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We just became the first person in the world to complete all 36 weapon mastery challenges in Modern Warfare 3. Before you can start this grind, you need to obtain all four mastery cameras, which will then allow you to use each of them for a lot of kills totaling 1, 000, which means that if you actually want to do this yourself, it's going to take 36, 000 in-game kills to complete, so it will actually take quite a prolonged period of time.

Game start

It took me about 3 weeks or 7 days of in-game time, which is , way too much for the average person, but do feel free to keep an eye out; there will be some unused monster codes throughout, and now getting into the final game. I still had 17 Mastery challenges left at this point, but I did all the hard work already and left all the guns one kill away.

camo grind

It was originally meant to be all 36 weapons, but Hardcore had other ideas and decided to ruin the fun, so here we are 17 still good, and it was actually a pretty good idea in hindsight because all the XP you're getting from the Mastery challenges was going to waste last season for me because I was already level 55.

And now the new season has started, and I leveled up like 10 times in this game, which was pretty cool, speaking specifically about the mastery challenges. If you are going to go for this yourself, I would probably wait for a shipment playlist, and you can also avoid using the terrible guns like the sign Winder in the MCW 6.8.

Or even the melee weapons because DLC weapons will count, and you only have to do 36 weapons of any class because I'm sure you're seeing the tweets where people get the sign with gold and they're celebrating like it's a 2018 Fortnite win, so that will just make your life a lot easier. Obviously, there is the zombie mastery grind.

dark aether

Would you like to see me go for that? Maybe I will go for it and see if there's an Ultram mastery. Reward for completing both game modes for every single gun, which would then obviously entail also getting the 71 MW2 weapons, which obviously isn't just going to happen overnight, but I'd be down for that grind because this game actually has a lot of potential; it's one of the better Call of Duty in most recent years.

To be honest, it obviously has problems, but they can be adjusted, and the developers actually seem pretty good. Given what Vanguard was like. I did not have high expectations for this game, but they've done well; props to them, and to be honest, if the first month is anything to go by, for a good year, they seem to be actually proactive for once, which is kind of rare nowadays.

funny moments

I mean who would have thought a Dev actually doing their job, now not to ruin it but the rewards are very reminiscent of last year where we're probably going to have to wait an actual time period for the rewards to come out giving more reason for you to not actually rush to grind this right now which obviously before I completed this no one had actually seen what the rewards were going to look like because last year there was a glitch so you could see what the rewards were, this year that glitch doesn't exist anymore so we actually look at the rewards but nonetheless I'm happy to actually have it done I didn't do last year's because that game really wasn't fun to play whereas I actually enjoyed playing this I played the whole thing solo—no VPN, no reverse boosting.

So it was definitely interesting, and my only gripe about the game at the moment is that it was skill-based. Because I went through skill-based H these past three weeks trying to get this done. It was not fun. I mean, out of the top 250 war zone players last season, I probably matched like half of them in the EU.

Like, how is that even possible? But no more complaints around here; we are finally done. I'm probably going to play zombies now, and we'll try out the new War Zone map. It's currently Saturday, and I'm still yet to play War Zone, which is kind of surprising, to be honest, but I wanted to finish this article now. Obviously, we only have a couple weapons left at this point.

Secret reward

Secret reward

What do you think of the reward? Are you going to grind for it yourself, or are you going to wait to see if they add more rewards, because right now. I'm not sure it's really worth it other than if you want to collect the item, and even then, is it really worth the time that you have to put in, and I mean, right now?


I'm the idiot who needs to test it out to find out anyway. This is pretty much the end of the article. I'm going to quickly show what my stats were with each of the 36 weapons, just to show that I did actually have one and kill with every weapon at least. And we'll show the charm on the menus and in the game, just so you can get a feel for what it looks like.

grand mastery charma

I mean, I still don't think it's worth it, but I'm sure there's someone out there who actually likes what this charm looks like currently. Nonetheless, if you did watch this long, I do appreciate you staying. Feel free to drop a comment on what type of content you like to see—maybe a mix of the different game modes, zombies, Grand Mastery, and War Zone game plays.

At this point, the choice is pretty much up to you. I mean. Feel free to leave me a comment if you did manage to get one; that would be kind of cool to see.

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