News - 15 Hidden Blueprint Locations On Rebirth Island. Warzone Season 3

Hidden blueprints on rebirth island intro

Hidden blueprints on rebirth island intro

So, just like we saw on Rebirth Island previously and also on Vonal, there are multiple hidden or staged blueprints, whatever you want to call them, that can be found around this new season 3 version of Rebirth Island. These blueprints spawn in the same static locations each game, and it's really handy to know where they all are so that if you hot-drop to a certain point of interest at the start of a game, you can go straight for these weapons so that you've got a solid one off the rip.

This can also be pretty handy mid- to late-game as well if you get taken out and respawned back in with a pretty mid-. All of these locations are more or less the same as they were on the OG Rebirth Map; some are slightly different, and obviously the blueprints themselves are all from Modern Warfare 3.

Get glowing xrk stalker

So at the main red tower at the headquarters point of interest, you'll find the glowing blueprint for the XRK stalker; it's just leaning on the side of the building here at the highest level of the tower.

Akkorokamui katt amr

Akkorokamui katt amr

On the other side of the prison, at the very top of the water tower, you'll find the Aoro Camui blueprint for the cat AMR sniper rifle resting on the side of this pipe.

Coin feeder mtz interceptor

Then, at the top of the satellite ATC-looking tower and the stronghold point of interest, you're going to find the coin feeder blueprint for the MTZ. Interceptor, just leaning on the wall here behind the ladder that takes you up to the roof.

Crocodile taq evolvere

Within the lowest level of the bioweapons building near the showers, you're going to find the crocodile blueprint for the tech evolver.

Transparent triage dg58 lsw

Just sitting inside of this small bathtub or sink, whatever you want to call it, just up from there, next to the bunker door near the industry point of interest, you'll find the transparent triage blueprint for the DG508. It's just leaning up against the wall here, right next to the bunker door.

Arcade rythm rival-9

Within the underground tunnels that connect the main industry building with the chemical engineering point of interest, you'll find the arcade Rhythm blueprint for the Rival 9 leaning up against this pallet jack that's got a couple of crates on it.

Bident haymaker

Bident haymaker

Right next to this, within the lowest level of chemical, you'll find the bident blueprint for the haym maker.

This one is just sitting on top of this metal generator-looking thing.

Exoridum renetti

In the courtyard sort of area in prison, you're going to find the Exorian blueprint, which is for the Retti pistol. This one is in the tent, just here, leaning up against a pallet of boxes.

Soul carver riverter

In the actual prison itself, you can find the Soul Carver blueprint for the riveted shotgun.

This one is on the ground floor of a side room next to the main prison area. You want to jump up onto the walkway along the side here, and it's just leaning up against the wall.

Envy sva 556

Inside this blue building, kind of next to the factory and living quarters point of interest, you'll find the Envy blueprint for the SVA 556 assault rifle that's just sitting on the table here on the lowest level of the building.

Comic carbine striker-9

Near , here in the center of the tents at the living quarters, you'll find the Comet Carbine blueprint for the Striker 9 SMG. It's just leaning up against this communications-looking tower just here.

Blam blam mcw

Blam blam mcw

On the lowest level of the factory building, along the side where the bunker door is located, you'll find the blam-blam blueprint for the MCW assault rifle. It's just leaning up against the wall right before you get to where the bunker door is.

Dahlia bruen mk9

On top of the prison roof in this little building, off to the side, you'll find the Daria blueprint for the Brewing LMG, just sitting here on top of this red toolbox.

Gridlock mcw 6.8

At the point of interest along the side here that overlooks the stronghold area, and it's got some turrets on it as well, you'll find the gridlock blueprint for the NCW 6.8 Marksman rifle.

It's just sitting on top of the wall here,.

Sweet siren wsp swarm

Finally, at the command center on the lowest level, you'll find the sweet siren blueprint for the WSP Swarm SMG. It's just sitting on top of the filing cabinets in this small room. I'll catch you in the next one. Look after yourself and take it easy

15 hidden blueprint locations on rebirth island warzone season 3

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