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This is DK Dynamite, and tonight we're going to be talking about all the bundles and release dates coming to season two, taking a deeper dive into the new blue Tracer. Pack Plus, and definitely staying tuned. Thus far, the ones from the couple of bundles that drop are the ones from the brand new battle pass, and we know Treyarch has some really good cosmetics that are releasing along with rank play and multiplayer.

I have so many more on deck for the remainder of this game's life cycle, hopefully. Weapon balls do make a comeback at some point, even in season two reloaded, but there's been no mention as to when those kinds of blueprints are going to make their way back, so there's only one so far via the Vault Edition, but I am really excited that cosmetics are looking better and better with each new major update; they weren't the best in season one, but I am hoping for a stronger comeback, hopefully with some reactives, ultras, and animated skins. and possibly even some master crafts, but if we don't get that from Modern Warfare 2 at some point in the next few seasons, at least you know Black Ops will end up bringing the heat in 2024, since Trev did a great job with the previous Call of Duty installments.

New tracer update, finisher & death effects

I touched on this bundle a little bit in my previous article.

The new Shinobi Trace Your Pack, which does feature some blue blueprints and blue Tracer Fire, has an operator skin that is very vibrant, and I want to say the tracers look absolutely phenomenal. There are only, I think, four total Tracer Packs in this game, and this has to be the best one yet. And maybe the Cod coming out this fall, but definitely Black Ops 2024 since Treyarch has been king when it comes to cosmetics since.

I want to say BO3. BO4, and certainly Cold War Vanguard even got some good cosmetics toward the end of the game's life cycle, and I want to say by that point how many people actually cared or probably bought the bundles, but it does show you how cool cosmetics could get, and obviously you guys are aware that in COD Mobile there are some ridiculously looking mastercrafts, inspect animations, etc. I also think there was some criticism around how small and kind of minuscule, or faint, the tracer's look in Modern Warfare 2 with the packs that we have seen release over the past few months, but I want to say that's drastically improved, With this bundle, it has also come to my attention that the laser attachment that comes with one of these blueprints is the fjx.

The new bundle feature no one noticed!

The new bundle feature no one noticed!

Dig 70 work for all weapons If so, that's a new feature that nobody out there is really talking about, the fact that a bundle could come with a certain attachment on a certain weapon that you could then place on other weapons, either in that same weapon category or all other weapons in the game itself, which again gives more bang for your buck, allowing you to get some more content and value for your money.

spending You know there are 1100 or 2400 Cod points on certain packs. I mean, I'm still curious what damage weapon vaults could cause if those do return at some point in the future. You know, the ones that obviously came with the Vault Edition, the ones that I'm. I'm i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm cosplay did post over on Twitter in regards to the bundle dates for season two, obviously.

It doesn't account for every single pack that's coming in season two, just most of them, and it also doesn't account for the new batch of bundles that will inevitably be added to the files. One season of "Two" reloaded ends up coming out at some point in mid-March, he did say.

Release date list of upcoming mwii packs

Release date list of upcoming mwii packs

On February 17th, the Beer Hunter pack will be released. February 19th is the executive Warfighter, and February 21st is the Tracer Pack purple jolt. We got a glimpse of that pack in the recent season 2 blog post, and that pack looks phenomenal, so I'm glad that more and more Tracer packs are on the way, and for those who love the color purple like virginity, are you guys really going to dig that one?

I'm sure of it. Then on February 25th, a couple days later, we have the red fox Tracer pack, so I like how we have blue, purple, and red all getting some love here in season two. February 27th is the Meltdown, followed by the March 1st Tracer Pack Ballistic. I love that this is the release date of the crossbow bundle, which is finally coming out here in Modern Warfare 2 and even War Zone.

March 3rd we have the gluttony pack. On March 5th, we have the sanguine squad, and on March 7th, we have the dark rituals tracer pack, which I believe already exists. The usual suspect did post some really good footage over on YouTube and even on Twitter. I mean, I think all that got DMCA claims I'll be very careful with what I saw on screen for obvious reasons, but then we have March 9th. The fringe tactical three-pack March 11th is the Envy bundle, which we also got a glimpse of in the recent blog post, and March 13th is the Arid Assault Pack.

Return of the hear no evil bundle soon?

Return of the hear no evil bundle soon?

So since season two reloaded is rumored to be releasing on March 16th, obviously, expect a separate batch of bundles to be added to the database that will account for the little gap between March 16th and what likely is April 11th, when he's supposed to start season three.

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But, there are quite a few images out there of all the bundles that we should be seeing at some point in season two, including the Hear No Evil Monkey Pack that was supposed to come out in season one.

Sneak peek of all upcoming cod 2.0 bundles

I make mistakes too, but we have the Arid Assault Pack, which will cost 1800. Cod points featuring two operator skins A blueprint will look like a loading screen emblem, a charm, and, I think, even a sticker.

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We then have these dark rituals. The Tracer Pack, which will indeed be 2400 Cod Points, features a really cool operator skin that a lot of people out there have been asking about online. We don't have the Beer Hunter pack, which will cost 2 1000 Cod points, so we have an operator skin in that, which is really funny; we have beer cans on the side of his helmet.

This pack is bound to sell pretty well. We also have two blueprints in here, which look pretty cool; a charm; and I think there's even a sticker or an emblem there towards the bottom of the carnival pack, which will end up costing 1400 Cod points. I believe it has already been released, but in case it hasn't, it does have two blueprints, a charm, and even a sticker.

We then have the alpha-burn looking pack here for 1200 Cod points, featuring a nice yellow looking blueprint (two blueprints to be exact; there's one for a pistol) as well as a charm emblem sticker and even a loading screen. The engraved Dragon 2-pack does come with two blueprints, followed by a vehicle skin, a sticker emblem, and even a charm.

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