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I hope you guys are doing well. It's been three months since the launch of MW3. That's right, 3 months ago, on November 10th, 2023, we were finally welcomed into the world of Modern Warfare 3 and the opportunity for Sledgehammer Games to write the wrong of Infinity Ward and how they do it. This isn't so much of a review as it is a progress report that I want to go through and look back at what we were presenting.

With Modern Warfare 3 at launch and comparing it to what we have today, let's talk about some of their wins, some of their triumphs, and some of their disappointments and downfalls. So let's get into it right now. Of course, Modern Warfare 3 released their campaign a week early, and it was universally panned.

People did not like it, and, rightfully so, the campaign feels empty. The story is very midway, and overall, the open-world missions that were meant to be this innovation just didn't work; they weren't the hype people expected them to be, and it was a major disappointment. So right from the get-go, November 10th rolls around, and Modern Warfare 3 is already leaving a sour taste in people's mouths.


Not only did the campaign feel lackluster, but the multiplayer feels like it's just a rehash of Modern Warfare 2 being labeled as Modern Warfare. 2.5 now, of course, the one major bright spot that Modern Warfare 3's launch had was mwz. Modern Warfare, zombies, and yeah. Treyarch nailed it; they knocked it out of the park, and they deserve as much praise as they possibly can for that.

They finally brought a solid third mode to a Modern Warfare game; it's only been what six entries, and we finally got here good on Treyarch. Modern Warfare Zombies is a definite bright spot, but I can't say the same for the multiplayer, as when the multiplayer was released, it felt like the same old game that we played all of last year.

Yes, there were some improvements and some enhancements, but overall, the game just felt like it did last year, just on maps that were created back in 2009 that didn't work with the current play style; it didn't work with the way the game flowed and played. This led to many people in the community feeling as if the game was stale right out of the box; it didn't have any true identity associated with it.


It just felt like another generic Call of Duty game with them trying to throw nostalgia into it and give you a bunch of member berries, and it didn't work. The overall experience was disappointing. Lackluster, mid, and that's the last thing you want to be if you're playing Call of Duty in a spot that they were in.

It was released as a mid-product, but that's what we had with Modern Warfare 3 at launch, and frankly, it hasn't gotten that much better. I mean, there's been improvements made over time, but if I look at Modern Warfare 3 as a whole, it's still a very mid-game Call of Duty being dragged down by bad decision-making being dragged down by the lack of action from Activision and Sledgehammer Games.

From day one, there's been a myriad of problems and issues that have plagued Modern Warfare 3. We've covered them in depth. Cheaters, server matchmaking, connection, the gamees feeling scripted—all of that was true, and then, of course, we also had that AI bot conspiracy theory, which was just crazy but also awesome at the same time.

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All of that culminated in this community feeling lost. I'm not really sure what to think about MW3, and I'll be honest with you: after playing this game for the last 3 months and covering it with a article every single day. I can tell you this: there are some major bright spots to this multiplayer when things click with this game.

When you get the right match, the right spmm, and the right connection, everything clicks, and it feels like classic Call of Duty; it feels and plays the way Call of Duty should feel and play, but those moments are so few and far between that you do not feel that way very often. The overall feeling and the sentiment I have towards Modern Warfare 3 right now, 3 months into the game's life cycle, are inconsistent.

That's not how a game that is making billions of dollars should feel or play, but that's where we're at: an inconsistent model that continues to let down its community at every single turn. Not only did we have problems with the season one launch where people's stats reset everyone's Crea class, but that also led to them delaying ranked play for season 1 reloaded, breaking the war zone during season 1 reloaded, and led them to once again breaking the battle pass and battle net here for season two.

It's, unacceptable, And this is the track record of Call of Duty now. If I look back at where the game was three months ago, the biggest thing I can say in its favor is that they brought in some high-quality maps to the game, and the game doesn't feel as stale anymore. The bad part is they've now decided to mix those new maps with maps from MW2, and I'm sorry, I know it's unpopular.

I don't want to play mid-maps from last year's game in this game. I just don't. I've played enough Marcato; I've played enough of the hotel map; I've played enough of those maps; and I'm done with that. I hate Infinity Awards map design; they're bad at it, and they should never be praised, at least here.

Sledgehammer Games has some decently made maps that I'd like to play more often, and they still have all the original maps from Modern Warfare 2 in 2009. Stop just jam-packing this game with quantity, as we learned from Call of Duty: Vanguard. Quality beats quantity every single time. I want quality maps.

I do not care how many there are because it waters down the experience and makes me want to play less. And that's how Call of Duty feels three months after its initial release. It feels as if they have diminished my willingness to play the game, whether it's through cheaters not being addressed, matchmaking not being addressed, server problems, or quantity over quality.

All of these things have led to me wanting to play the game less; it has been a major sore spot from day one, and none of it has improved, and because of that, you've led this community once again to wonder what else is out there. I mean, the fact that people are already looking forward to Call of Duty 2024 and Call of Duty 2025 should tell you something about the overall reception of MW3.

It hasn't worked, and that's because the fundamental issues that plague this game have not been resolved since its launch. I mean i even forgot to mention spawns, but that's another thing that, just like that, hasn't been addressed, and it was talked about during the beta; it was talked about early on in the game's life cycle, and nothing has changed; it hasn't gotten any better, in fact.

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