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Be sure to use code RG at checkout for 5% off your entire order for a limited time only. So a little while back, YouTube was actually just recently implemented. A new research tab inside of our YouTube Studio features lets creators kind of see what has been most researched on the things that they make.

I'm sure there's been plenty of creators out there, including myself, that have used this future to kind of think of new article ideas. I figured it would be cool if we went through and just tried to answer a bunch of the most popular search questions about Modern Warfare 3 zombies. The very first top search thing to come up is going to be the new best weapon to use in Modern Warfare 3 zombies.


This question is definitely not a surprise to me. Everybody's always wondering what the best gun is to use in Modern Warfare 3 zombies, but the thing is, it's going to change every season. Well, at least it has been I think right now there's probably plenty of people who would argue that the fjx is probably the best weapon to use in modern warfare zombies.

Right now, we just did a complete article on this SMG, and we're going to put the load out on the screen right here if anybody wants to check it out now. Season 3 Reloaded is just around the corner, and these metas are definitely known to change, so be prepared for all the new best weapons articles. For these next two top searches, we're actually going to answer both of them at the same time.

Level up your guns fast in Modern Warfare 3 zombies, and the fastest way to get the Modern Warfare 3 zombie camos The simplest way that I can explain both of these to you guys is to just go get an Outlast, contract in the first tier zone, stand outside of it after you activate the PN, and just let the zombies continue.


Spawning in this is probably going to be the fastest way to get the most zombies possible. Now you can do the extraction method, but those kinds of work a little bit better towards the late game. You're still going to be finding yourself with a bunch of downtime in between calling in the xville. Not only are you going to have all those zombies leveling up, but you've got all of them working on your camos as well.

There will be a few camo challenges that you won't be able to complete by doing this, like killing a certain amount of boss challenges, but those can be easily done just by going into like tier 2 and doing an escort. Our next top search is going to be how to get the zombie skin in Modern Warfare 3.

The answer to this one is actually really simple: all you're going to have to do is complete all of the story missions. Most of the missions are very straightforward. There are a couple that might throw you for a little bit of the loop, but there's a bunch of guides all over YouTube that'll completely help you guys out and give you guys a little bit of context.


There was only one mission that I actually needed somebody else's help with, and it was only because I was having trouble finding the locations to find the parts. Once you guys complete all of the story missions, not only will you unlock that really cool zombie skin, but you'll also unlock a bunch of really useful schematics, like that Wonder W.

For our next top search, we got Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 zombie offline, unfortunately. Modern Warfare Zombies does not have an offline mode, which is extremely unfortunate, because I know, just like myself, that a lot of other people would love it if they did have an offline mode. What happens if the internet goes out?

You just want to play some zombies. I do believe this is the first zombie mode to actually be completely online, even Black Ops 4, which didn't have a campaign and pretty much just relied on multiplayer and blackouts. Even though I think zombies were the only thing you could play offline, it's kind of unfortunate to see this next one here.


I was a little bit confused about it because it just says all Wonder weapons in Modern Warfare 3 zombies. I don't know if they just mean, like, what Wonder weapons are there or exactly how to get them, so we're going to do both really quick. We got the ray gun; we got the Wonder Wolf; we got the scorcher.

And we got the VR 11. If you want the schematics for the ray gun, you're going to have to complete the red-tier zone contracts. You're going to be getting those Wonder WF schematics from completing a story mission in Act 4. Get the scorcher schematics from defeating the red worm boss. You'll be getting those VR11 schematics from completing season 2 reloaded.

Those are just how to get all of the schematics so you can end up crafting the Wonder Weapons yourself, but there are plenty of other ways to find these things. I find Wonder Weapons in like those ether chests or just from completing contracts; all the time course you got the traditional way of finding them inside of the mystery box, and then inside of the first dark ether we have those locked rooms which have chances of spawning in wonder weapon cases, and how could we forget if you defeat any of the Warlords?


They will grant you a wonder weapon case as well. For this next one, we got Modern Warfare 3: Zombies, season 3 release date. Well, since we're already in season 3. I think that they're meaning Season 3 Reloaded is when we should finally be seeing a sizable update for Modern Warfare 3 zombies, according to our classified section in the battle pass.

It's looking like it's going to start on May 1st. There are only 7 days left, guys, and we'll finally have a little bit more content. In our next St. Search, we learned how to get Legend AR weapons in Modern Warfare 3 zombies, and there's quite a few ways that we can be doing this now. If you guys don't have any legendary ether tools to slap on your weapons, you can always save up enough Essence to go into Tier 3 and buy one of the golden weapons off the wall, but if I were you, if you haven't defeated the red worm yet.


I would complete that a bunch of times until you get that legendary ether tool schematic, because that will help you out so much in Modern Warfare Zombies, plus you can craft it every 24 hours, so it's not that difficult to farm up. I would recommend trying to complete it with friends, but if you're balling, if you want to do it solo, I do have quite a few articles.

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