News - 1 Solo Queue Tips On Every Map For Warzone 2 Ranked Play (rio)

1 solo queue tips on every map for mw3 ranked play rio

First of all, make sure that you are constantly viewing the kill pit and the mini map. The reason why I am referring to these two terms specifically is because we are doing a solo CU guide; therefore, you don't have any communication with your team whatsoever. What I mean by this is that the minimap gives you information about which spawns you have and whether you have to flip them, and the kill field actually can tell you whether you need to play aggressively and flatten the heal or when you need to play safe, for example EV all your team members are dead and you are the only one alive inside the hard point the best thing to do is to play your life no need to risk everything for a few points even kills just play your life until your teammates come back to you so that you can all push together, the best way to break any heal is using teamwork and trades.

Second, make sure you always have a trophy system whenever you are solo queuing. Trophy systems make it much more difficult for the enemy team to break any hearts. Remember, this is rank play, not an online tournament; therefore, you can have as many trophies as you want per team, and it's always best to have your own and not be dependent on your teammates.


Thirdly, and most importantly, be the player that rotates early for hardpoint; unless you are left to take the scrap time, try rotating 20 to 25 seconds early, especially for man-kills. Let your team push all if they manage to get any points that's good but in general the most important piece of advice when it comes to Hardo is to rotate early get the new spawns so that you can set up much easier, rotation kills are the ones that win hardpoint games, having said all this let's start with P1 which is located at the center of the map something to note here is the fact that the team who spawns back your near to P3 or the teams that defends first in Search and Destroy will always reach P1 first no matter what and this is just how this map layout works so even if you are using lightweight boost the defending team which in this case is militia, will always reach P1 or the center of the map one or two seconds faster now the reason why I'm mentioning.

By doing this play, you're also keeping the P2 spawns for your team, and this is also a great spot for S destroy if you want to play towards the bat bomb side on offense. Number two, if you are going to push from the mid-stairs or escalator, make sure you wait for the enemy team to throw their tactical and lethal weapons.

And then push, and finally, number three, as soon as you spawn, there's a really insane spot by jumping on top of this wall. I personally use the letter M as a reference point in this case, which makes it so easy, and if done correctly, the N lands directly towards their side of P1, and you can use these to gain first blood or make your enemies really weak.

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Something to know here: you don't actually need to use the ordinance gloves; it can be done with Quick Grip Marksman and assault, which is great because usually these are the types of gloves that you should be using when playing hardpoint. Finally, some common spots to look out for when pushing the P1 hardpoint over the B bomb side are going to be behind the yellow vending machine in this corner.

A lot of people also like to contest the point made by Lane prone over here. You can also jump on top of this trash can, which gives you a glimpse when watching this specific line of stairs. I have also seen people lying down on this corner right here, which is another common spot. There's also a jump spot where you might find it useful in some scenarios, and in general, if you manage to discover any other jump spot on any map where your character seems to be levitating, remember that if you go prone, you can turn without falling.

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There are a few of those here on Rio, which I'm going to cover later in this article, and finally, for P1. If you're pushing from this side of the map, let's say at the second set of rotations. You can wall back anyone who is sitting prone behind this bench. Now let's move on to P2, which is this area of the map.

mw3 ranked play rio

Obviously, you want the enemy team to be spawning all the way back to the garage. If you want to play inside the point, there are two good spots you can try. first one is Lay prone behind the hot dog stand which cannot be wall bang and the second one is actually at this corner right here which means that enemies who are using the popular P4 hair glitch don't have a visual on you when you are capturing the Hardo, now some of you might wondering why I didn't include the common spot on top of these wall well although you can capture the car point from here if you move just a tiny bit to the left there's an invisible barrier which will knock you down, in fact I actually discovered these while recording this article so I thought it would be a good idea to mention these especially for those who are challenging the a bomb side in snd from this specific spot Also, one last thing for this part of the map: if you want to watch the flank, a good spot is to jump on top of this poster.

And if you remember what we said earlier, if you go prone while facing the wall, you can turn without falling. So this is a spot that nobody will expect, and of course, you can do this for both sides as well. You can also do the same for the second poster, which can be accessed while straight-jumping.

Keep in mind, guys, that if you are playing for spawns or P2, make sure that you're constantly watching the minimal up because if there are no friends around in this area, then there's a good chance that enemies might be flanking you all the way from the back alley moving on to P3, which is this building right here.

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The most important thing that I can give you is to make sure you don't lose the spawns because this is one of the maps where P3 and P4 have the same spots. A couple of common spots to hold this hill or be aware of are laying down prone at the back spawns, where you have a good line of sight towards the escalators.

And for the P3 stairs, if you are going to push from the center of the map, make sure you check every possible spot that we went through earlier. People also like to do this steer glitch over here or sit behind this escalator, which they can use for cover. Also, when it comes to P3, we have two useful wall banks.

Hey guys, welcome to episode 2 where I am going to be sharing the best solo queue tips on every map and mode in MW3 Ranked Play! Today's episode includes Rio! Enjoy.
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