not dealing enough damage to kill them because they've got 150 health, so that's what's confusing me if they just accidentally.

Or maybe silly changed it so it actually deals with 1 180 to the upso. I don't know, but anyway enough waffling, so paired with that barrel, there we have the FSS laser. Of course, now this gun comes with an i-sight as a default, but I absolutely love the SPX scope. It is the best scope in the game I've played.

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With the FSS ball increasing, the rate of fire is increasing by like 10 RPM, so it's about 70, and of course we got the 10 round on there. It does hurt the ad speed a little bit, but hey, having a 10-round mag with still really good ad speed on a game with 150 health. I mean. I'm all for that, especially running around in 10 V10 or aggressive modes like hardpoint, but there it is, so my friends, that is what we've been rocking today.

The SP-R 208 SNIPER got a SECRET BUFF in Modern Warfare 3. They silently buffed the MAX DAMAGE on the SPR, and it's now AMAZING! This is the BEST Class Setup for it. enjoy.
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