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War Zone 3 is officially here, and I'm going to be showing you guys the top loadouts to be using for the first week of War Zone 3. I'm also going to be making one of these articles every single week to keep you guys fresh and up-to-date whenever there's any changes to the meta, so if you want to be the first people to know about the best weapons to use, make sure you are subscribed.

With notifications on, I also like to get straight to the point so you don't have to waste much of your time, so let's begin getting straight into it. We have the Hulga 556 assault rifle. This is by far one of the best assault rifles in the game, and it is 100% going to be one of the meta-ARS, one of the fastest ttks out of any AR, and one of the lowest recoils.

You can't go wrong with starting the load off. We have the muzzle. This muzzle is actually going to be the best muzzle to use on any long-range weapon that you do use, so make sure to stick it on every single long-range weapon; it is definitely the best one. Moving on to the barrel, we have the six-match barrel.

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This is just going to make this even more of a better AR, reducing the recall control, increasing the accuracy, etc., and making it have a better range than we have with the 40-round magazine, which is the only thing I don't like about this weapon; I do wish it had a little bit more ammo. Then we have this optic, which is by far the best optic for long-range weapons, and this stock here for the recoil control.

Moving on to the next weapon, we have the Rival 9 SMG. This has incredibly good mobility and is also one of the lowest-recoil SMGs in the game. You're definitely going to be frying with this one, so starting off here, we have the muzzle for the recoil control. This is definitely going to be one of the best muzzles you can use.

Then we have the barrel here, which is going to increase everything's mobility, making this weapon nice and quick. The 50-round drum on this one is a very nice amount of bullets for an SMG. And then we have the rear grip here for recoil control, and then we have the stock for mobility. Here's the full loadout if you guys want to screenshot, but moving on to the Bass P.


Battel rifle, which is going to be one of the deadliest options for long-range This weapon has very high damage but very low recoil, so you can go wrong. Let's get onto the attachments. The first one is going to be the spirit fire suppressor. Once again, the Venom long barrel is going to be the best to increase the recoil control and also that range, which is definitely going to be needed because it is for long range.

We then have the underbarrel here, which is going to help with mobility. This weapon's a little bit slow, so this can definitely pick up that mobility, make the ads a little bit faster, etc. The 45-round magazine is a pretty decent amount of ammo, and then we have this optic once again. Next up, we have the striker SMG, which is a definite meta SMG.

It is also very good in multiplayer, so there's no surprise that it's going to be meta in Water Zone as well. It has great mobility, accuracy, and ttk, as well as very good range for an SMG, but I can't really see what I'm doing because this camera is so bright. We're going to be starting off here with the spiral flash, which is once again very good just to increase that recoil control on these SMGs.

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Then for the underbarrel, we have the edge hand stop. This is going to increase with everything to do with it, like mobility ads and all of that. Then we have the 48-round magazine. You could use the 60, but the mobility will be affected, less ads, etc., so I like to just use the 48 to have a little bit faster ads.

Then we have the light stock here, which is going to increase the mobility once again, and finally we have the rear grip, which is going to increase the accuracy. Next up, we have the WSP Swarm. This is one of my favorite SMGs because it's just incredibly fast, you know, and also, just look at this thing.

The iron sights are really nice. I think if you don't like them, you can stick on an optic, but this thing is ridiculous at all ranges; this is a must-use. We have the same muzzle once again on this SMG just to increase the recoil control, and then for the barrel, we're going to be using the long Reckless 90 barrel.

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This one is going to increase the accuracy of this weapon by increasing the recoil control, and honestly, it is a laser beam under the barrel for more accuracy. Then we have the 50-round magazine, and finishing it off, we have the stock as well. Next up is, of course, the MCW. This has been meta in multiplayer for a while, and it's got one of the lowest recoils in the game, so I'm not really surprised that it's also meta in War Zone.

With very good range and accuracy, we're going to be starting off with the spirit fire muzzle. And then for the barrel, we have the long barrel, which is going to increase the accuracy and range, e.g., the 60-round run, which is a very nice amount of bullets. This can, you know, take out multiple people in just one mag.


We're also going to be using the same optic because it's the best optic, and then we have the claw rear grip for the increase in accuracy. If you like the snipe, the KV inhibitor is definitely going to be your best option. This is the best sniper. By far, we have the Sonic suppressor for the increase in bullet velocity and range, and then we have this barrel here to increase the bullet velocity and range and also some of that accuracy.

This is 100% the best ammo type, so make sure you are using it. This is going to increase the damage range and bullet velocity, so it's going to get more one-shot 20-round magazines, and then the rear grip for more ad speed. I thought I'd go ahead and keep this one till last because it is 100% going to be the most broken weapon in the war zone.

It's the new Tac Eradicator, lol, and this thing is just going to be insane. It's got 75 ammo in the mag, and it's got very low recoil and very good damage. This thing's going to be crazy, so we have the muzzle once again, and then we have the long barrel to increase the accuracy and range of this grip to increase the accuracy, and then we have the optic and the stock to finish it off.

It really helps out the channel.

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