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Frost here I hope you guys are doing well. The Santa Slayr event is officially live in Modern Warfare 3. This event is bringing a wealth of brand new content for you to explore, whether it's in War Zone Modern Warfare Zombie or in multiplayer. And that's where the bulk of my focus is going to be with this article: all of the content that has come to multiplayer.

Of course, with any brand new event, there's always going to be bundles associated with it, but I don't like talking about bundles because I don't think you should be rewarding Call of Duty, yet they need to do better still before you start spending your money. On extra cosmetics, but. That's neither here nor there.

Let's touch on what's available to the player base for free in this live event. First and foremost, you're going to be welcomed to two brand new 24/7 playlists: one on Hangover, which is a Christmas-themed high-rise map, and one on Shipus, which obviously is a Christmas-themed ship. With both of these maps, I actually kind of enjoy them more than their current iterations, both within the game and frankly.


I think they should stay permanently in the map rotation. As Christmas maps like this, just to add some variety to the actual map rotation, I'd love to see it. I really like how hangover plays and how it looks. I feel as if it's a better version than the high-rise we have here in Modern Warfare 3, but that's a personal opinion.

You'll also see two more game modes. one of them being a gun fight mode with a little bit of a Christmas twist to it with snowballs. And a brand new infection mode, with a little bit of a Christmas twist as well to it, and honestly. I've played some of the infection mode you're probably watching now on screen.

It's really fun game mode as it's always been; it's something casual and enjoyable, something that Call of Duty needs to do more of, and I think this update really represents how Call of Duty should be doing more for its community, and this is like one small step. In the positive direction, unfortunately, this small step in the positive direction would have been better if the incentive to play the holiday theme modes or maps was greater and the reward for completing the event-specific challenges were better.


With this event, there are 21 challenges to complete across all three different modes. The problem is that these 21 challenges only yield seven university rewards, and that's the issue. You try to complete the seven challenges for the seven rewards in multiplayer in War Zone or in Modern Warfare Zombies, but even if you try to complete all 21, you'll only get seven rewards, and that's so.

Dishearteningly, instead of trying to promote your players to play across all of your titles, you're restricting them to just playing on one title or not really welcoming the possibility to earn multiple rewards across all that you offer, and then to finish this off and to really just give you that gut punch, the reward for completing the seven challenges is a camo for a weapon that isn't even in the meta, like it's an lmg that I'm personally never going to use.

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Are you going to use it? Like, were you really pumped when you saw it was the DG? 78 Whatever it is, if you're really excited, you're like, Yes, finally. Why would you be? This is such a slap in the face, especially considering the fact that back in Modern Warfare remastered, remember a remaster, a $40 add-on to infinite Warfare, had a better Christmas event than this, which had an event with Christmas themed kill streaks, an event with a Christmas theme map, and challenges for every single weapon to unlock unique camos for those weapons.

Where is that here in Modern Warfare 3? Why is it that this is once again a complete and utter disappointment? A case of laziness, From Activision, From Infinity Ward from Sledgehammer Games I don't even know who's developing the game anymore. If I'm going to be completely honest, the level of laziness and disrespect towards the community is so noticeable as of late.

Get your heads out of your behinds and figure out that this isn't anything that's going to keep players playing; this is no reason for me to play your themed maps. This incentive doesn't exist. I don't care about any of these rewards, and I just feel as if the developers have missed the boat here; they could have offered something truly special and memorable to the community.

Instead, they just seem to have missed the boat, realistically. That's how it feels. It feels as if they had an opportunity to really capture the audience and get them invested in the game over the Christmas season, and instead of doing anything like that, instead of providing any type of value, they just Were lazy, they took the path of least resistance, the least amount of effort, which is so fitting for the theme of this entire era of Call of Duty, whatever you want to call it, that they just want to put in the minimal amount of effort in hopes of gaining the maximum amount of reward, and the reward they're getting is that people will mindlessly buy their bundles for whatever reason they don't really know why, and they don't have to put any real effort into engaging with the community or creating any type of value, outside of some bundles, like.

It just infuriates me, and this is again an opportunity that they've wasted. To show at least a little bit of goodwill to create some type of spark within this community and get them invested in what they're doing. Offering, this event is so lazy; it is so lackluster; it is so disappointing. I've used the word insulting before, and honestly, that's what it is.

I'm not wasting my time trying to earn these challenges because the rewards don't matter. You have the foundation for a good event here, like I'll reiterate, and the infection mode is great. The new gunfight mode is great, and both maps are wonderful to play, but there's no reason to do it. There's no reason to play these maps.

There's no reason to go into the 247 playlist or play these game modes unless you really feel you have to, because they've done nothing to make it worth your while. They've done nothing to reward you for playing them; there's no unique reward. You can play any game mode and get the event rewards; you can just hop into a hardcore Team Deathmatch, or you could pay for one of those hacked lobbies with AI bots and do it that way either way, depending on the way the game is being played.

Treated is still so disrespectful to its own community. I don't know where to go from here, and so many of you are going to sit and defend it and say, Isn't this what you asked for? Yes, this is what I asked for from a content perspective. It's great from an incentive and reward perspective, it is awful.

The Santa's slayground event has come to MW3 and frankly it has it's positives and its negatives. Thanks guys and gals for watching.
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