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However there were also several perks that were leaked in this that just corroborate previous leaks that we've seen, so with today's article as I'm going through this I'll try to be clear as to which ones have been corroborated by multiple sources and therefore we can likely trust it we be in the game and other ones that haven't been corroborated and therefore you should definitely take with a grain of salt , and let's just Dive Right into this and start this off with vests, now with the vest in Modern Warfare 3 each of them tends to essentially have a perk effect attached to them and then many of them also have an effect on what type of gear or equipment that you can use, in addition to that vest so some of them will restrict boots for instance or give you an extra piece of gear or prevent you from using lethals.

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And with these leaks they don't reveal any of those additional effects all we see is the perk effect that is attached to the vest and starting it off with the vest none of these have actually been corroborated by any other sources that I've seen this is just something that hasn't been leaked in the past, however we're going to start with some of the vests that I believe in the most at least with these leaks the first one is the lightweight R vest and this one has a perk effect that gives you increased movement speed on land and water and it also gives you less Splash noise and you surface silently from being underwater, so this effectively just gives you the perk of the lightweight boots and we've seen this in the past with some of the other vests where they effectively just give you the exact same perk effect as one of the pieces of gear.

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However, they don't tend to stack with that piece of gear; they will convert that piece of gear to something else if you end up trying to combine them, so I do think that one actually makes sense, and we will likely be seeing this vest next. We have something that I am hoping is going to be in the game; this is the compression carrier, and with this one, it reduces your health regeneration delay by 20%.

And it also allows you to immediately start that health regeneration every time you get a kill, so effectively part of the Quick Fix perk for Modern Warfare 2 combined with, like, the ICU perk from Ghost, for instance, where by default, even without getting a kill, your health regeneration is improved, but also when you get a kill, that improves it even more; however, there's no mention here of touching objectives.

It also initiates your health regeneration immediately, like we see in Modern Warfare 2, so in some ways, it's kind of a watered-down version of Quick Fix, but in other ways, it's actually a better version of Quick Fix because it helps all the time, even when you're not getting a kill. So the next one is the CCT, or communications vest, and with this, it says it increases the duration that enemies will appear on the radar.


And it will also zoom out the radar for you and nearby allies that part's a little bit strange zooming out the radar for nearby allies that aren't using this perk if anything that might be a little jarring for those players that aren't using the perk if their mini map is suddenly changing in size but on top of this there's another effect, where when you kill enemies they will drop an Intel pack and then when you pick up that Intel pack it will ping from that location on the radar and any enemies that aren't using ghost in the immediate vicinity, will show up on the radar for you and we have seen perks like that in previous Call of Duty games as well as for the next one that I'll admit I'm seeing some inconsistency with and therefore I'm kind of doubting this is going to be accurate for multiplayer at least but I still wanted to mention it this is the shielded carrier, which states that you'll be immune to the effects of EMP shock and heartbeat sensor the strange thing about this one is the heartbeat sensor in this game is countered by the ghost perk whereas EMP and shocks are countered by tactical mask.


And so far. I don't think we've really seen a mix of multiple perks attached to the same vest. And that has me doubting this a little bit especially because there is a rumor of a Scout vest which we've actually seen a leaked image of from a much earlier build of the game, but I've also heard rumors about this Scout vest being the ghost perk that works all the time even when stationary, and I would think that this vest counters the heartbeat sensor rather than the shielded carrier so this is one of those areas where I have my doubts about this leak but who knows it's possible this is accurate now on top of that there were a couple vests that definitely didn't look like they applied to multiplayer it looks like it applies somewhere else like potentially war zone or zombies or something first one is the Aegis vest which provides immunity to EMP shock and thermal and warns of nearby equipment and delays the trigger of equipment, that one seems very redundant with the shielded carrier we just talked about so again brings these leaks into question at least to some degree and on top of that we have the self-healing, polymer armor which will Auto regen your equipped Armor after a delay so the armor itself will regenerate.

And in regular multiplayer, we don't have armor. At least as far as we're aware, we're not going to have any armor, so there we go. Those are the vests, and like I said, none of these have really been corroborated by any other leaks.



So I trust in these the least out of any of the perks we're talking about today although I do think some of them will be accurate at least next let's move on to the gloves category and we first have two gloves that are corroborated by previous leaks, the first are the Dex gloves or previously known as The Specialist gloves with these ones it allows you to throw equipment further and it resets the fuse timer on back grenades, and on top of this we have Marksman gloves which again this has been corroborated by previous leaks with this it says it reduces your Sway and Flinch while aiming down sight, and if that's true these are going to be very powerful gloves that are likely going to become a bit of a crutch in the glove section since the other gloves are fairly weak relative to this.

The Modern Warfare III Beta was pretty restricted in its perk selection so today, I wanted to share and discuss some perk leaks as well as a few additional perks that were confirmed in the Beta that you may have missed.
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