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I haven't really touched on the ground war at all, so that's what we're going to be doing in today's article. For example, in Modern Warfare 2019. I played quite a bit of ground war; I actually liked it more than the 6v6; I experienced it a lot of the time, whereas when we got to Modern Warfare 2. I wasn't the biggest fan of it, and I rarely touched ground war.

What i liked about mwiii ground war

What i liked about mwiii ground war

So let's just dive right into this, and we'll talk about some of the things I liked about Ground War in Modern Warfare 3. The first thing I noticed was the general structure of the maps. I actually quite like these maps that we've seen so far, keeping in mind that we've only seen two of them at this point, but I like the fact that they are quite linear, so there's an obvious sense of direction and flow when it comes to them.

However, in saying that there's still enough room to breathe, flank, and make some interesting maneuvers around the map, you aren't quite locked in, like prominent OD, for instance, in Modern Warfare 2019, which was way too linear and way too restrictive. These maps that we had access to seemed to strike a nice balance there; additionally, going off that map design, I felt it was quite easy to navigate the maps on foot.

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I didn't feel like I needed vehicles to cross from one area of the map to the other safely. It seemed like there were always appropriate pieces of cover that could be utilized, at least in certain lanes of the map, to allow a person to get from one end to the other on foot quite safely. Additionally, the engagement felt really good.

I actually really like the slightly longer time to kill, especially when it comes to ground war, because I feel like I wasn't getting instam melted by SMGs and assault rifles at really long ranges; it felt like I could move around the map a little bit more freely, knowing that it's unlikely I'm just going to get literally instad deleted before I can even react and try to plan for it, and if somebody tries to shoot me at 100 m with an assault rifle.

I can typically use some evasion techniques. Dodge some bullets and find myself some cover, and then make a plan from there. That's not to say that you always make it to cover, but I felt like it was at least a very fair death in that case, like I had a realistic chance of reacting. But if they had really good intentions, they deserved to kill me.

In saying this, the sniper rifles may be a little bit overboard relative to the other guns at longer ranges, so that may end up being a bit of a problem. They were quite powerful in the ground war, but outside of snipers, at least I really liked the time to kill and the general infantry combat I was experiencing. And with that, those are the main positives that I noticed with the ground war mode relative to previous ground wars we played, and honestly, these are like the core elements of the mode, and therefore they add up to making quite a good experience overall.

What i disliked about mwiii ground war

What i disliked about mwiii ground war

In saying that. I do have a few minor gripes and pieces of feedback that I have for the ground war mode areas where I feel like it could improve, and also things that likely aren't going to change, but I just wanted to state the fact that I'm not a big fan of them.

Keep in mind that, just like with any feedback article, this section is likely to be longer than the pros section. Simply because feedback takes more time to explain, that doesn't necessarily mean that, for me, the cons outweigh the pros. I just need to explain them more, and let's start this off with the first thing that I was pretty disappointed to see once we got into the second weekend of the beta: This is on Orlov Military Base, and they brought back that spawn helicopter, where you can just fly it all over the map anywhere you want, and anyone on your team can spawn on that helicopter and use it as a mobile spawn point, and then they can drop down and land essentially wherever they want on the map.


This is one of the biggest reasons I didn't like ground war in Modern Warfare 2, and the primary reason behind this is that it destroys. Any sense of map control and earning your position on the map as it just allows your entire team to effectively spawn and land anywhere they want, a huge part of the experience of ground war is trying to create that frontline, combat, and push up that front line.

If somebody flanks you, maybe they get on an ATV, or they just sneakily flank on foot around your team, and then they start having their squad spawn on them, that's totally fine; they earn that position on the map by doing that, and they clearly had to take a risk in order to make that happen. Same thing with a regular helicopter.


If somebody hops in a regular helicopter and flies it from one end of the map to the other, first off, that regular helicopter is a bit easier to shoot down; it's easier to shoot the pilot out of it as well, but second, you can't have the entire team spawning on that helicopter, just the squadmates of the people that are in that helicopter.

So I think that balances things well enough as is and having the ability to have that mobile spawn point to completely break that front line and Destroy any sense of map control, that really takes away from the experience for me and that's not to mention the fact that you're also parachuting in from this mobile spawn points which means those elevated power positions now become so much more accessible than if you didn't have this ability to just spawn in and drop down on that key rooftop, or that key snipers Nest area that you otherwise would have to navigate yourself to potentially climb a ladder for instance that's exposed and put yourself at risk to get there you're not really earning that power position in the same way you're literally just spawning in and dropping down to that power position, and I did find on orav Military Base a lot of people just perched up on rooftops.


And in most cases, they didn't have to navigate themselves to get into that position; they literally just spawned in on the helicopter and dropped down and parachuted to that rooftop, so those are the primary reasons I really don't like that spawn helicopter. Now, of course, it can be shot down; it's not invincible, especially if you're in a tank.

You can shoot them down. However, I was also noticing that bullet damage doesn't really seem to do much. I could unload drum after drum of magazines with an lmg into it and feel like I barely did anything to the health of that Chopper, and that makes it a bit more frustrating as well, so that's my first big gripe.

So far, all of the videos I've made regarding the Modern Warfare III Beta has been focused on the 6v6 experience but today, I wanted to step away from that and share my thoughts and some feedback on the Ground War experience from the Beta.
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