News - Warzone: The Final Major Weapons Update

The final warzone weapons update explained

The final warzone weapons update explained

ladies and gentlemen. In just a couple of days, we are actually going to see the final weapons update of Modern Warfare 2 in War Zone for this year. Obviously, the season 6 reloaded update, aka, the true haunting update, is coming up, and this is going to be the final major update and major content update that we have for the MW2.

Year of content and this sort of MW2 era of War Zone essentially, obviously, in just a few weeks time we're going to see the launch of MW3. And then all the updates post-launch of MW3 leading up to the war zone integration with that in early December are going to be based around the MW3 content, so barring any surprise, content drops in the preseason of MW3 for war zone, which I'm not really expecting because all eyes are going to be on MW3 multiplayer for about those 3 and 1/2 weeks or some random one-off weapon tuning updates.

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When is the final weapons update in warzone/mw2

When is the final weapons update in warzone/mw2

It would be seriously appreciated , but like I said, this update in and of itself is very strange. Let's start with when this is happening. The Haunting update as of right now is set to go live on October 17th, so literally, as the MW3 open beta for all platforms ends, we're jumping right back into updates and whatnot with War Zone and MW2.

It's nice that there's basically no downtime there, but the 17th is when that update is going to go live, so that's when all of this should start to take effect.

Strange ␜new␝ weapon update details for warzone & mw2

When it comes to the content at hand, usually, as we know, mid-season updates include a couple of standard things. The dual commas melee weapon, which obviously we already have via the battle pass, and the last thing that they previewed in quote unquote midseason Was the Doom chain, which is a part of a bundle, and that Doom bundle just dropped a few days ago.

modern warfare 2

I believe and that's where the previews and reveals end for the weapon section of the Season 6 update, so this would be the first time all year that the midseason update or the reloaded update does not actually include any new weapon updates or any new weapons added to the Arsenal. I would find that to be very surprising, especially given this is probably the most anticipated mid-season update or maybe the most anticipated content update of the entire year just because it is the haunting update, which, as we know, is a huge deal every time it happens in COD because it's kind of widely considered to be the best style of update because it takes away from the realism added in The Haunting Halloween modes and whatnot.

modern warfare 2 season 6 reloaded

It's always highly anticipated, so they know they're going to have eyes on the game. They know they're going to have a lot of players returning, and just for this update to not have any new weapons would be quite a surprise. That said, we know that before season 6 launched, we had a handful of leaks regarding new weapons that were going to be dropping, one of which was the Dual Commas, and of course that was correct; another was the ISO 9mm SMG, and that was correct; the third, however, was not the Tr76 Gist but instead a new lmg known as the Servall, which actually is the Bruan MK9.

From Modern Warfare 2019, so perhaps they know that the Bruin is a highly anticipated, gun and once we get a full-on announcement for The Haunting update they're going to say and hey by the way surprise weapon update the Bruin is dropping since obviously we had no word of that but all the other leaks were correct either it truly is an entirely scrapped gun and they're just not adding in any new guns for The Haunting update which I would be very surprised by or they are keeping it a secret they're keeping it as a surprise so that the update itself has a little bit more hype really it's 50/50, there one or the other is going to happen we're just going to have to wait and see but it's very possible the Bruin is just being kept his secret for now hopefully that's the case because it would be fun to actually have a new lmg drop this year since we haven't had any of those throughout any of the first five and a half Seasons basically, within MW2.

New weapon balancing update in the haunting update

New weapon balancing update in the haunting update

As mentioned, another part of the mid-season update that we know for sure is going to happen regardless of whether we actually see any new gun drops is a weapon adjustment update. Some weapon balancing, some buffs and some nerfs, and of course the main problem throughout season 6 so far has been the dual-trigger Lockwood 300 shotgun that's absolutely insane up close.

Of course, that's sort of to make sure that the Doom bundle sells well because that shotgun includes the attachment. So now that the bundle is out and they've made their money off the initial sales. I would not be surprised if they go through and actually update that in Nerf and make it a little bit more in line with that.

I could also potentially see them adjusting some guns to maybe brace us a little bit more for MW3. In terms of visual recoil and ease of use, obviously, guns at MW3 are going to be a lot easier. We're not too sure how guns in MW2 are going to behave in the game once they carry over, but it's possible we see some adjustments.

Overall, we're going to have the standard close range and long range. Buffs and Nerfs to adjust things a tad bit. There's nothing really right now that stands out too much outside of the fact that the ISO 45 and the MP5 or the Lockman Sub haven't been nerfed since they were put into the game, and they're both the top two SMGs by a decent margin, so maybe we see some balances there finally, but those are really the only standouts that we've got in game right now.

New event weapon update with the haunting

New event weapon update with the haunting

We also know that in addition to the new weapons update, we're going to have an event update with the haunting operation nightmare, which is going to introduce a new weapon blueprint to go through and unlock one of the early preview articles for The Haunting, and the spawn operator actually kind of teased this when you went through and completed the various challenges for all the haunted beings on the map, whether it's the butcher or the Swamp Creature.

Potential early modern warfare 3 weapons in warzone

If you go through and complete all those, you're going to get a Mastery Bass P Bloody Mess blueprint, which is what it's called, so we've got that coming as a quote-unquote new event weapon as well, and then The final thing I want to touch on, admittedly, is a bit more speculatory, but it's something that I feel like if it's going to happen, it's likely this year more than ever, and that is potentially some early MW3, weapons making their way into the war zone, and maybe even MW2.

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