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all bundles in mw2 season 3

This is DK Dynamite, and tonight we're going to be talking about all the bundles and release dates coming in season three, a look at an incredible new feature, and even more. I've got so many articles on deck for you guys; there has been so much to break down since the launch of our new season, too.

Apologies for all my voices. I made some shorts and a couple of other full-length articles. I need some recovery time over the course of this weekend, but there will still be plenty of articles dropping nonetheless.

New update & fix released for season 3!

New update & fix released for season 3!

And, with that being said. Infinity War did drop a small update for Modern Warfare 2, where they said they fixed an issue where a message about a skin being reacted to would appear next to all skins in the skin selection menu as well.

They fixed an issue preventing solo players from matchmaking into cooperative missions, and they also fixed a problem where players couldn't fully redeem sector C20 of the battle pass because it displayed the weapon name as nullify. A season 2 gun instead of the correct weapon. The Haunting, and then they also linked their Trello board since they'll be publishing a full list of things that are broken and things they're working on a fix for over the next couple of days, but it has been a very busy last 24 hours.

Big announcement for my s3 coverage

There was a lot to discuss, and there's still so much more, but I haven't even had a chance to play the multiplayer yet. I'm very excited to do that as of tonight, but tomorrow I have a big live stream coming up that'll be multi-streamed. Here on YouTube and even on the front page of Steam from 2 to 4 PM PST.

I'll be grinding Building 21 since that map's coming back for the weekend, and the brand new trophy hunt collection event as a part of season three will probably do some open lobbies as well over in some of the new multiplayer, map modes, and even some War Zone 2.0. It's an incredible opportunity that's only possible because of all of your support, and that sincerely means the world to me.

Call of Duty coverage coming up this summer that I think will honestly blow your mind is something that I've been working on articles for. I cannot wait to share more with you very soon.

New feature & easter bundle released

New feature & easter bundle released

Unexpectedly, with the launch of season 3, we ended up getting the launch of the hopping mad Easter pack, and the reason I say this was a bit unexpected is because some of the holiday bundles in Modern Warfare 2 didn't exactly drop close to their respective holidays, but this Easter one kind of did a couple of days after Easter and just a few days before Greek.

Orthodox Easter, which is fair, so this bundle costs 2400 Cod Points, featuring two rabbit skins and bolted for Klaus of course, so I guess Klaus will just be our holiday themed operator in which skins eventually release more for, and we have Mr. Hobbs and Mr. Hips, really cool looking skins that will definitely fit all the bunny hoppers that exist in multiplayer.

We also have a SMG, the PDSW. With Pro Tune attachments, here's a pretty cool-looking blueprint, and what's awesome about both the blueprints in this bundle (the other one is an X12 shell cracker skin) is that now you can actually preview the death effects and tracers in the menu itself. This is a brand new feature that did not exist in any previous Call of Duty.

Hopefully we end up seeing a preview for finishing moves also added in a future season.

All release dates for s3 bundles (so far)

All release dates for s3 bundles (so far)

April 16th is the Night Runner Pack. On April 18th, the Tracer Pack, led by Dr. Kushlov, is going to be celebrating April 420. 22nd, the classic ghost pack is coming out. April 24th is the Cyber Riot Damascus Tracer pack, which is going to be absolutely insane, and then April 26th is the Going Dark soap pack coming out, followed by April 28th, the Thunderfront.

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Sneak peak of upcoming packs & prices

Sneak peak of upcoming packs & prices

I have a whole commentary planned about that. I've got some other classic ghost cosmetics in the pack as well. Unfortunately, there are no classic voice lines from Craig Fairbrass like previously rumored from somebody like Ralph's valve. We also have the Red Planet bundle, for 1000 cod points, featuring two blueprints, a loading screen that looks like an emblem, and a pretty cool-looking Mars pack, to say the least.

We then have the Culver soap bundle coming out, which is going to cost 1800 cod points. A very classic look for the infamous soap, of course, from the original Modern Warfare trilogy. 000 Cod points. I am very surprised about this. There might be a mistake, according to the image that did surface.

breaking news

I'm going to assume this costs $2400, but for now it's saying $3,000. Yeah, it's a reactive skin for the operator; maybe that's why it costs 3 000 cop points if it ends up being that much. There are two blueprints, of course, featuring some storm tracers, fire, and probably some death effects, and we also have a vehicle skin and some other cosmetics.

Toward the bottom, he has a loading screen and even a charm. We then have the mid-season. Pack, which is going to 2000 Cod points featuring The Gitch had skin, and the real name for it is do you even lift? We got two blueprints, an emblem, some calling cards, a sticker, and even a charm. It's a pretty gangster-looking bundle.

I don't watch too much of the Cod League; I'm a fan of watching some of the finals and championship games, but even this is a pack that I'm intrigued about. It's absolutely hilarious, and I've got to dig the glasses as well, but to celebrate 420, we have Dr. Kushlov tracer pack for 2400 Cod points: I believe this is still Dr.


Carla from Modern Warfare 19, but they've reskinned this character and some of the items that were in that bundle here for this one, so we have two blueprints, both of which are going to have some Leaf and Tracer Fire; we also have a finishing move of vehicle skin and some other cosmetics; and towards the bottom, we have a charm, a loading screen, a sticker, and even an emblem.

Next up, we have the Deep Water 2-pack, featuring a skin known as Abyss for Luna, two blueprints, and some other basic cosmetics there towards the bottom that's going to cost 2, 000 Cod points, which is a bit confusing. Right, we have the bomb shelter Discord server and the bombshell podcast. Here's the bomb squad bundle for 1200 Cod points, featuring one operator skin for Fender, one blueprint, and we also have a DMZ ability, so you could spawn in with a medium backpack.

ALL 29 NEW Bundles in Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 | Tracer Packs, Death Effects Release Date List. Check Out My Recent Video.
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