News - All 60. Free Skins & Blueprints Season 3 Of Mw2 & Warzone 2

All 60+ free skins & blueprints in season 3 of mw2 & warzone 2!

All 60+ free skins & blueprints in season 3 of mw2 & warzone 2!

In this article, we're going to take a look at all of the skins and blueprints that are available to unlock for free in both MW2 and Warzone 2 after the season 3 update. Before we jump into it, though, please make sure to leave a like on the article.

Season 3 max prestige blueprint

To kick things off for reaching Prestige 13 or level 650, during the season you'll unlock the maximum pressure blueprint, which is for the M16 assault rifle.

Battle pass free blueprints season 3

With the season 3 Battle Pass, there are four free blueprints that you can unlock. If you have not purchased it, you still need to earn tokens by playing the game and then use them to unlock the different parts of the map to reach sectors that include these free items. Is the Sanombre blueprint for the iso Hemlock, which is in map sector C3? The undefeated blueprint for the X12 pistol and map sector C16, the Hui Chivo blueprint for the Lochman sub and map sector C19, and the haunted blueprint for the Chimera and Matt sectors C20 are available.

Trophy hunt event rewards

Trophy hunt event rewards

To complete in all game modes at the moment is the trophy hunt event. During this event, you're able to collect trophy coins and games, which you can use to purchase different free rewards through the event store.

From the store is the Venom Strike blueprint for the M13, and there will be another blueprint available on the 27th of April; we just don't know what that is at the moment other than that it's for a battle rifle. As you can see, there are lots of other small rewards to unlock through this store as well, and once you purchase 10 of them, you're going to unlock this event.

Mastery skin for operator Rose, and for getting 15 items, you'll unlock the arachnid skin for operator Konig.

Cdl viewership reward blueprint

The 24th of April is the final day of the major 4 CDL event, and this will be live streamed on the Call of Duty Twitch account. If you link your Twitch account with your Activision One account at {217} and then watch the stream live for one hour, you'll unlock the oil slick blueprint for the X12 pistol.

Free blueprint store bundles

Free blueprint store bundles

It was recently leaked that there are three free blueprints that will be coming to the store at some point. We don't know exactly when they're going to be available, but there's the Corkavado blueprint for the Lochman 762, the urban pacifier blueprint for the Lochman 556, and the delayed blueprint for the M16.

Like I said, we don't know when exactly these will become available, but when they do, you'll find them in the trending tab of the store to claim for free, so it'll pay to be checking that out each time you.

Recruit a friend blueprints

Jump on to Play, available throughout all of season 3, is the recruiter fringe program.

How this works is basically that if you have a friend who has an Activision account that is less than seven days old or who hasn't played War Zone 2 in over 60 days, you can go to the recruiter friend page on the Call of Duty website and invite them to be one of your recruits. Once you've done that, you can jump into Warzone to complete some basic challenges together, and from doing this, you can unlock the moon dust blueprint for the FSS hurricane and this blueprint for the Ex13 auto pistol.

Season 3 nuke contract rewards

Season 3 nuke contract rewards

Just like they did for season 2, there is a new blueprint reward available this season for successfully completing a Champions Quest nuke contract in any Warzone Battle Royale game.

If you don't know what that contract is, what you need to do first is win five games of Battle Royale in a row, and then the next game that you play, you'll be given the option to start a Champions Quest contract. Once started, this requires you to collect three different nuke elements from around the map and then actually arm and defend the nuke as it always has.

If you can successfully set the nuke off and complete this contract, you'll unlock the operation skin, which is for the Rangers default operator, and the new blueprint reward this season is for the tech V, and it's called Nuclear Nightmare.

Free dmz skins & blueprints season 3

Also, in Warzone, if you're free to play, there are four different default operator skins that you can unlock by completing some simple challenges.

all 60 free skins blueprints in season 3 of mw2 warzone 2

You can unlock operator Koenig by executing a finishing move; you'll unlock operator Zemo by getting a kill with a secondary weapon; you can unlock operator Rose by getting a point-blank kill; and you can also operate a Clio by getting a kill with lethal equipment. Moving over to the DMZ, all of the previous rewards that you could unlock by extracting the different weapon cases from Almazara Ashika, Island, and Building 21 are still available.

The only thing that's changed is where you can find the weapon case on our site. Previously, you needed to kill the Juggernaut who would drop the weapons case, but now at random, you're either going to need to open up the safe that will spawn on the cargo train that does laps around the map or you need to kill the new pyro boss that spawns inside of the control tower at the airport, so for doing either of those things on our Mazara and extracting the case one time, you'll unlock the caution tape blueprint for the rpk, and for doing it for the seventh time.

all dmz blueprints season 3

you'll unlock The biohazard skin for operator Konig On a Sheikah island, for killing the bomb maker and extracting that weapon case, you'll unlock the backup plan blueprint for the P890 pistol the first time and the champ blueprint for the Tech 56 for extracting it for the sixth time in Building 21.

After opening up the armory, cracking open the safe, and extracting that weapon case for the sixth time, you'll unlock the silvertox blueprint for the Chimera assault rifle, also in the DMZ. All of the rewards that were available for the different faction missions are still available to unlock, as are the new rewards from the redacted faction that were just added in season three.

For the White Lotus faction, you can unlock the stone's throw blueprint for finishing the Tier 1 story mission, the sleet skin for the cortex default operator for finishing the Tier 3 story mission, and the downpour blueprint for the M4 assault rifle for the Tier 5 story mission. For the Legion faction, you'll unlock the Menopause X12 blueprint for finishing the Tier 1 Story Mission.

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