News - I Made The Fastest Mcw Build Warzone 2 Ranked Play



This MCW build in Modern Warfare 3 ranked play should probably be illegal. It is decked out with every speed attachment available, making it the fastest war crime in the playlist. Starting off with the one attachment that is not technically a speed attachment, but there's no downside to your aim-down sight speed, we have the t51r, bed break.

This is the only recoil reduction you're going to get, and it's honestly all you need. However, take into account that this attachment does hurt your damage ranges, so if you want an attachment that does recoil control but you can still fight a little bit longer out distance wise, you can use the L4R Flasher.

On the barrel, we have the Kamur black iron, a heavy, short barrel. None of those words should go together, but they do. It has by far the biggest benefits for both your mobility and handling. Next up for me is the XRK edbw, 4-hand stop. I chose this over the DR6 hand stop just because it's extra percentages to your aim down sight movement speed, which is your strafe speed, just making you an absolute lightning bolt when you're aim down sight back to the stock.

We have the SL collapse stockless mod. It's just the biggest speed buff you can give to this weapon, and then the final attachment you can put on is going to be the RB Rapid Strike grip. It's just a buff to your aim-down sight and a really huge buff to your sprint-to-fire speed. Addressing the elephants in the room, this build of the MCW is actually good, unsurprisingly.

Yes, because it's that weapon that just doesn't have a bad build. Any build of the MCW will work. It's a fun build if you just want to run around with something different and annoy the hell out of the other team.

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