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While overall I am liking how the perk system is shaping up so far. I'm already seeing some areas where it seems the perks are a little bit unbalanced and could perhaps use some tweaks to get into a better state. Now, keep in mind that this is before we've seen the entire perk list for the full build of the game.

We do have quite a limited selection of perks, vests, gear, and vests and gear and stuff but even then. I feel like I'm going to be standing behind the feedback that I provide today, even once we get more perks in our hands.

All perks leaked?

All perks leaked?

Now, a couple other things to mention: Apparently there was a leak for all of the perks in the game and the final build of the game; however, taking a look at that I'm not too sure how much I trust the source behind this, and also, there were some strange-looking things in there, so I'm not going to be talking about that one today because I just don't know how much I trust it, and there is one other piece of housekeeping I want to mention here for those that need to hear it.

I've been getting a lot of strange comments on my beta feedback articles. I'm not complaining about the game; I'm not here to be negative about the game just to get clicks; this is literally just me providing feedback because I want the game to be the best it can be if I see some imbalance or some room for improvement.

I'm going to provide my feedback, and if you disagree with my feedback, that's totally fine. Rather than just whine about how I'm complaining about everything and being negative. I'm genuinely liking how Modern Warfare 3 is shaping up so far, but since we're in beta, the developers are asking for feedback, so if I see room for improvement.

I'm going to provide feedback on it.

Boots section

So there we go. Let's finally dive into the topic here, and I'm going to start this off with the boot section of perks. As it is right now, especially on the second weekend, we now have access to covert sneakers. And many people, myself included, are very happy to see that we have the ability to move around quietly now, and that's something we've been missing for a year, and it's really refreshing to get this back.

However, as much as I like it. I'll also acknowledge that this is a very powerful piece of gear in the boot section, and because of this. I actually think some of the other boots could use a little bit of a buff in order to improve overall balance and trade-offs within that section.

Stalker boots feedback

Stalker boots feedback

And the first set of boots that I'd really like to see a buff for are the stalker boots. I was really looking forward to these ones; these are the ones that state that they increase your straight speed and your ad's movement speed; however, in my testing, these boots only boost your straight speed by 15%.

That is not a very large increase, especially when you compare it to the stalker perk in Modern Warfare 3. That perk would actually boost your aim walking movement speed to the level of your base movement speed, which was maybe a little overboard. That's a little much. We don't need stalker boots to go that far, but in their current state, it's not even remotely close to that, and I do think they should be providing more of a benefit to your strafe speeds.

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However, that's not the only issue. I noticed something else I noticed with this that is contrary to what the description says: this doesn't appear to be applying to your aim walking movement speed in general; it's only applying if you're moving laterally side to side; it doesn't apply when you're aiming down sight and walking forward, for instance, and not only does that not match the description for the boots.

I think this is also holding them back from being as powerful as they should be, and it's really making those covert sneakers an obvious choice over the soccer boots, so that's something that's likely just a bug or an oversight at this point. It would be nice if those stalker boots applied to all-aim walking movement speed no matter what direction you were moving in, and on top of that, I think a 15% boost isn't enough.

I'd like to see this more along the lines of, like, 25%. In order for it to be a difficult choice between covert sneakers and stalker boots, I don't think that would be overboard by any means. This would still be a considerably weaker version of the perk compared to the original Modern Warfare 3 stalker, but it would at least make it a lot more viable and make it a more difficult choice between these stalker boots and covert sneakers.

Climbing boots feedback

Climbing boots feedback

As for the next boots that I think could use a bit of an adjustment, these are the climbing boots.

In my opinion, at least when you put these climbing boots up against any of the other boots in the game right now, having the ability to mantle faster as well as not having as much fall damage just doesn't really seem to compete with the other boots that are going to be doing a lot more for you in more situations.

These are just very situational benefits that you're gaining here, and in their current state. I don't really see any reason to be choosing these over the other boots we've got in the game, so one potential idea I have for this is that they could add on top of the climbing boots, just to give them a little bit more utility.


Perhaps these boots could reduce the momentum penalty that you get when you land from a fall or a jump, so they would effectively allow for a bit more of a bunny hop, not just a jump shot, but when you land from your first jump shots, being able to maintain that momentum into the second jump and maybe even the third jump, although I think that effect should still stack.

It shouldn't just eliminate those momentum penalties, and you still should be losing momentum with subsequent jumps, but if this even just slightly cuts down on that and makes bunny hopping slightly more viable, but you have to actively choose this perk instead of choosing a perk that helps with sliding, or aim walking movement speed or giving you silent movement while moving around the map somebody may be able to Bunny Hop now but you can hear him coming and he can't strafe that corner nearly as quickly to me that would also fit with the theme of the boots at least to some degree I mean they do prevent you from taking fall damage so why not apply to another element of falling or Landing, on the ground, that's just one idea that popped into my mind in either case I do think these climbing boots could use a little bit more of a benefit just to make them more viable, even if they don't go with the suggestion that I provided here, and honestly, those are the only adjustments I've got for the boot category.

I think lightweight boots are great; they give you a 6% boost to your movement speeds across the board, and that's an excellent boost. This is quite a strong version of lightweight, and tactical pads seem great as well for people who like implementing a lot of sliding in their gameplay.

Modern Warfare III has an interesting perk system and structure that I'm liking so far but now that we've got a bunch of playtime in the Beta, I've noticed room for improvement with several perks so today, I wanted to provide my feedback.
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