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Welcome back to a brand new Call of Duty: War Zone article. In today's article, guys're checking out some of the best guns to use right now within the war zone to help you guys get some easy kills, win more gunfights, and overall, see yourselves improve and get more wins within the war zone right now.

The guns on this list will be a mix of long-range and short-range, and everything in between. Not every gun on this list will be one of the obvious metas, as there's some metas I'm personally not a fan of, but every gun on this list definitely does serve a purpose, so try them all out regardless. Before we get into the article, the nukes are coming soon to War Zone, so you guys can help get new contracts once those start or help find good players to play with.

Feel free to join my Discord. There's tons of great players always running, so if that's something you're interested in, definitely check it out. We'd love to have you there. The Spitfire suppressor muzzles the MTZ Black Thorn Barrel, the 762. X 51 high grain round ammunition, the 20-round magazine, and the Coro Eagles eye 2.5 optic.

best 3 loadout

With this class, you'll be easily killing people from range and winning the majority of gunfights, especially if they're not rocking an interceptor as well. This gun has just been one of the ones I've been enjoying a lot, and I definitely do think it's one of the metas right now within the war zone.

The second gun on this list is what I think is the SMG meta, and that is the Wasp Swarm. This SMG has a super high fire rate with pretty good damage, great mobility, and range for an SMG that's as close as I've actually beaten people from mid-range with this SMG, so even though I would recommend using this gun out range, it does have the ability to actually hit some pretty nasty shots at a little further of a range, but for it to class up, we have the purifier muzzle.

The ftac Ripper 56 under barrel was a breakless 90-long barrel 50-round magazine, and the FSS was Fortress heavy stock. With this class, you'll have great mobility. SMG, with great damage fire rate accuracy, recoil control, and even mobility and handling with these attachments, are still pretty great.

best loadout

I've loved this gun a lot; it's definitely one of the best ones to use for those up-close and personal gunfights. Especially if you can hit the chest and the head, this gun will be an absolute monster in your hands. The next gun on this list is the Baz B. I've still been loving this gun an absolute lot, even with the recent nerves.

The BBY is still one of the best guns in the game; it has really great damage, great fire rate range, and accuracy. The recon control is pretty good as well, and the mobility and handling are not that bad, so overall this is a great gun for mid-range gunfights. And for my class, we have the Brew and Venom long barrel, the VT7 Spitfire, the L muzzle, the 45-round mag, and the MK3 reflector optic.

You can swap this one out for the Cor Eagle Eye if you want, but personally, after the Nerfs, this gun is a little closer than it used to be, so I do like the MK3 reflector optic, and then the last attachment we have is the Ravish 20 heavy stock. This gun is still a great one for those mid-range gunfights.

best loadouts 3

You'll definitely get some easy kills with this weapon. The only guns I can really counter this with are ones like the Interceptor. So give this kind of shot; it's still really great even after all the nerves, and I've been loving it a lot, so I think you guys will still love it too. The next gun on this list is the Cat AMR sniper rifle.

I've been really loving this one recently. It's one of the best guns in the game for long-range gunfights, especially because it's a sniper. You're obviously going to get those easy headshot kills at further ranges, but this gun is just really fun to use, especially if you can hit your shots properly before class.

We have the Zank 34 barrel and the Sonic suppressor. XL muzzles the 50-cal Spire Point rounds for the ammunition, the Precision stock pad for the stock, and the Ural quick bolt bolt. This sniper is pretty much a one-shot head shot at almost any single range you can hit from. The damage is still great.

cod 3 best loadout

You can twap people if you do hit, like the chest or lower. The mobility and handling are pretty solid as well, especially for a very heavy sniper, so give this cat AMR a shot, and I think you guys will have your new favorite sniper rifle. Class it up, and the last gun on this list is also the MTZ, 556.

And this one is a lot better as sniper support. I've been loving this gun a lot recently. It has great damage, pretty good range, a high fire rate, and some pretty good accuracy as well. The recoil control can be a little tricky if you don't know how to control this gun's recoil control, but for the attachments, we have the MTZ Drifter heavy long barrel, the BT7 Spitfire suppressor, the 556 NATO high grain rounds, the 50-round R mag, and the MK3 reflector.

Give this gun a shot, especially as sniper support, and I think you guys will love it a lot. It's got a pretty good time to kill, good mobility and handling, and overall, I've been enjoying it a lot. It's definitely one of the best guns in the game right now as sniper support, so give it a shot. This is the GRA for today's article.

meta loadout

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