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best pulemyot 762 build

This no-recoil pulat 762 class setup is one of the best long-range weapons in War Zone 3, so in today's article. I'm going to go through and show you every single attachment you need to be running on your pulot 762 to turn this thing into one of the most broken guns in the game. Let's get into it. Jumping straight into the first attachment, we do want to head down into the conversion kit section.

We're going to throw on the Jack Annihilator Bullpup kit, which is going to give us a massive increase in our fire rate accuracy, mobility, and handling. As you can see, if I open up the more detailed stats, we're going to receive a 1,354. Per buff to the minimum damage range, making this gun have literally zero damage drop-off, we are also going to get a 16% increase to the rate of fire of 40.8%.

best pulemyot 762 build warzone

The horizontal recoil and a huge increase in every single one of the mobility and handling stats make it one of the most overpowered attachments that I have ever seen in a war zone. Next up, we do want to go ahead and throw a muzzle onto the build, and it's going to be the VT7. Spitfire suppressor, which is of course going to take us off the mini map when we're firing our weapon, and then on top of that, we also get a 5% increase to the effective and minimum damage range and a 7 1 12% increase to the bull velocity, as well as a 6.5% decrease to the horizontal recoil and a 4.4% decrease to the vertical recoil, making this thing even better in long-range gunfights.

Now for the third attachment, we're going to throw on the best optic for long-range weapons in this game, and that is going to be the Eagle Eye 2.5. This optic is super clean, very easy to use, and has some of the least visual recoil out of any of the magnifications. Decrease to the vertical recoil as well as a 4.1%.

Decrease to our aim-down sight speed, which is super rare to get on a rear grip. Usually, it is going to either make you choose between the rec control or the handling; in this case, it actually does both, which makes this thing insanely overpowered. And for the last attachment to complete the no recoil pulot 762 build, we do want to go ahead and throw a underbarrel on, and it's going to be the Brewing heavy support grip, and it's going to give us another massive increase to the accuracy and recoil control.

best pulemyot 762 class setup

10% of the recoil gun kicks 12.6% to the horizontal recoil and a 1.6% decrease to the vertical recoil, making the recoil on this gun non-existent. You can literally shoot the entire 100-round magazine, and it is hardly going to move it all. Here's the full Metap Pulot 762 build. War Zone 3 season 1 is definitely one of the better long-range options in the game right now, so if you are getting tired of using the Bass B or the Interceptor every single game, switch it up.

Without further ado, let's jump into the

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