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Season 2 of Modern Warfare 3 is in full swing, and in this article. I wanted to share with you what I've been enjoying the most about the season so far, between the addition of the new maps being added to War Zone and multiplayer, which are all littered with secrets and Easter eggs. The new weapons and aftermarket parts like the underbarrel chainsaw, which is super fun to use; the awesome Walking Dead crossover, which sees Rick Grimes and Michonne added to the game; the Black Saddle Battle Pass, which has some of the best in-game items to date; and the new events and free rewards.

There's a crazy amount of new content to jump into and experience. My favorite thing so far has been all of the Easter eggs on the New Fortunes Keep War Zone map. Just like the OG version of the map, there are so many different Easter eggs to try and complete, and I've had an awesome time doing them not just by myself but with other people as well.

The absolute coolest one, by far, has to be the dragon-stirred Easter egg. What you can do is activate the lighthouse tower and then redirect the light beams towards the main building on the map, and this will actually trigger an absolutely awesome fireworks display that releases the dragon. You'll even unlock a cool dragon camo for being on the team that completes it.

easter eggs why im enjoying the new season

Some of the other Easter eggs will reward you with zombie powerups, which give you unique abilities for a short amount of time, and others will actually reward you with zombie Wonder Weapons, which are pretty fun provided you're on the right side of them. A fun fact about the ray gun If you actually equip a finishing move that would normally use a pistol, and then you hold the ray gun and perform a finishing move, it'll actually use the ray gun for it, which is really cool and the closest we've had to having a wonder weapon finisher.

This season's battle pass and black sale have to be some of the best that we've ever had. The only one that I'd rate as high as this is the one from season 6 last year. The black cell weapons and the operators look badass. The weapons have the black and gold theme that you'd expect from the black cell, but this season they have this awesome dripping effect on them with custom death effects that obliterate enemies and turn them into a golden skeleton.

modern warfare 3 season 2

The black cell operator Skins are fully reactive, and for some of our favorite characters in the Modern Warfare Universe, they begin looking all dripped out in that black cell gold, but as you get more kills, they actually transform into this badass zombified version of the skin. The John Doe operator from the black cell is a throwback to the character from Blackout, which is pretty neat, and the finishing move for this is absolutely insane.

Obviously, we've also got Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead, whose finishing move makes me not one of the good guys anymore, at least in the eyes of the enemy team. In about a week's time, Michonne, also from The Walking Dead, will be available as an operator in the store. Her finishing move looks equally badass, and around the same time as her bundle release, we're also going to be getting a Walking Dead-themed event, which I'm really looking forward to.

Rumor has it that there's going to be a camo to unlock for free from this event, which takes inspiration from Negan's baseball bat Lucil and is all covered in barb wire. In multiplayer, they've added four new maps so far this season, with Operation Tin Man for the war mode, which actually has a hidden spawn location for the ray gun, and for the regular modes, they've added departures Vista and Stash House.

mw3 season 2

Stash House has to be one of the best small maps that they've added to the game in recent years, and it's the perfect place for leveling up your weapons and grinding out camos super fast. The cherion top for this map, or well, the pizza on top for this map, has a pretty obvious Breaking Bad Easter egg, which might explain why there's so much money around the stash outs.

mw3 season 2 - the ray gun finishing move

Another thing that I've really been enjoying this season and actually throughout the whole life cycle of MDB 3 so far and I don't think it gets as much credit as it deserves is the sheer amount of in-game events and free rewards that we've been getting, the season isn't even 2 weeks old yet and we've already had three in-game events with 23 different free rewards to unlock and like I say in just a few weeks time we're going to be getting another Walking Dead themed event with even more events again throughout the midseason, with all of this awesome content being available to play now and even more being added in the midseason update in just a few weeks time now is a great time to jump in Solo or with your squad to explore it all and have fun, , .

Check out a recap of the easter eggs and new content Call of Duty MWIII Season 2 has to offer, including a wonder weapon "finisher", The Walking Dead crossover, and new reactive skins.
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