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I thought you guys may want to see it, even though it's not the most impressive nuke or anything. It still happened, and I wanted to share it with you guys. With this, I want to point out that I didn't like joining a bot account, reverse boost, or anything for this. That's why I showed my matchmaking at the beginning of the article.

However, of course, this was an easy lobster; this is not the typical lobster that I was running into throughout the beta; this was definitely an exception. So I acknowledge that, and I mean, at the end of the day, you're not going to be seeing nukes against really good players anyway, and for the most part, for this nuke.

Another thing I wanted to talk about here is something that may have actually contributed to this or LED to this: the fact that I was getting sick of how inconsistent my connection was throughout this beta, and shortly before I got this game, this is when I turned on my net duma's Geo filter, which allowed me to force the connection onto my closest possible server rather than letting the matchmaking system pull me to a different server that gives me a suboptimal connection.

modern warfare ii

Because that was one of my biggest complaints throughout the beta. I was just getting a very inconsistent connection experience. Where one game everything would feel fine hit detection felt good felt like I was dying in the appropriate number of shots and the next it was like I was getting instam melted and I was shooting marshmallows and it felt like a totally different game so I got fed up with that turned on the Geo filter and this is one of the first games that I got after turning that Geo filter on, now to be clear with that it's not like turning on a Geo filter is just going to immediately yield a bunch of bot lobbies or anything like that I was still getting a lot of very sweaty and competitive lobbies even after I turned the Geo filter on but what I found is it just had a tendency to result in a little bit of a better mix of lobbies than I would experience without that Geo filter, and to me at least this seems to be even further evidence that the modern matchmaking system that Call of Duty uses is willing to sacrifice connection quality at least to some degree, it's willing to put you on suboptimal servers.


In order to give you a better skill match, if you prevent it from pulling you to a different server and force it onto only your closest server while the matchmaking system is still at play, it's still working in the background. It can only do so much because now it's limited to searching within the lobbies that are on that server location.

And it is really frustrating to see this because this should be an option in the settings; this should be something you select in the menus, not something that requires you to adjust settings in your router in order to get the best possible connection experience. Many other FPS games, for instance, literally allow you to just select the server location you want when you first log in, or it will first ping all the servers to find the best one for you automatically, and it will set that as your server location; Call of Duty doesn't do that, and I found that when I had that Geo filter off, it was bouncing me all over the place.


I was bouncing from a Portland server, which is my ideal server. But with that. I'm just going to let the rest of this play out, and I'm actually curious for any of you that do have a netduma router or a router that has the netduma software: did you guys play around with any Geo filtering and did you notice a big difference when you did so?

I'll talk to you guys next time. Objective neutral, clear enemy securing. Bravo, enemy securing, Fire, bravo, bravo secure enemy securing. Char MGB standing by friend UAV online, we're taking Alpha, losing Charlie, we objectives, let's keep it this way, enem taking Bravo. I'm reloading and taking out

While the majority of my games in the Modern Warfare III Beta were super competitive, I did happen to get into a game that allowed me to get my first MGB in this game so today I wanted to share that with you guys while also discussing my experience with server selection and matchmaking during the Beta.
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