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I wanted to do a direct side-by-side comparison with various elements like this compared to Modern Warfare 2 to see just how much they changed here and.

Mantling changes

Mantling changes

We have a bunch of things to cover here, so let's just dive right into it. Let's start off with mantling. This is something they did some work on, but when you're looking at a low mantle where you just mantle over a concrete barrier like this, for instance, it looks like nothing actually changed here.

With the standard mantle, you can shoot the entire time in both games, and the timing looks to be pretty much identical. Similarly. I was quite surprised to see that with a high mantle, where you have to grab the ledge above your head and then pull yourself up once again, this appears to be essentially identical; here there's no real noticeable difference. Fast hands, for instance, don't do anything for you, so while you may not notice any difference when mantling over one single object in Modern Warfare 3 compared to Modern Warfare 2, you do have the ability to chain mantel together, and we have the option to improve our mantling with a perk, unlike in Modern Warfare 2.

Sliding changes (+ slide cancel)

Sliding changes (+ slide cancel)

Next, let's get into sliding and slide canceling. Because this is another big change that came with Modern Warfare 3 that really does make a noticeable difference, and starting it off by just looking at our base slide to see if there's really much of a difference here, honestly, nothing too crazy.

It looks like you do get a little more momentum, a little more speed, and possibly a little more distance out of the Modern Warfare 3 slide, but the timings appear to be essentially identical if you don't do anything to cancel your slide, and this is where the big difference comes out in Modern Warfare 3.

We have the ability to cancel our slide, unlike in Modern Warfare 2, and this allows you to first recover from a slide faster and get back into a sprinting animation. As you can see here, you will start that sprint animation again noticeably sooner in Modern Warfare 3 when utilizing a slide cancellation.

modern warfare ii

However, that may not be a perfectly fair comparison because we didn't even have the ability to slide cancel in Modern Warfare 2, so in this area. I also wanted to briefly compare it to Modern Warfare 2019. And in this case, many of you guys have already noticed there is a little bit of a delay on that recovery for Modern Warfare 3, and therefore we can't get back into a sprint after a slide cancellation quite as fast as we could back in Modern Warfare 2019.

So it seems like they're really aiming for a middle ground here where they didn't want the slide cancellation to be too crazy, but they wanted the option to be available for the players that like that. Next, let's have a look at our slide to fire times to see whether or not you can slide aggressively into gunfights more effectively than in Modern Warfare 2, and it turns out that even without using slide cancel, we do have a slightly faster slide to fire time.

As you can see, I got about two shots off in Modern Warfare 3 before I could get a single shot off in Modern Warfare 2, and you can do this even faster if you implement slide canceling. You can get aim-down sight and firing noticeably faster than in Modern Warfare 2, so this will allow players to use sliding a lot more effectively as an aggressive tool, and we won't have to rely quite as much on jump shots for that now.

For those who may be curious. I also did a comparison here with Modern Warfare 2019, and it turns out Modern Warfare 3 is a little bit faster in this area based on my tests, while the recovery and getting back into a sprint are faster in Modern Warfare 2019. Getting your shots off is actually a little bit faster in Modern Warfare 3.

Now, finally within this really similar section, I wanted to take a look at Dive to Fire, and it turns out that Modern Warfare 3 hasn't changed at all from Modern Warfare 2. We can get aim-down sight and firing in the exact same amount of time.

Jumpshot/bunny hop changes?

Jumpshot/bunny hop changes?

Next, let's have a look at jump shotting and bunny hopping, and the first thing I wanted to point out is that we still have that exact same aim-down sight penalty. If you're aiming down sight well in the air, there is still that punishment for jump shooting in Modern Warfare 3, the same as in Modern Warfare 2.

However. I do want to point out that there was a leaked perk back in the day; this hasn't been officially confirmed, and it's not available in the beta, but there is a leaked perk that suggests that we will be able to cut down on that aim-down sight penalty while jump shooting if you're using that perk.


Additionally. I wanted to point out that it appears bunny hopping is the same as Modern Warfare 2 as well, which means it's just not really viable, and what I mean by bunny hop is not just the first jump; it's the consecutive jumps after the first jump takes place. When your feet land after the first jump, you don't maintain any of that lateral momentum, and therefore it's kind of pointless to try to bunny hop in.

Strafe speed changes & stalker perk

In this game next, I was really curious about strafe speeds, and well, we only have access to a couple guns, so this isn't a perfect comparison. We're going to have to see more at launch. I just did a basic test here with the Striker versus the Lochman sub in Modern Warfare 2, and unfortunately, our base strafe speed is actually just a little bit slower in Modern Warfare 3 with this gun.

However, unlike Modern Warfare 2, we have a perk that allows us to increase our strafe speed, and this is the stalker boots. When you put this on now, we get a 15% boost to our strafe speed, which allows us to be a little bit faster than the Bas Lockman Sub in Modern Warfare 2. Keep this in mind with these tests.

I didn't use any attachments at all, so this is something we'll have to take a deeper look at down the road once we gain access to all of the attachments. Now, on the bright side. I continued my testing here with an assault rifle, and I use the MTZ 556, compared to the iso Hemlock, and I chose the hemlock because it's strafe speed is almost bang on average for the assault rifles in Modern Warfare 2, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the MTZ in Modern Warfare 3 is noticeably faster, and this is without the stalker boots, so I'm hoping this means that the assault rifles are going to have a bit of a faster strafe speed in Modern Warfare 3 compared to Modern Warfare 2, but of course again we need to gain access to more attachments and more weapons to work out averages and potentials, with This next is just a couple miscellaneous things.

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