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Because apparently Modern Warfare 3 sales figures are down really badly right now, we're going to be covering this article today and also exploring why we think that is, so let's just go ahead and jump on into it. This information is coming in from the game industry. Biz is a very reliable new source in the games industry, as noted by the name there.

Although it should be noted that the facts and figures we're talking about right now are only from the United Kingdom, we don't have all the details so far across the entire world. We have the UK, which is a decent sample size, which I think will definitely reflect the rest of the sales across the rest of the globe, but apparently there's a 3% drop in November article game sales this year compared to what we had in November of 2022.

activision is mad

However, the first 3 weeks of Modern Warfare 3's launch, which was in November, had 38%. Less sales than the first three weeks of Modern Warfare 2, the most recent Infinity Ward game, which is actually pretty crazy at 38%. I can tolerate maybe a 5% dip, a 10% dip, whatever this was, a 38% dip in sales for Call of Duty in the United Kingdom, and keep in mind that Modern Warfare 3 came out on November 10th, which meant that 2 weeks after its launch was Black Friday, one of the busiest sales days in the entire world, and that was right there with the first 3 weeks like Modern Warfare 2 did not have that luxury.

Modern Warfare 2 came out in October, so it didn't have all the extra Black Friday sales or anything like that, and even with the added benefit of Black Friday, Modern Warfare 3 had 38%. Less sales in its first 3 weeks—that is actually pretty crazy, and I'm wondering exactly why that is. Well, I have a bunch of theories, and I'm sure most of you guys do as well.

Let's just go ahead and jump into it here. Initially, Modern Warfare 3 was said to be a DLC. it was supposed to be according to the people who actually worked on the game, there are dozens of developers who have come out and said that initially. Modern Warfare 3 was supposed to be a DLC to Modern Warfare 2, but then Activision Blizzard decided to change things up at one point or another and turn it into a full-priced premium.

activision mw3

With that all being said. I think a lot of people, right from the inception right from all those things happening I think people assumed that this was not going to be a full game; they assumed it was going to be basically just a $70 deal, and they probably did not want that, especially if they're not a hardcore Call of Duty fan.

If you're somebody out there who doesn't pay that close of attention to Cod. I mean, you guys do obviously; you're watching my channel here, but for the average person out there, what was the buzz around Modern Warfare 3? What was the hype? What were people talking about when it came to Modern Warfare 3 when the marketing started happening?

All they were saying online anyway was that the game was basically going to be a DLC. It was very bad marketing right there, and from the very beginning, they could never really shed that entire perception that they had that Modern Warfare 3 was basically just going to be a DLC. I mean, if you even look at the remastered multiplayer maps, I think that is a double-edged sword.

actvision mw3

On the one hand, I think the remastered Modern Warfare 2 maps would be a selling point for some people. I know it's a very subjective, like one-off example, but just things like that, like when people hear that the maps that they grew up on are all being remastered, all 16 of them I think that would be a selling point for some people, but I also think that on the other side, that would be a deterrent for a lot of people.

They're like, Wait, there's not even one original map in this game's multiplayer; they're just rehashing a bunch of old maps. That again does not help out the entire idea that the game was initially going to be a DLC, so I think that was definitely a deterrent for a lot of people. On top of that, there's a lower gun count at launch if you care about the weapon counts within Call of Duty.

The campaign was being blasted for being like 3 hours long and not even being all that good. If you look at any reviews online of the Modern Warfare 3 campaign, everyone was pissed. It was too short, the story didn't really move along, nothing really happened, and I'm just going to say it's not a spoiler, but the ending was stupid.

cod modern warfare 3

The ending was really freaking stupid. I'm here, and that was pretty much it, and nothing of real consequence happened except for a couple things. I guess, but again, no spoilers here, like the campaign was stupid, it was not good, and it was rushed because it was rushed because Modern Warfare 3 reportedly was thrown together in 16 months.

It was just not a good campaign, and I'm sure when the reviews started coming out, the first thing people were talking about was that if you're an average article game fan, if you see all the bad reviews, you see that the multiplayer is basically a DLC, and then you see that zombies are basically a war zone.

cod sales figures

I mean, again, if you're not really looking into the minutia or the details, you're just getting the broad strokes. You're getting headlines out there when you hear that zombies are basically like war zones, and people are going to get turned off by that. I mean, some people will be like, War zones because to them, war zones are like Call of Duty, but if you're a person who maybe enjoyed old Treyarch Zombies, going back to games like World at War Black Ops 1; Black Ops 2; freaking Black Ops 3; Zombies the Goat—you know, if you're used to round-based zombies like that and you hear this game is bringing Modern Warfare Zombies, but it's on the war zone map and it's open world, you're probably like.

What the hell. I don't want that. I want normal zombies to stop crying out loud, so I think it's all about perception. Now that Microsoft owns Activision, I'm hoping they look at this and they look at this as an example of how not to market your game. If you're going to make a game a DLC, just make it a DLC.

down 38

Don't skip out on the campaign, and above all else, make the game enjoyable and fun for the people that are actually playing it. So just looking at it, man, they're down 38%. In terms of sales, that means fewer people are playing Cod right now than last year—maybe not more than ever before, but definitely compared to last year, a lot fewer people bought the game, therefore a lot fewer people are playing.

For those of us who did get the game and those of us who are playing the game, we're dealing with skill-based matchmaking, we're dealing with packet burst, and we're dealing with everybody crashing into zombies and losing all their We dealt with a horrible campaign, which was not good at all and probably the worst campaign in my opinion.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III is down 38 in sales compared to last year's game, which is a crazy indicator that players are not happy.
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