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I was recently invited to a capture session at the sledgehammer game studio in Melbourne and I wanted to share with you a whole bunch of the battle pass content that I was able to check out while I was there I tried to check out as much of the battle pass as I could while we were playing I think there's only a few things that I missed out on so we'll go over a bunch of the good stuff first and then I'll let the footage of me previewing everything else roll on towards the end so let's jump straight into it, so if you purchase the black cell version of the battle pass for season 1 you're going to instantly unlock this operator called abolisher who looks bloody awesome, he does come with his own finishing move called flexed upon which you can use with any other operator as well but unfortunately, this was locked for me so I'll have to wait until the season begins to be able to check that out you'll also instantly unlock the Mano War blueprint for the Haymaker shotgun which has this classic black cell sort of look to it and this comes with blood Rose traces and blood rose petal death effects as well.

Throughout the battle pass, as you live it up, there'll be another six black cell blueprints with the exact same theme, so there's the hot caution blueprint for the MCW assault rifle. There's the advanced lethality blueprint for the XRK stalker sniper rifle, and we've got the carbonized black cell blueprint for the Bass P battle rifle, the ultra-hot black cell blueprint for the MTZ 762 battle rifle, the all-rounder blueprint for the Ram 7 assault rifle, and also the heavy machine black cell blue blueprint for the Hogga 556.

Like I said, all of these blueprints have the same theme, and they all come with those Blood Rose traces and the Blood Rose pedal death effects. For maxing out the battle pass, the Tier 100 rewards will give you the scorcher skin for the new operator called Nolan, and this is animated with a really cool fire effect.

mw3 season 1 battle pass

You'll also get three lots of 100 Cod points, so 300 Cod points total, and you'll also get this blueprint for the MTZ 556, called the furnace, which has this sort of lava animation effect to it, which looks Wicked. On top of that, for the Tier 100 rewards, if you do get the black cell, you'll also get the black cell scorcher skin, which looks like this, just like the furnace blueprint for the MTZ, 556.

There's also another three blueprints in the regular battle pass that have the same sort of animated lava effect. There's the Suering Flame blueprint for the AM-9 and SMG. There's the heat stroke blueprint for the ret pistol, which is a Kimbo build, and there's the emulator blueprint for the DM 56 Marksman rifle.

mw3 season 1 battle pass rewards

An interesting thing they're doing this year is including acquisitions, from zombies to the battle pass. Pretty much all of these different acquisitions come in lots of two, but once you've used them, they're gone, which kind of seems like a weird way to go about things, and it's not exactly great if you don't play zombies because this is kind of a waste of space in the battle pass for you.

So from what I saw in the battle pass, there were two cryo freeze ammo mods and two refined ethereum crystals, which pack-a-punch your gun to level two. There were two legendary ether tools, two epic ether tools, and two Shadow Blast Ammo mods. Anyway, like I said, I'm just going to let the footage of me checking out the rest of the stuff in the battle pass roll on.

There's a lot of cool stuff in here, like regular skins. Below,

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