News - You're Being Lied To. Warzone 2 Zombies Best Class Setups Are A Scam


If you have watched any piece of Modern Warfare 3 zombies content on YouTube. I'm sure you've come across a best-class setup article with a title and thumbnail alluding to the fact that the class setup that they are using is broken or the best or makes zombies turn into easy mode. Any article that says that this gun shreds this gun is way too OP or that this class setup destroys is simply lying to you in MWZ, which is arguably one of the easiest zombie games ever made.

There's no such thing as a best-class setup for a gun before I expand upon this idea. I want to be very clear about what I'm actually saying in this article on the top 10 articles on the best guns to use. It makes sense that there are inherent guns that will just be better than others since they have different values and traits.

As Weapons, however, I'm strictly talking about the best class setup articles; there's no such thing as a best class setup article, and I will show you why. I also want to briefly mention that this is not targeted at any one specific YouTuber or any one article, but instead I'm just making this article to help out zombie players as much as I can.

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I have also been asked during my past streams what class setup I'm using, especially during my borealis. Cam Grind stream, so I thought I would make a article response showing why there's only one right answer to this question. There's no need to watch a 15-minute article of someone spending time in the Tier 3 Zone and making you watch an entire article to show you the class setup at the end that they are using, which is supposedly by far the best and will shred zombies.

What I mean by this is that when creating a class setup for MW3, zombies, there are only two things you need to consider in making your class setup, and it's really not that deep before we get into this if you want MW3 camos, hard-unlocked bot lobbies, schematics, the nuke skin, or even instant delivery on pre-made accounts.

Check out {505}. They're 100% legit, with over 10,000 verified reviews on Trustpilot, so be sure to use code GRAAY for 5% off. All you need is the most ammo that you can hold in a single mag and the fastest ad speed that you can get. That's it mwz is such an easy game that you do not need to waste your time trying to find the best class setup for each gun again.

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Like I said, there are better guns to use, but the items in this game allow players to be very strong, and zombies can't really do anything to you anyway. Let me show you why this is the case. I'm going to take, in my opinion, the worst gun in this game, The Sidewinder, and make a class for you to help you understand this concept.

Maybe I'm Wrong about this being the worst gun in the game but it has low fire rate a small magazine and not very good Mobility stats so I thought it would be a good gun to use in as example, all you need to do when making a class in Zombies is to pick the gun that you want to use give it the biggest mag that you can put on it and the rest of the attachments will have the sole purpose of having the lowest ads time possible the reason for this is that the Deadshot perk in this game is overpowered, and it makes this game like the original aim assist on fortnite where all you had to do as a controller player is just L2 spam and that's exactly what we're going to do before I even get the perk with no upgrades on the gun You can see how easy it is to just spam L2.


You can clear zombies very effectively, even though I'm in a Tier 1 zone and the gun isn't upgraded. Now, like all the other best-class sets of articles. I will fully upgrade my gun with a Gold Wrench and a level three pack while having all the perks, but the only one that is absolutely necessary is the Deadshot.

As you can see, with a very simple class setup that took me 30 seconds to make, you can easily farm zombies just by spamming Damming L2 with Deadshot in Tier 3. You don't need to watch a 15-minute article telling you the best class setup because all you need is bullets and ad speed. You don't even need sight.

You barely even need to pay attention when doing this. The zombies are so easy in this game; even when fighting bosses, you don't need a best-class setup. This game is so easy that it's not necessary at all; just anything you throw together will be completely fine, and obviously, there are better guns than others, but that's not what this article is about.


This article is about class setup specifically, because even with this class that took me three brain cells to come up with, I'm able to kill bosses in Tier 3 without issue. To be fair, I am totally cheesing this Mega Abomination right now, but I'm using, in my opinion, the worst gun in the game, and the class setup makes no difference whatsoever.

All you need is fast ad speed so you can spam with Deadshot and as many bullets as you can hold in a MAG. I understand that there's a conversion kit for this gun to make it better, and that's totally fine to use, but to get the point across that basic class setups don't matter I'm sure this gameplay proves that using any other gun in this game that's actually good, like any SMG, for example, would kill this thing way faster.

However, this game is so easy that there's no need to waste any energy on the best class for a gun. All I'm trying to do is spare you your time from watching these terrible articles, rather than give you a class setup at the end of that article. There's simply no need. This concept works for all of the guns except shotguns.

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For those, you can make a hipfire and build if you want to, but honestly, you can still spam with them and be just fine. Also, using dual-wield weapons is an exception, but for the majority of the guns in this game, the L2 spam applies, and it doesn't matter what gun you use; honestly, anything you play with will just shred zombies anyway.

Especially when using a Gold Wrench and level three Pack-a-Punch, like every other best-class setup article uses, you're just going to be completely OP compared to the zombies, especially if you're not even in the Tier 3 Zone. This isn't my normal content, so thank you if you made it this far into the article.

My channel is based on helping as many people as I can, and the other day I got asked what class I was using on my gun during one of my streams, so I thought I would tackle this class set of questions. SL problem as a whole in one article. Hopefully, after watching this article, you will save yourself some time and have peace of mind knowing that you can really use any gun that you want in this easy as [__] zombies game.

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