News - No Recoil And Overpowered. Pulemyot 762 Is Insane Warzone 2. Best Pulemyot 762 Build / Loadout

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Let's try to get this article to 55 likes. I'd highly appreciate it, and it helps out the channel a bunch. Over on the handgun, we're going to be going with the tyr. Tactical is the stem-lethal synx field upgrade. Munitions box scavenger gloves cover sneakers and EOD padding, and over on the vest, we're going to be going with a demolition vest; this gives us resupply and two lethals.

Now let's jump straight into the class setup. To start us off, we're going to be going with the Jack Annihilator Bullpit Kit; this gives us mobility and handling rate of fire hitfire and TCT stand spread and aim down sight speed. You do lose out on a lot of recoil control. B velocity and range, damage range, and weapon swap speed over on the magazine, we're going to be going with the 70-round, 75-round belt.

I think so. The default is like 100, but this gives us aim-down side speed and aim-walking speed. Sprint to fire speed and reload quickness; this is a personal preference, but I'm going to be going with the Slate reflector. I have seen a lot of people use the iron sights on this gun, but I personally do not like them, and over on the barrel, we're going to be going with a Jack Annihilator long barrel; this gives us B velocity and range.

best mw3 pulemyot 762 class setup

The cons are sprinting to fire speed and aiming Auto Sway and over on the muzzle. We're going with the SA leveler 55 for kick control, horizontal recoil control, and vertical recoil control. The cons are aimed at side speed and aiming all this way. I absolutely love this gun. I ended up actually dropping a 113-kill MGB.

I have crazy gameplay for you guys, like 113 kills with a MGB. I hope you guys enjoy that. A small percentage of people that watch my articles are subscribed, so if you like this article, consider subscribing, and also follow me on Twitch, where I stream and play with followers. and I also have a Discord, so if you'd like to, we can connect more on there.

Now let's get back to the article. All right, we're going to be checking out the pully.

No Recoil and Overpowered! PULEMYOT 762 is INSANE in MW3! BEST PULEMYOT 762 BUILD LOADOUT.
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