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New warzone meta update with season 2 reloaded

New warzone meta update with season 2 reloaded

ladies and gentlemen. We saw a new meta update, we saw a new weapon added to the rotation, and we saw various different buffs and nerfs to a handful of different weapons. So with that, today I wanted to break down the overall war zone meta now post-season 2 reloaded and see which weapons truly are meta top-tier just competitive, whatever the case may be after the update.

New soa subverter meta ranking

Because every single day I got you covered with all things going on in COD news updates, Patch notes Meta-breakdowns like this are all right here on a daily basis. First things first, when it comes to the brand new update, we got to talk about the S SOA subverter, our brand new weapon. This is a new battle rifle, decently versatile for a battle rifle, incredible easy to use, and decent damage throughout.

It is a little heavy and a little slow for where you're going to be using it. I would say the most, like it really feels more like an assault rifle than a full-on battle rifle or something, and in comparison, there are more aggressive builds out there. For that reason, mobility is really the only thing I think is lacking here.

I got to say it's top-tier easily. I mean, this thing will put it in there with the other battle rifles in the bass B. It's nice it fries, like I said, super easy to use and very low-risk high-reward style weapon here, so definitely up towards the top, and absolutely in The Meta conversation, if you like the feel of this, this could be your go-to number one gun, and you'd find a lot of success with it.

All new weapon changes/new warzone meta updates

All new weapon changes/new warzone meta updates

But now, throughout the remainder of this, I've got my handy dandy list of everything that ended up changing in this update, which we'll go through and reorganize.

Things as needed for the overall meta here So first up, with the actual weapon changes in the MCW, the ACR ended up getting a mid-range damage buff across the board and then also a range buff. It's nice that it ended up getting a buff, but it wasn't nearly significant enough. This is a super easy weapon to use, but its damage is still decently underwhelming.

It's better after this update, for sure. Obviously, it was buffed, but it's just not competitive enough to bring it out of the competitive category and land it with some of the other rifles like the BP50, the Hoger, the Ram, and so on and so forth. It just can't hang there yet. It's close, but this update just wasn't enough.

modern warfare 3

Now this is what I think is pretty interesting: The Hoger 556 actually got buffed even more. I was already having it in the top-tier category as is. I would say it was more of a fringe, competitive top tier. Now I think it's more solidified in the top-tier category, though, because they got a close-range buff and then they added a mid-range variable to it, essentially, so it's already a really easy rifle as is.

It's got a decent ttk, especially over the longer and mid-range areas. It's only real drawback is its magazine capacity of 40 rounds or whatever isn't all that great, so not having 50 or 60 is probably going to limit it ever from being an absolute meta unless it's damage just goes berserk, but it is certainly a top-tier rifle and another one that is very low skill.

Gap, you can pick this up and just fry with it constantly now. Really, before this update, the BP50 should have been an absolute meta; we just didn't go through and fully update once all stats were revealed, and we've seen some changes here and there, but it did get nerfed decently. With this update, unfortunately, the top tier is probably where I'll land it more now.


As an accurate rating, I would say because they nerfed its close range damage, which allowed it to be sniper support or long range, and that, in my opinion, is what made it absolute meta. They also nerfed its stance, and its hip fire spread. It also got some decent mobility nerfs, and they added more horizontal recoil to it as well, so it's ttk over long range.

50 60 70 m is still basically best in class, but the damage per mag out at those distances where you got a factor in accuracy is not as good, so it's still a solid rifle, but it's certainly one that is no longer the do-it-all rifle that it was before the update, which is a little bit bummed because I was really enjoying the BP50.

new meta

Now the SVA already an absolute meta rifle in my opinion actually got buffed they buffed the Sprint of fire and the ads speed so now it's even more aggressive you'll love to see that now the ram 7, it was already in my opinion close to being dropped down at a top tier from absolute meta because with the season 2 update they nerfed its long range so much, but with this update they nerfed its close range so it's got like an 8 meter drop off now in its first damage range is opposed it was previously just over 30 m you can extend it out some with certain attachments, but for the Do-it all rifle at the ram was very similar to the bp50.

It is knocked down a bit here, but I think it's still going to be really, really good for, you know, sniper port-style builds or even some long range if you're just very comfortable with it. It's got a competitive enough ttk, but I also don't think it's an absolute meta option right now either, just based on its current ttk values in comparison to some other things that can do really well in certain areas.


It's still a great option, but it's no longer clear you're going to run into the ram 15 times in a game scenario. Hey, everyone quickly wanted to give a shout out to my friends over at Gfuel. We've got our in-game metas that we, of course, talk about all the time, but we also have to show some love to the out-of-game metas as well, which is the most effective tactic available.

The meta for staying focused and energized is picking up some g-fuel. They also just brought back watermelon mint, which is absolutely incredible, and lately I've also been loving the new Sage Mode hydration tub. There's no cat F in that; it's just perfect for staying hydrated. If you do want to pick up anything for yourself, be sure to throw in code Immortal at checkout for a nice little discount.

Another surprising one, the MTZ 762, caught some decent nerfs here; they nerfed the damage across the board and also several different damage multipliers as well. The ttk was what was keeping this thing alive, if I'm being honest, because its magazine capacity was not good and its recoil was not phenomenal.

warzone 3

This one, more so than anything else, is now fringe top-tier and competitive, and its ammo capacity is so limited that it might actually just be more competitive now than anything. It's fringe for sure, so if you're really comfortable with it, you could still get away with using it, but I think competitive is a more appropriate rating for it given its damage per mag now, and it's drastically lower.

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