News - Warzone 2 Season 2 Update Breaks Battle Pass And Battle Net

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I hope you guys are doing well. Season 2 of Modern Warfare 3 is here, and if you're on {535}, you might not be able to play it because, of course, a brand new update from Call of Duty leads to, yes, gamebreaking bugs that affect the player base. Yeah, if you're hopping on {535} today and you get a nice big error message, you can thank the 1,900 people that got laid off two weeks ago over at Microsoft for not allowing you to access the game that you paid for.

Now, let's say you're one of those people who decided I'm going to buy the battle pass for season 2. Look at this content, which has some Walking Dead stuff. I'm going to buy the battle. Pass; you weren't able to access it. Certain people weren't able to access the battle pass that they paid for.

At this point in time, if I were a developer over at Sledgehammer Games over at Activision. I would be embarrassed about the product that I'm producing, because it doesn't matter about the quantity of this update about how much new stuff's in how much they've changed, which we'll touch on tomorrow.

I should be working tirelessly to ensure the quality of the update and to ensure that we're not going to repeat the same offenses as we have in the past. You got absolutely torched because of the way season 1 reloaded launched. You got torched by the way season 1 launched and you followed up. How by not having battl net work.


During the launch of season 2, by not having the battle pass work during the launch of season 2, now, of course. Battl net will probably get fixed pretty quickly. I mean, if you uninstall or reinstall because you've got all the time in the world, you should be able to play it, which should fix the issue, but if you're somebody who bought the battle pass, that issue has been fixed.

But it's a fact that these keep happening. It's the fact that every single time there's an update, you can bet every dollar you have that something is going to affect the player experience, and this does not happen for any other game franchise. As consistently as it happens for Call of Duty, Fortnite can release a big update.


Not this; this won't happen, nope. Apex can release a big update, but this won't happen. Heck, even dead by daylight can release an update, but this won't happen. There are small bug fixes that they address early on, and I expect small bug fixes to happen. I mean, it's a large undertaking, but when people cannot access your game because you're inept, I mean, what are we even doing here?

Why did I pay you money? I should pay you money to access the game. How do you remove that access because of your incompetence? At some point, you should be giving back to this community that just rolls over and takes this abuse every single day. Time, and you know what the worst part is: this community will forget about it just the same way they forgot about season 1 reloaded, the same way they forgot about season 1, and the same way they forgot about how they were treated during the entirety of the life cycle of MW2.

Just because they want a cool skin that is available on the battle pass, it's okay. Daddy, continue to beat me because, guess what I deserve. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Call of Duty is never going to change until you, the consumer, and this community change, but I'm going to continue to point it out.

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I'm going to continue to be a Trailblazer here and say I'm not going to support this nonsense, and I'm going to call it out every time it happens because the consistency at which it occurs is mind-blowing, and it is so darn predictable. The fact that I got home from work today and I knew right away I could go to Charlie Intel go to Call of Duty updates and there would be something about the game not being accessible for part of the player base.

Remarkably, the only time this company is consistent is when they release broken ass updates, and when there's money to be made other than that, when it comes to overall performance and game quality, they are the least consistent thing on this planet. I mean, Wall Street bets have better hit accuracy than Call of Duty does with their updates.

Absolute garbage once again. That's it for the article. I do appreciate it.

Every single time they update Call of Duty, they break the game. Thanks guys and gals for watching.
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