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There's a new blueprint that you can unlock for free by completing a super Easter egg of sorts on Rebirth Island. It's this blueprint you can see on screen right now; it's called redacted, and it's for the DG 56 assault rifle. So there are three different mini Easter eggs you need to complete in order to do this.

You can do these in any order that you want to, and once you've completed all three of them in one game, you'll be able to open up this glass case in the industrial building that has the blueprint inside of it. You can then pick up the blueprint to unlock it, but sadly, as of making this article, it will only unlock for you and not your entire team.

So for the first mini Easter egg, you need to find an ID card and then turn on the power. So to begin with, you want to head to the factory point of Interest what I was The easiest way was to drop along this side of the building here and then go through the door that is marked with B4. Once you go through this door directly in front of you, you're going to see a red box that is behind this locked gate.

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You simply need to shoot the red box to destroy it, and then pick up the ID badge that was inside. You then need to take this ID badge to the new building at the Harbor Point of Interest. There are some stairs along the side of the building that will take you up to the second story, and you have to use the ID badge to open up the door.

In this room, you're going to find a free UAV, and there's also going to be a console-type thing that you need to enter and interact with to turn the power on. That's the first mini Easter egg, complete. From here, you want to head to the chemical engineering building. At this building, there are locations for three different symbols, and below each of these symbols will be a number that will be different for each game.

So at the top of the chemical building, here is what I've been calling the X symbol. The next level down on the back wall is the w symbol, and if you jump down the side of the building here and run along and then go in here, you'll find the a symbol. Head to each of these spots and see which number is below each symbol, and then next to where this symbol is, there's a boiler room with three different tanks, each with one of these symbols on it.

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Use the red button to activate the tanks, and then you want to use each of the keypads next to them to increase the numbers to match what is shown for each symol at the other locations. This can be a bit tricky as the first keypad might increase the number of only one tank and not the others; the second might increase the number of two of the symbols and not the other one; and it's going to be random which button does what each game does, so you're going to have to play around until you can get all three tanks to show the correct numbers for each symbol.

If you do mess it up, you can use the red button to reset the numbers on the tanks back to zero so you can try it again. Once you have done it right and the number for each symbol matches what is shown at the other locations, you'll see it say pressure stabilized. So for the third mini Easter egg, you're actually going to complete this one at the industrial building itself, right where the Easter egg blueprint is located.

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What we need to do is work out an 8-digit code that is going to unlock the other side of the case first, so if you're looking at the case, turn straight around and you'll see a computer screen that has a bunch of hard drives listed. To work out the code you want, you want to look at the percentages that are next to these hard drives and then go from highest to lowest.

So the highest percentage is 22%, which means that the first two numbers for the code are 22, and then the second number is 177%. So that means that the first four digits of the code are 2217. All right, I'll catch you in the next one. You take care of yourself and take it

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