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1.28 update

Ladies and gentlemen. We actually got a new surprise update in War Zone and MW2. Just sort of preparation for MW3, we initially thought, but there's actually a lot of new gameplay updates and meta changes now live in the game to break down as well. Button as well we obviously have a ton of content coming up with the open Beta this weekend and then gearing up for launch as well but initially here on the patch notes page we've got our Wednesday October 11th update now initially this does add in the preload, for Xbox and PC players for the beta for MW3, it's a part of the Cod HQ app as we know so that's going to be a part of this download today it is actually a 1.28.

Some bug fixes, they fix an issue that could kick players back to the main menu when viewing some finishing move selections, they fix an issue that could display incorrect unlock criteria for some finishing moves, and they fix an issue where a random spawn skin could be equipped in the operator's tab after the player selects one of the spawn skins in the Showcase tab alongside an issue where selected operator finishing moves could become reset, so just some basic things, nothing too crazy in terms of like gameplay adjustments or anything, but some small menu bug fixes that of course revolve around the battle pass and bundles and stuff like that, we then get into some surprise.

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Meta updates for War Zone I was not expecting to see this today, but nonetheless, here we are with the following: Weapon balance changes are reflected only in War Zone, so this doesn't have anything to do with multiplayer, but this is War Zone and DMZ, so assault rifles are the cast of 545. The mid-damage was increased, so that gets a slight buff there.

The cast of 762, The close damage range decreased, so it's going to have an earlier dropoff now that the mid damage has decreased. The neck multiplier was increased. The upper torso damage multiplier increased by a couple of buffs for upper body damage but decreased in overall damage and range, kind of like a 50/50 split.

There is probably not going to still be like number one rifle just because of the Nerfs that it also got back with season 6; the 74u actually got some buffs. The close damage range was buffed, and the close to mid damage range was buffed so that damage drop-offs will be a little bit better now, which could help bring this back into the fold with the sniper support meta, so that's nice to see the lockman.

modern warfare 2 1.28 update

556, Close damage buff, but that's not really where you're using it close to mid damage buff head multiplier. Nerf neck multiplier, buff upper torso multiplier buff, so upper body shots are a little bit better now head shots are a little bit worse. a strange update there, for sure; it's ttk over range is still pretty lackluster though m3b.

The close range damage was nerfed, or its close range was nerfed essentially there, so its damage drop off is going to be a little bit sooner there. It's still a long-range gun, though, so that's not super relevant. The close damage was nerfed, the neck multiplier was nerfed, and the upper torso multiplier was nerfed.

That's kind of a bummer to see because the Guist overall was a very solid rifle, arguably the best in class, but its long range is going to suffer a bit because the neck and the upper torso multiply. If you're still hitting head shots with it, though, it's going to be good, and then the close damage that's not really where it's being used, so hopefully this still is not like a significant decrease there.

modern warfare 2 1.28 update patch notes

Obviously, we don't have the exact stats, but hopefully that changes in MW3. But regardless, the gist will be a little bit worse now, probably at least based on these initial Nerfs are going to be the number one rifle based on its previous ttk since multiplier Nerfs usually aren't all that extreme.

The SMGs, the ISO 9 mm, far damage Nerf, so that's going to be a little bit worse over range, but that's not a huge deal because it's close range; its first 10 meters are what's most lethal. The Lochman sub got some changes. The close damage was nerfed, so finally, there are the first 8 MERS there.

That's been a dominant stat since basically day one, but they buffed the head multiplier and the neck multiplier, so even when we get a Nerf to the MP5, it still gets buffed. I'm not quite sure why that is, but we'll have to see how severe this close damage Nerf is because it and the ISO 45, or neck and neck, are the best options for the first 10 meters, so hopefully we see some changes that are significant with that.

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The Lochman Shroud The burst fire neck multiplier was nerfed, and the burst fire upper torso multiplier was nerfed. Really, not all that worth using the shroud at the current moment. It's a decent sub, but definitely not, you know, up there with the 45. The MP5 and the ISO 9 mini-boach had a close to mid-damage range buff; that's nice to see, but it's still the mini at the end of the day, right?

It's not all that great, The mx9, close to mid-damage buff, close to mid-damage range Nerf neck multiplier buff, it's still going to be limited by its 32-round mag unless that ever changes. Nothing's really all that relevant on the MX9 because it really just needs more ammo to really compete. It's ttk is great, but it still lacks a little bit of attachment on the loquid 300.

They nerfed the dual trigger already, close range Nerf, close to mid damage range Nerf. So basically, if you want to get those one-shot kills with this, it would seem you have to really be up in their face. Essentially. I would imagine probably like 5 m now that's still going to be a one-hit; it probably still shouldn't be a one-hit through full armor in war zone in my opinion, but hey, they got to sell the bundles.

mw2 1.28 update

I'm surprised they already nerfed it some, though the bundle only just dropped yesterday, so it's very surprising to see that that's been adjusted. In ranked play, they did fix the alt f4 exploit, and they're going to continue to monitor that, so that's definitely a They fixed an issue that could prevent players from changing and customizing operators in DMZ when using a controller, and they also fixed an issue where equipping a new finishing move does not replace a previously equipped finishing move in DMZ, so some minor bug fixes Overall, though pretty surprised that we have a full-on patch note update today with the 1.28 title update, it is nice to see, though for sure that we actually did see some weapon adjustments.

mw2 1.28 update patch notes

Overall, it's really going to come down to the specifics here with some of the actual damage values, but as far as rifles go, I still think the gist is that they didn't kill their long range. Even though the multipliers have decreased, I think this is going to be the go-to for mid-long range. As far as rifles go, they didn't adjust the sack, though they didn't adjust the r or any of the lmgs.

We know the sack and the wrap are all like the go-to top-tier choices for long range and then close range.

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