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Just like we've seen in other maps and modes, War Zone Rebirth Island has a bunch of different secret challenges to complete and rewards to unlock. You can do these challenges in any mode that you want to, but you just have to be doing them on the Rebirth Island map. In this article. I'm going to share with you the secret challenges that I've completed so far and the rewards that I've unlocked from doing them, but before we jump into the full details of it all.

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hidden challenges rebirth island

You get cheap, easy, healthy meals for yourself, and every new subscriber will directly support me in the content that I make, so make sure to check it out. To kick things off, the first secret challenge that I completed was a pretty easy one. All you have to do is open up 250 containers on Rebirth Island.

This can be loot crates, hidden caches, loot bags, or even the first aid boxes that you'll find around the map for opening 250. Of them, you're going to unlock this loading screen, which is called Fire below. Another secret challenge is to complete 50 different contracts on Rebirth Island. This can be any of the contracts on Rebirth, but the ones that I found to be the quickest and easiest to do are the scavenger contracts.

Because Rebirth Island is quite a small map, each of the crates you have to open for these contracts are pretty close together, so you can get them done super fast. Once you've completed 50 different contracts, you're going to unlock his first-day weapon charm, which is this drone-looking thing and is actually pretty cool.

hidden rewards rebirth island

The next challenge is kind of an annoying one because it's spread out over multiple different games. The challenge is to drive a vehicle in 25 different matches on Rebirth Island. At the moment, the only vehicles on Rebirth Island are helicopters, so you simply need to jump into one and fly it around for a short amount of time in 25 different games.

The reward for this is this Cony-looking-themed skin for the ATV, which is called Ominous Runner. Moving on to the next challenge This one will be a lot easier if you do have a team, but it's more than possible to do it solo. You just need to have a good amount of cash and a bit of luck. The secret challenge is to, as a squad, have three UAV towers active at the same time on Rebirth Island.

So this isn't talking about having three UAVs up at the same time; it's talking about the UAV towers, which are marked on your map with this icon, and they cost $2, 000 to activate. So, like I said, you can either coordinate with your team to activate three of these towers at the same time, or if you check your mini map and spot three towers quite close to each other, you can do this solo, provided you have enough money.

rebirth island hidden challenges

The towers stay active for about a minute and a half or so, so there's plenty of time to get three of them done if they're close enough together. To have three of these towers active at the same time, you're going to unlock the sticker of a satellite, which is called missing. Another secret challenge is to perform 25 Squad assembles on Rebirth Island.

You might be wondering what the hell that even means. Well, this is a new feature that they've added this season where if you drop directly next to your squad, it counts as a squad assembly, and you get a supply UAV off the ground. This is what you have to do 25 different times for The Challenge, so you can't do this in solos.

You have to do it in either duos, trios, or quads. You'll notice that the first person on your team to land will leave this drop marker behind them, and you basically have to land on or near this marker for it to count as a squad assemble. After doing this 25 different times, you're going to unlock this animated emblem, which is called the tower.

rebirth island secret challenges rewards

The final secret challenge that I've completed so far is doing the new super Easter egg of sorts on Rebirth Island, and once you've finished this, you will unlock the redacted blueprint. I have already made a guide on how to complete this Easter egg, which you can check out for yourself by clicking the end card on the screen right now

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