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Rebirth Island is finally back, so today I'm going to be giving you the top five best loadouts to be using on Rebirth Island after the season 3 update. Now every single loadout I have in today's article has changed in some sort of way. With all that being said, let's get into the first loadout. We first have the new long-range meta in War Zone.

After the update, the SVA 545, they nerfed the RAM 7, they nerfed the SOA subverter, and the MTZ 762, which I thought was already in a good place, and that leaves us with the SVA 545, which was already on the come up. So here's the build I use on it that just works so well. I got the 60r magazine, so I can take out multiple enemies without having to reload.

If you want the biggest mag on your long-range weapons, it just makes the most sense. We have the best underbarrel for recoil control and accuracy, the Breu heavy support grip, so you shouldn't really be missing any shots whatsoever after putting this on, and our muzzle, which is the. VT7 spirit fire suppressor, so once we're off the radar and enemies don't know where we're at, we get better recoil control, which is great, and it's going to make the weapon even stronger at longer range engagements with the bullet velocity and damage range for my barrel.

best 3 class setup

I have the STV Precision Barrel, so I get even more bullet velocity to range, so it's an actual dominant long range weapon, on top of that more accuracy and recoil control with the gun kick control and whatnot and then my final attachment is an optic you can do the Coro Eagles 2 and a half times which is what I do or you can even do the Jack glassless Optics which also works very well on, the SBA 545 but at the end of the day I like the Coro You could just see a little bit better out of it, and there's our first load out, and we can take this to the firing range real quick.

You guys can see I ain't playing around here with three plates on. And this is the SBA 545, which I think really is the new long-range meta, and you can even put this in a single tap, which makes it You can just tap the trigger, and that also makes it incredibly deadly; it has like zero recoil, so am I bugging?

best 3 loadout

What do you think the long-range meta is in the war zone after the update? I let the long-range metas out of the way. Here is our SMG meta, and that is the HRM 9. Still, all they changed on this was actually a buff. Yes, they made this gun better. They increased the sprint to fire time, so the weapon just comes up quicker after sprinting.

Sure, I'm honestly not complaining. I love the HRM, so I got the 50-round drum so I can take out multiple en without having to reload. My underwear is the X10 Phantom 5 handtop. I ain't going to lie. My HRM 9 build is a little weird and wonky, but it works very well; it gets the job done. Yeah, so this is my underbarrel more sprint of fire, which is great.

I'm kind of just adding on to what the pros were and just making the weapon even better from that increase in ad speed so I can be quick and snappy get that for shat off, and then I get to increase in vertical recoil control gun kick control, so it just makes a weapon a little bit easier to handle.

best assault rifle mw3

For my muzzle, I have on the Zon 35 a compensated flash hider muzzle, which I have yet to favorite for some reason. There it is: it shortens radar pings so we're on enemy radar in less time than normal, which is great, and then there is a massive increase in recoil controls, so you really shouldn't be missing any of your shots after just putting the muzzle on for my barrel.

I have the thorn 90 barrel, which is a movement barrel, so I get a lot of mobility out of it, which is great. I want to be aggressive with my SMG, so it just makes sense, and then my final L hatching is a toss-up. A lot of people like the folding stock, and a lot of people like the hatchet light stock.

You could flip between the two, and honestly, it doesn't really matter. I find myself using the hatchet light stock just a little bit more. I like the aim-walking speed I get, so I can strafe really fast, and it just makes it a lot harder for the enemy to land shots on me. And then we could also bring this to the Fing range.

best smg 3

It's just crazy that this is still not nerfed. I don't know why, but again, it's the exact same weapon; nothing's changed about it except that it comes up a little bit quicker after sprinting, which again is kind of hilarious because it didn't need to do that, so there is your number one meta load out after the update.

If you don't want to use the meta AR and the meta SMG and you just want an alternative, we have the M4. It was very good before the update, and in my opinion, I think it's even better after the update. They didn't buffer or anything, but now that we're back on rebirth, a little bit of a smaller map, you could just use this at any given range on rebirth and be completely okay, so I got the 60-run mag once again.

You want the biggest magazine on your long-range weapons. I got the brew and heavy support grip the best under Barrel for recoil control and accuracy; that's what I need in these MW2 weapons. They still have some wonky recoil patterns. I hope they get that settled soon for my muzzle. I do the zon-compensated flash hider, Muzzle.


You just kind of have to do it again. It's just like this; it has a weird recoil pattern, so with this muzzle in our underbarrel, it should make this look like a laser beam and feel like an MW3 weapon, and then for my barrel, obviously, with the high tower 20-in barrel, we get a massive increase in our bullet velocity and range, so our M4 can kill a little bit more quickly at longer range engagement, and on top of that, they gave us more recoil control out of it.

Whatever you're feeling that day, I guess you could do the iron sights and then throw other attachments; you could do the Coro Eagle's eye. You could do the Jack glassless optic, but I ultimately end up doing the Coro Eagle Eye, but on rebirth, I don't think you have to. I think you could pretty much get away with the Jack glassless, and it actually might work a lot better, so that's what we're doing because we're doing rebirth loadouts, and then we can take this thing to firing range very quickly.


You can see again that the M4 is good or reliable; it's something you can always go back to use for four seasons. It doesn't move whatsoever again; it feels just like your MW3 weapons, which is a good thing because they don't move at all. So yeah, again, I'm for good, reliable use of this. Rebirth Island, and it's going to bring the good old Vibes back.

Next, we have the striker 9, which actually got a significant buff in the update. It's going to give HRM 9 a run for its money. They increase the damage range on it, so it's a little stronger at longer ranges and does more damage. And it got a sprint-to-fire increase, so the weapon comes up quicker after sprinting, so here's the build.

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