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New 1.23 update patch notes in warzone

New 1.23 update patch notes in warzone

ladies, And gentlemen, hey. We got a brand new update in Warzone and MW2, the 1.23 update, and while this is largely prepped for the war zone reveal event happening tomorrow, we also got some brand new patch notes with this update that include some bug fixes. There are a lot of weapon changes as well, so there are some meta updates here and there—lots—to break down as we get into it all.

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New warzone & modern warfare 2 gameplay updates & bug fixes

August 16th update for General. This patch contains necessary updates and content for Shadow. Siege Beware; there's probably going to be some leaks in regards to the event. You may also want to stay off social media if you don't want the event to be spoiled.

1.23 update

Also, I should mention that this update does require a title update. As mentioned, it's the 1.23 update, so everyone is going to have to download it. If you want to take part in the event tomorrow, you have to have this update downloaded, so if you're planning on taking part in the reveal event, be sure to get this update downloaded.

Leave your PlayStation on or your Xbox on or whatever if you're headed into work or school so that you have this already for tomorrow with the event as well. Weapon tuning: the benefit of tuning for recoil control-related stats has been reduced slightly, getting into some general bug fixes, so this is between multiplayer and war zones.

DMZ, they fixed an issue where some players could not access the battle pass but would still lose Cod points after purchasing it, which was obviously an annoying one to fix and exploit, allowing players to go prone instantly. There was sort of a movement bug where if you put a few inputs together at the same time you would go from standing to prone in like one frame, kind of broken for obviously staying on target, so they've gone through and fixed that issue where a Kimbo challenge progress is not tracking correctly for The f-tax Siege is pretty basic there if you were trying to unlock that one, and if you wear an invisible object, it could interact with Lethal's tacticals and explosives on Mercadoless.

Almas picks, an issue affecting keybinds when adding settings as quick settings, an issue with the buttons for preview and quick equip hiding when trying to press them by mouse inputs in the event tab, and an issue where the tan for melee had outdated unlock conditions. And when I issued the SFX for the semtex, it was dropped by the chain reaction modifier. Havoc would not play as intended, and there was also an issue where the battle buddy AI gun screen would cause an error, so just a handful of smaller bug fixes here and there got into.

New warzone weapon updates & meta changes

New warzone weapon updates & meta changes

The weapon adjustments here are some important ones, so the following weapon and attachment changes are reflected in war zone only, so Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer is not really changing here, but weapon balancing for the rifles on the Chimera: the mid damage has been increased, so that's a nice little buff there; the neck damage multiplier was increased; the upper torso damage multiplier was increased; so the Chimera gets a buff all around gonna, be even more effective as a sniper support option now for the advancing maximum.

Damage decreased surprisingly, there's going to be close-range damage. Nerf there, close damage or close to mid damage increased, but the head damage multiplier increased, as did the neck damage multiplier, and then also the torso multipliers as well, so its close range gets a little bit worse, but its mid-range is going to be more effective, and in general, upper body shots are going to be more rewarding there, so mainly a buff there for the most part on the Lochman 556.

1.23 update patch modern warfare 2

They actually buffed the headshot damage multiplier, which is nice to see there for sure. On the M16, they actually buffed The maximum damage was increased, so that's the close-range damage. The close-to-mid damage was also increased in the limb damage multipliers, for what it's worth. The M16 has had, on paper, a really fast ttk for some time, but the gun is so bad in application and in game that it just doesn't matter, so I have my doubts that this is going to actually do anything major for the M16, but it might not be as hot garbage as it is right now, so I guess there's that for battle rifles, the f-tac Recon's maximum damage has been increased to the close range damage maximum.

1.23 update patch notes

The range has also been increased for that first damage dropoff on the 762, where they increase the limb damage multipliers, so the fastest TTK gun in the game with the full auto 762 is now even better even if you're hitting the limit shots. That's kind of a surprising buff there, I won't lie. On the SO14, the head damage multiplier was increased, as was the neck multiplier and upper torso, so if you're hitting up her body shots on the SO14, they've been buffed, and that'll be more rewarding now.

Attack V has gotten some adjustments. The maximum damage has been decreased, so that's going to be the close-range damage being nerfed there. The close-to-midrange damage was decreased, and the minimum damage was decreased, so all damage ranges are going to be worse now that the neck multiplier has been decreased.

Upper torso damage multiplier decreased; same deal with lower torso and limb damage multipliers, so damaged Nerfs all across the board for the attack V, if I had to guess, that probably makes it a little bit less ideal now and probably knocks it out of, like, the top meta just because it is one of the faster TTK guns in the game, but with high recoil now, it might just be decent for TTK but still have that high recoil, so the risk is not always worth the reward there.

modern warfare 2

Marks and rifles on the MK2 increased minimum damage, increased upper torso and lower torso multipliers, and increased limb damage multipliers. Increase so some buffs all around for the MK2 still, probably not going to be anything all that crazy if I had to guess for shotguns on the expedite 12, the mid damage was increased.

The mid-to-far damage increased, and the close-to-mid damage range increased, so some buffs make it a bit more effective over range, but it's still not anything all that crazy; none of the shotguns really are outside of the broad side. The Lockwood 300 close-to-mid damage increased, the maximum damage increased, the damage range increased, and the close-to-mid damage range also increased, so all buffs there as well, but of course you only have two shots with this, so obviously it's not going to be all that rewarding if you miss one; you're probably going to be in the gulag.

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