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Recoil control

Recoil control

So I'm going to be honest; this is basically the same attachments as my last build, but with one glaring option. We got the Jack glassless optic featured in this one because of that fire aiming stability; it's an extremely straight shooter. Now you guys can see in the firing range right now what our recoil is cooking with the pull.

Yach is my favorite player here in the game, standing right next to something like the Hoger 26. I would say they're on a pretty even level, and only because of the conversion kit have I had a ton of fun using this extremely satisfying weapon to get kills with. Let's get into the attack.

Best class setup

ATT Ms, Starting here with the Jack Annihilator Bullpup Kit, I don't need to go over any statistics here; it increases your fire rate and gives you an increase in your mobility and handling.

best class mw3

I'm pretty sure everybody's used this aftermarket part; it is one of the better ones in the game, to be fair. And it should be a staple on your pull-up builds whenever you build it out for an optic. I have the Jack Glass optic glassless, but I cannot speak today, man. Geez Z It's just a reflex site that gives you extra fire aiming stability at the small sacrifice of 1% to the aim-down sight speed.

I'm pretty sure a lot of people have already talked about this attachment. If you guys like this optic as a whole, it is one of the best in the game simply because of the visual recoil it does control for Ex Stock. I have the Commando D15 recoil reduction pad for gun kick control, fire aiming stability, and recoil control.

Obviously, this is going to significantly help your farther-range fights, with 21% to the gun kick and 5% to the vertical and horizontal recoil controls. Scrolling all the way over here to Aazza, we have the Z35 compensated flash hider controlling even more visual recoil control. With that fire aiming stability in vertical and horizontal recoil gained tier, we're going to have 5% there to the horizontal recoil control in 15%.

To the vertical recoil control with a small 5% sacrifice to aim down sight speed, and our final attachment is the Jack Annihilator long barrel to increase your bullet velocity and damage range. I don't need to talk about this; it's an LMG; it's got no recoil; it may as well increase the damage range, which is pretty self-explanatory.

Attachment If you ask me, if you don't run this, I don't know what you do. As always, there's your attachment on the screen. Copy them down and go on to rust, Go on to the shipment and just spray and prey; it's a ton of fun. That's normally what I do; no complaints from me. I love the pull. Yap, here's also the rest of the load out as always.

I know I've been a little laxidasical in this intro, but I've been feeling good, so don't judge me too harsh. Are you more of a fan of professionals? I hope you guys enjoy it.

Depatrures game 1

Depatrures game 1

Let's do the pull. How about it? I've covered this weapon. Three times here on the channel, most of my setups have been relatively similar. The same is true with the addition of the new optics to the game. My setup did change a smidge, but it just made it a ton more steady. Basically, enemy, this fire-aiming stability is so much more important than people realize.

I say it all the time, and people don't understand what I'm saying. Fire aiming stability and visual recoil go with the whole steadiness. Factor: I'm kind of really skipping around the map here right now; I'm sure it's going to stabilize. I've been talking about it for like a couple articles now that I've been having some insane packet issues.

Listen, you guys can run at me as much as you want if that's what you think is going to work. There's a bunch of them running knives, which kind of freaks me the hell out. That's why I'm playing, so I'm not playing slow, but I'm playing a little passive, not only because I'm using an LMG reload but because, in general, the knifers—I mean.

I can't get up close with them. Now I'm on a 15; see if I can work up to like a 20 or something before I hit this. I don't know, because my team's pushed up. I don't know if they're going to. I might just hit it. I'm second-guessing myself. Here, I'm going to hit it again. I'm super glad I did; that guy was.

I got it. I thought I was like 10 kills off still with all the knifers and these pistols and all that whole situation going on. Playing slow was the best thing I could do. I fully expect to get knifed by them. I think they're going to be somewhere back here, maybe down there, because my team's kind of spread out a bit.

Wait, all right. Don't [__]] with my team know there's somewhere I hear one about to say. And that's 72, and it's been a good day of recording. I've been having a ton of luck and a ton of fun.

Rust game 2

Rust game 2

All right Let's wrap up this article here with the PMAT 762 over on Rust. I don't play this map much simply because I dislike how the map plays with the spawn system and that they changed whatever, like, it's a pretty self-explanatory thing at the beginning of the game.

I love this map not so much anymore, man. not so much; they leave the game like right off rip, so I'm hoping that doesn't affect it too much, but I don't. I don't think it will. I think it's still going to be a fairly decent game; it's rust after all, so it should still remain fastpaced, so one person has already spawned.

I'm just hoping, like I said, that the pace remains all right even though there's a lack of people in the game for the time being. I feel like once people get into the game, things will definitely improve. I cannot let them get to the top. I mean, I have a good weapon to get them off top, but it's not fun to play against them.

best class setup mw3

Like, see, he just keeps trying to go. It's just not a fun experience to play against this hill. See what I mean? You're telling me there's not another spawn on the map and that they couldn't spawn them instead of just continually spawning them next to me. It just doesn't make sense to me, like multi-billion, again, back on my feet.

Again, this is why I don't play this map right now. I'm standing here, and I know they're going to spawn on me. Just how the map freaking goes, I'm tired of complaining about spawns. I have to stop, but seriously, make it make sense. Your halfway point to the mission is complete. Finish it commit i don't need nukes; you know what I mean, but I feel like I got cheated.

best pulemyot 762 class

I don't know if anybody knows if you guys know what I'm talking about, Elimin Reloc. I'm at 86 kills, and the swarm will most likely put me above that 100 kill mark, so that's a positive. I'm on a brutal; I could actually go for nuke if I play it slowly and watch my back. Literally, I kind of heard the spawn-like animation where he like [__] the gun back behind you, and my God, I just heard, and he was there all right.

100 LMG META CLASS in MW3! Best Pulemyot 762 Class Setup -Modern Warfare 3.
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