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blaze up event

The Blaze Up event is currently live in MDUb 3 and War Zone. It's going to be live for the next 12 days, and in this article, I'm going to share with you some tips and tricks for completing this event. Specifically in War Zone, there are 11 base rewards available, and each reward has a challenge that you can do in either War Zone MDUb 3 multiplayer or zombies.

blaze up event challenges

Once you've completed all 11, you'll unlock the Mastery reward, which is this blueprint for the WSP, Swarm, called Daymares. The Blueprint itself is actually really nice and it even has this sick glowing effect on it, kicking things off is one of the harder challenges for this event in war zone which is to trade in two key cards from the biometric scanner in one game, the tricky part about this is that you can only claim one key card for yourself from the scanner each game so what they're wanting you to do here is to kill someone else and then trade in their key card but there is a much easier way to do it so you can either have a teammate drop their card for you and then you can trade in your card plus theirs, well what you can do is you can go prone at the scanner and then open up your bag after interacting with the scanner itself, and this will actually duplicate whichever card you're going to get so you can then go and sell both of them to complete the challenge, you'll unlock a 1hour double battle pass XP token for doing so.

Another challenge is to activate the boat horn near the factory on Rebirth Island. As the challenge states, you want to head to this boat right here, which is next to the factory. Go to the very top of the boat, and you'll see an interaction prompt to activate the horn. You can honk it more than once if you want to get the special Loot Crate drop from doing this, but for this challenge, all you need to do is just honk it once, and after doing so, you'll unlock the hot out of the oven weapon sticker.

To unlock the highest duck weapon charm, you need to complete Spy Drone Contracts, which is one of the new contracts that have been added to Rebirth Island with season 3. You'll find these contracts marked on your map with this icon, and once you've started it, it will mark a bunch of drones up in the sky that you need to destroy.

blaze up event rewards mw3

An absolute cheese way to complete these contracts is to get a helicopter and then just fly to the drones; the blades of the helicopter will destroy them, and it'll make doing this an absolute cakewalk. Another challenge is infilling or redeploying land on the Gondola using the parachute on Rebirth Island.

So this one is easy enough; like it says, from either the start of a game or after you've been killed and respawned back in, you just want to land on the gondola that goes back and forth from the factory and the prison. For doing this, you'll unlock the scene sound weapon sticker. There are three challenges that are specifically tied to the new high-trip resurgence mode that was released this morning.

One is to collect 50 gummies in this mode, so there are four different types of gummies that you can find, and once you've picked one up, you'll have that permanent effect from it until you die, and you can't pick up any more of the same gummies. You'll find that these gummies will drop from loot crates that you open up, so pick up 50 of them to complete this challenge, and you'll unlock the weedon skin for the Wilson kill streak.


The second challenge specific to this mode is to collect at least one gummy and then get eight separate kills while it's active, which will reward the utterly inspiring emblem. The third challenge, which is specific to this mode, is to find each of the four different gummies and have them all active at the same time, so you just need to loot around and find all four different types and have them active at the same time, and this will reward you with the out-of-this-world animated calling card.

Another challenge is to use squad rage on all players in your squad, which is super easy to do. You can do this one solo; you can either do the water stabilization Easter rig at the chemical point of interest, which is guaranteed to drop a squad rage field upgrade for you, or you can just loot for one from the loot crates.

daymares blueprint unlock

After you do use that field upgrade on yourself, you'll unlock a double-weapon XP token. To unlock the every second and hour weapon decal, you need to buy back four teammates in Resurgence using a buy station. Obviously, in Resurgence, your team teammates will have a countdown timer for when they respawn, but this doesn't mean that you need to wait until the end of the game in order to buy them back.

You can actually buy them back from a buy station before that timer hits zero, so you just need to make sure that you've got enough cash to buy someone back, which is $3, 000 per person. Just wait for one of your teammates to die, and then buy them back before that timer hits zero. Another straightforward challenge is to reduce the Resurgence timer to a total of 100 seconds, which for the most part will just complete itself as you play.

When your teammate dies, everything that you do contributes to reducing the time for them to respawn. Things like running around, getting kills, and opening loot crates will reduce that timer, and you've just got to reduce it for a total of 100 seconds across however many games it takes, and this will unlock a battle pass.

free blueprint mw3

The final challenge that we're going to talk about is another simple one, and this is just to open up 20 loot caches in one game of Resurgence on Rebirth Island. This includes opening loot crates, the loot bags hidden caches, and the first aid boxes that you'll find around the rebirth map. Opening 20 of them in one game will unlock you a double XP token.

Like I said, once you've unlocked all 11 base rewards, you'll also unlock the mastery reward, which is the day's blueprint for the WSP, Swarm. All right, I'll catch you in the next one. Look after yourself and take it

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